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This cult film opens the door for the history of Classic Hollywood stunts, the symbolism of Beethoven’s Symphony No. 7, the power of storytelling and escapism, and the many ways we can fall. Support the show (
Let’s talk about the history of LEGO bricks, Batman’s character flaws, mental health issues, his habit of endangering children, and his super powers: white privilege and generational wealth. Plus, our wishlist for future LEGO franchise opportunities!Support the show (
We’re kicking off Superhero Month with Taika Waititi’s subversive action-comedy: join us as we discuss Ragnarok’s Māori spirit, how the film supports decolonization, its role as a pattern-breaker in the Marvel multi-verse, and Immigrant Song, of course! Featuring guest star Max Marriner.Support the show (
Yukio Mishima’s controversial legacy as an LGBT icon, queer relationships and identities in Feudal Japan, Eiko Ishioka’s groundbreaking production design, kishōtenketsu narrative structure, and the movie’s unique blend of literature, theater, and film.Support the show (
A classic for pride month! We talk about Judy Garland and the queer community, the history of anti-LGBT sentiment in the US military, the rise of the modern LGBT rights movement, the lavender scare, and the significance of Dorothy’s fate.Support the show (
Check Your Threading says trans rights: we’re kicking off pride month with Tangerine, and talking about the current struggles for trans sex workers in the US, the damage of The Danish Girl, subversive cinematography, and the tender value of a buddy film where you least expect it.Support the show (
How far would you go for your cat? Let’s get into code switching, the curious role of George Michael in black pop culture, the anatomy of a buddy film, male vulnerability, and more.Support the show (
Cinema’s biggest dog lover! Join us as we chat about minimalism both in setting and in world building, the graceful intensity of gunfu, wuxia folk heroes, and the thrilling spectacle of Hong Kong Blood Opera.Support the show (
We talk about The Lighthouse as a buddy comedy, plus the real-life Tragedy at Smalls Lighthouse, toxic masculinity, eldritch horror, and the undeniable homoeroticism of EVERYTHING.Support the show (
We’re back! This unique, absurd cult-classic comedy gives us the history of summer camp, the versatility of the “summer camp” genre, and the interplay of fantasy and reality.Support the show (
Explore the origins of Liberty City, the history of racism in the lighting and color correction of film, how to achieve intimacy through cinematography, and the devastating vulnerability of hope.Support the show (
Stuck in your house? This week we talk about the movie that redefined “home invasion”! Plus, social contract theory, the importance (and cruelty) of breaking the fourth wall, and Michael Haneke’s message to U.S. audiences.Support the show (
In this smorgasbord of toxic masculinity, we explore the pattern of violence in rural towns, the history of Vietnam campus protests, Sam Peckinpah’s reputation for brutality on and off camera, and the controversy surrounding the film. Support the show (
The retro flavor of nuclear apocalypse films, the history of the OPEC oil crisis, how George Miller builds his own mythology - and borrows from the mythos of other cultures - and the role of music on the battlefield. Ride with us on the fury road to glory!Support the show (
Let’s talk about the importance of investigative journalism, the edge-of-your-seat anxiety that this film creates, Woodward and Bernstein as heroes, and why the pen is truly mightier than the sword. Plus, the state of newspapers today, and why we need independent journalism more than ever in 2020. Featuring special guest Phil Linsalata, award-winning investigative reporter.Support the show (
We review the history of two of our most outlandish Vice Presidents (other than Dick, obviously), the tonal ambiguity of Vice as a film, the value of a good montage sequence, and our inherent discomfort with Cheney’s legacy. Support the show (
We lay out the best real-life Las Vegas heists, debate whether or not heist movies are their own genre, and explore why Ocean’s Eleven still works almost 20 years later. Let us steal some of your time with this episode! Support the show (
Learn about the “Jurassic Park generation” of paleontologists, how the film affected the scientific community, some amazing fan theories and, the, uh, lasting impact of Dr. Ian Malcolm as the film’s moral center. Hold onto your butts!Support the show (
What makes an epic truly EPIC? Why were the 80s so intense for evangelical Christians? What’s up with Jungian psychology? Why was The Last Temptation of Christ so controversial when other bible movies are so formulaic? All these questions AND MORE answered in our very special holiday episode. Merry Chrysler! It’s Chrismin. Support the show (
In a stunning rape-revenge twist on a Disney classic, we look at Maleficent’s origins in the Sleeping Beauty myth, breaking the cycle of abuse, the importance of found family, and the symbolism of the film’s rich costuming. Featuring our very first special guest, costume designer Chad Edward Evett.Support the show (
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