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Author: Randy Riemersma

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Randy Riemersma of Span the Chasm interviews high achieving B2B Sales Leaders and shares lessons and mindset shifts to help sales professionals Focus on What Matters® and accelerate Sales growth.
40 Episodes
Ep 40: Steve chats with Steve Benson this week. Steve is the host of the Outside Sales Talk Podcast, and Founder and CEO of Badger Maps, the #1 route planner for field salespeople. They talk candidly about remote sales teams and implementing appropriate KPIs.
Ep 39: Steve discusses intentionality with his friend, Andy Williams. Depth in relationships, including those between men, does NOT have to be at odds with masculinity. A topic that is critical in navigating this uncertain world with COVID-19. This is also very applicable once we return to normal, whatever that may be. Check it out and reach out to Steve to join in the discussion!
Ep 38: Check out the new podcast with Steve and Scott Ritzheimer with Eight Figure Focus as they talk about building culture while your business moves through the challenges of growth. Full of great nuggets of wisdom for anyone leading a growing organization.
Ep 37: In his podcast debut, StC President Steve Keck welcomes David James. David has been a sales operations leader for over fifteen years, specializing in building and developing operation capabilities in technology companies. David explains how he uses his "superpowers" of process and analytics approach to build successful sales operations that drive top-line productivity and bottom-line efficiencies. Listen in to understand the role sales operations play as the secret ingredient to Uncommon Sales Success.
Ep 36: Why aren't there more Women in Sales Leadership roles? Randy continues this inquiry with Laura Blackmer, Sr Vice President, Channel Sales at Konica Minolta. Laura targets self-promotion and marketing yourself as a woman capable of sales leadership. She discusses how women focus on their performance and doing their job, however, they do not advertise their accomplishments as men do. Laura and Randy discuss being "fun to work with and easy to manage" and how these notions facilitate self-promotion for women and men alike. Simple concepts that can lead to Uncommon Sales Success!
Ep 35: Randy welcomes Carrie Wooten, President of Mindset Enterprise and the Dean of the National Command & Staff College, to the Uncommon Sales Success Podcast. Carrie and Randy discuss the old dynamics of women in sales leadership and how there is a significant shift happening in the space. Carrie speaks from her leadership development background and delves into the dynamics that women in leadership face and applying a scientific approach to leadership roles.
Ep 34: Randy discusses women in sales with Sydney Sloan, Chief Marketing Officer at SalesLoft. Sydney tackles the topic of fear in sales, and how women overcome the fear to lead, the fear to advance and the fear of succeeding in the industry. She highlights how vulnerability can be the catalyst instead of an obstacle to success in sales leadership. Randy and Sydney round out the discussion with maintaining a work-life balance and flexibility in sales leadership that lends to success personally and professionally.
Ep 33: Randy re-engages Ken Lundin to wrap up Span the Chasm's series on Recession Proofing. The series has been near and dear to Span the Chasm, and they wrap things up with their own best of topics. Ken discusses the underlying theme for the series - purposeful, intentional and not to be afraid of a recession and the environment that comes with it. Randy reinforces the application of the 3Rs of sales and their importance. Tune in for a terrific rundown!
Ep 32: Randy welcomes Heather Combs to the podcast to further discuss, Where are the Women in Sales Leadership? Heather Combs is Chief Revenue Officer for 3Pillar Global, a digital product development services organization. She oversees marketing, business development, and operations for the over 900-person multinational company. They discuss mindset, opportunity and how the role of women in sales is changing.
Ep 31: Randy welcomes and bro hugs the legendary Copier Warrior himself, Dale Dupree. In this high energy podcast, Randy and Dale discuss authenticity, knowing thy self, and caring about the sale. Tune in and listen to Dale explain how to "exist in the chaos" and why "no one cares more than you do except for me". Dale shares his stories from the trenches and provides context on how making assumptions can be the nail in a deal's coffin.
Ep 30: This week, Randy engages Digital Sales Evangelist Mario Martinez. With over twenty years of sales experience, Mario shares his wisdom on how to best reach YOUR target audience. Learn how to communicate the right way at the right time. Don't do normal - be AWESOME and listen in to this powerful podcast.
Ep 29: Learn about a winner's mindset being the tool to help you prepare and thrive through the economic changes. Ken Lundin hosts this week, asking Randy about what companies should DO and what they should NOT DO in regards to investing in their people.
Ep 28: This week, Randy welcomes Natalie Kruse, who is the VP of Business Development at HR Equity. Natalie joins us to give tips on the HR side of how to recession-proof our staff. She'll give us encouragement for trimming the herd, help us be intentional for hiring, and tell us how to hyper invest in our team. Her tips are coming at a great time to help us THRIVE, not just SURVIVE the recession.
Ep 27: This episode of our Recession Proofing series looks at the sales team's focus from the Investment Banker's value standpoint. Randy's guest is Bill Tucker, Co-Founding Partner of Tucker, Midis & Owen, LLC. Bill shares 4 things for sales leadership to focus on, honing the skills to weather the storm. Follow Bill at
Ep 26: In this episode, Randy hosts Brian Cork who shares some of his recession proofing best practices to help prepare your sales team. Brian discusses how elite sports teams, like the Patriots, are always training. Despite his distaste for the Patriots, Randy agrees that the analogy applies to sales. The best sales teams are always in a "ready state". Tune in for some sports banter and some solid wisdom to help get YOUR team into recession-proof shape.Learn more about Brian and leadership coaching at
Ep 25: Tune in to this episode of UNCOMMON SALES SUCCESS for the introduction to the series on Recession Proofing. Ken Lundin helps you learn how to prepare your Sales team for the storm BEFORE it hits. Solid truth for every day, but especially before a recession. Listen in to hear the plan for helping Sales lead the company to safe ground and what to expect over the next few weeks.Follow Ken Lundin on LinkedIn at
Ep 24: In this episode of UNCOMMON SALES SUCCESS, Randy talks about Stuck Deals. There are several places where your deal can become stuck, and Randy points out to the process for finding the issue. Tune in for 5 tips on how to un-stick the deal for movement.Follow Randy on LinkedIn at
Ep 23: On this episode of UNCOMMON SALES SUCCESS, Randy's guest Darryl Praill discusses the one word that makes him successful. He also shares his process for prospecting and how he personally learned that Heroism Doesn't Scale. Tune in to learn habits that you can start applying TODAY.Follow Darryl on LinkedIn at
Ep 22: Randy meets with Shawn Finder and discusses lessons learned on his path from tennis to sales to CEO of Autoklose. Learn the one habit Shawn keeps every day and what he's been reading. He also shares insight to the one word every Exec is looking for to bring success to Sales.
Think Differently. Special Women in Sales Leadership edition of UNCOMMON SALES SUCCESSwith Lisa van Kesteren. Ep 21: Randy is joined by Lisa van Kesteren to discuss where are the Women in Sales Leadership? Lisa has risen to the top of her craft. As a successful CEO for SeeLevel HX, Lisa shares her unique and relevant perspectives on Diversity in the Workforce, Recruiting Challenges, and the Self-worth of Women in the marketplace today. Listen to learn how to interest more women wanting to opt into sales leadership roles.
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