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Things Millennials Like

Author: Emilie [Finke] Stooksbury

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One millennial talks with other millennials about all the various things millennials like. And we like a lot of things. There will be laughs; there will be wine; there will even be some information. Come hang!
5 Episodes
Millennials like apps - honestly, who doesn't? But Instagram and Waze can step aside because Lauren McNamara is putting a new app on the map: DigDog! (And it's getting lots of paws-itive feedback.) Join Lauren and my conversation about launching an app from the ground up, start-ups, humans and dogs. (Both the puppy kind and the hot dog kind.)Can't wait for you to hear this episode!Support the show (
Millennials like health! Sorta. We love the idea of it; we know a lot about it; and then... we make our own choices about it.Ashley Myers, however, really does like it and lives it!She moved to Knoxville, TN about a year ago and we talk about how the ultimate frisbee community impacted her physical health, emotional health (friendship, hey!) and her water intake. Ashley has a bunch of good things to say about all kinds of health and what first steps YOU can take to join us millennials on our health journey.Oh and heads up: we had some technical difficulties with microphones on this episode. (The difficulty being Emilie's lack of knowledge about how microphones work.) The sound is a little wonky but thank you for your patience as we continue to learn and improve!(Because the good news is we learned from our mistakes and this particular issue shouldn't happen again.)Hope you enjoy!Support the show (
Millennials like sustainable living! Or at least, if you're like me, we like the idea of it. But Emily Morse likes it for real! And she came on the show today to talk about what she loves about it, how she started, what she's learned, and how you and I can be a part of the movement - even if you live in a small apartment or the middle of a city.Oh, and it's important you know - Emily also cuts my bangs. Yeah, she's superwoman.I really appreciated our conversation and I hope you do too!You can find Emily on Instagram at @morsemountainfarmSupport the show (
Millennials like quitting jobs and chasing dreams. Erin Combs comes on this episode to talk about her story of school and jobs and finally figuring out what was worth quitting for. Following your passion sounds really great but it can ultimately be really scary - even for a millennial. Can't wait for you to hear this episode!Find Erin on Instagram at @erincombsphotosSupport the show (
In this VERY FIRST episode of "Things Millennials Like" (woooo!) sit back and relax as you get a taste of what to expect from this podcast, meet the host Emilie, and be reminded of how great the millennial generation is. Enjoy!Support the show (
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