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Hey guys I’m here to help the person who doesn’t think they can! I know you can and I’m gonna tell you how! The only true doubt is self doubt because if you don’t believe in you there is no reason for anyone else to. I also wanna create forward thinking and innovation to your mind they are good words to put on a resume but they are even better if they are true!
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Yay we finally made it to the end of the year and I just wanna thank you all for listening and following me along this journey! This episode touches on a few things, being so busy that you don't have a vision for yourself because you are fulfilling someone else's vision(corporation,  dead end job, or whatever). Also using proper planning tools to help you advance and utilize your time for productivity so you can be the person you want to be not the person you have to be! This is also my first episode with a guest and it is my big sister! 
Your personal brand!

Your personal brand!


This episode is about branding yourself and your image and a few interview tips and having your elevator pitch about yourself on standby! Also about my new slack workspace TalkWithMyiah a collective and free space to talk, collaborate, inspire, and be inspired! To join follow the link below
Hey I’m just talking about part of my experience over the last 10 months as a entry level at a start up! Everyones experience is gonna be completely different but it is always fun when we can relate to one another through our stories 💛
Don’t ever work so hard that you stop to enjoy the fruits of your labor 💛 my instagram is hi_mynameis_myiah
#talkwithmyiah trailer

#talkwithmyiah trailer


If you wanna know what my podcast is about here is a :18 second description 💛
Hey guys new episode of #talkwithmyiah and it’s all about distractions how to get rid of them and stop them from hindering your growth!
I’m not gonna make you feel good about not executing! Don’t look to me for pity or conformation that is within you, and you either keep it inside or let it out.... I’d rather you keep it inside and use it as your gas to your internal engine!!!! That’s what’s gonna drive you to your goal🙌🏽 #talkwithmyiah tomorrow first episode of #devingwhileblack my and homie J.Parker will be talking about our experience in the dev world tips tricks and all kinds of ish stay tuned!
Mentoring (mini)

Mentoring (mini)


Hey guys so every 3 episodes I’ll do a mini. Which is a 10-15 min rant about a specific topic that I feel needs to be covered and explored on a high level. Mentoring others is so detrimental to growth in human life! Thank you guys so much for following along on this journey with me ❤️
My journey

My journey


This is the podcast that explains why I’m doing this and how I got to where I am right now!
Self awareness

Self awareness


I just wanna share a few things that I have uncovered in my growth journey over the last couple of years.
Hey guys My name is Myiah and I would like to help give you a extra push to get started on YOU!!!! You are your most important investment and I want to make sure you know it . Also to help you not waste any time! Blaming others for why we aren’t great or waiting on people to hand us things or even being jealous of what others are doing is very common but completely unacceptable!!!! I wanna help you change that now tune in to #talkwithmyiah. Bare with me as I start this podcast journey but I can’t tell you how to go after something and not care about peoples perceptions or opinions if I don’t show you first hand how!
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