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Obris had its start in frontier markets. Our first investor event was in Ulan Bator, Mongolia nine years ago. Our person on the ground at that time was Scott Osheroff. After completing university in the US, Scott quickly found his way to Asia, where as of this date, he has lived in six countries including Mongolia, Singapore, Myanmar, Cambodia, Vietnam and Uzbekistan.  Scott is the Fund Manager and CIO for Asia Frontier Capital’s Uzbekistan Fund. He resides in Tashkent, the capital of Uzbekistan. We are interviewing Scott today with two goals in mind. 1) To provide a spotlight on frontier markets, and in particular the emerging economy of Uzbekistan. And, 2) With nine years under his belt Scott understands a great deal about frontier markets and offers significant insights to those who are less familiar with Central Asia and Frontier investing.
Belle Wiffen is an entrepreneur, multiple business owner, property investor and a mother and a wife. She has a strong interest in human behaviour, developing business culture, exploring consciousness, and universal laws.Belle is inspired to create solutions that solve meaningful problem in business and life.  She is also committed to building teams of exceptional people to execute these visions. Her current project has been to develop a mobile app for meditation. We are both proponents for the significant value of meditation for entrepreneurs, investors and really for people of all walks of life. Our interview today delves into how the foundational elements of freedom, focus, leadership and mindfulness define Belle as an entrepreneur.
Kim Iskyan has lived in nine countries including Russia for 9 years where he worked as a hedge fund manager, and Singapore for the past six years where he developed and ran Stansberry Research. He has remarkable insights for identifying strategic opportunities and markets around the world where perception and reality do not meet. Tune in to hear what Kim sees as opportunities in the world today.
Many venture investors have never seen a global crisis and are shocked and paralyzed in our post Covid-19 era. Not so with Hugh Bickerstaff, a seasoned early stage investor three unicorns and a significant track record under his belt.For more investing and wealth management information and advice from top experts, visit
What are crucial traits, skills and talents for an active early stage and private equity investor? We asked Kyle Gonzales, a very active investor and master of due diligence for the companies in which he invests.Head on over to our website at to find more insightful topics and educational materials on investing, along with information about our events and exclusive membership program.
Armed with an electrical engineering degree, Rolf Versluis’ career has spanned from commanding nuclear submarines to crypto mining and more. He and his partners are currently launching the SAIL Crypto Mining Fund.
John Nemanic is a serial entrepreneur, who after three successful exits from start-ups as co-founder, CEO and Chairman in his native Canada, relocated to Panama more than a decade ago. As an entrepreneur in the cannabis industry, John is called upon to advise companies in the cannabis industry around the world.
Gavin Strong is the Control Risks director for Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean. Based in Mexico City, Gavin has his feet on the ground assessing risk for corporate customers throughout Central American and the Caribbean. Gavin will be speaking at our Panama Global Investor Summit on July 16, directing our focus to assess and view risk in the world, and practical implications for us as investors.Gavin will be speaking at our Global Investor Summit in Panama City, this July 15th 2019. You can read more about it at can find more about Gavin and Control Risks at:
Greg Adams was a Special Forces Team Leader in western Afghanistan.  He was responsible for coordinating with multiple types of organizations - from government to NGO to business - from US to Afghanistan to NATO partners.  He needed a common operating picture - to support a Common Operating Environment - particularly for keeping people safe.  He decided to build it.In 2015, Greg along with his classmate from West Point Military Academy and Harvard School of Business, Chris Hurst, created Stabilitas. Obris invested in the seed round of funding, and we have been pleased with the development of Stabilitas ever since.Given their significant growth, the success of our investment so far, and the unique solution they provide in global security, we believe that our viewers and listeners will be intrigued by an interview with Greg.
When I first met Brandon two years ago, he had just finished his undergrad degree in Neuroscience at Pitzer College. He was destined for medical school. Inspired by entrepreneurship and the emerging world of crypto, Brandon put med school on hold. He started investing in crypto while at university stemming from a fascination with Etherium.In the months that followed, he wrote and published “The Satoshi Sequence,” a seminal book that discusses how blockchain technology will continue to evolve. I read The Satoshi Sequence shortly after it was published, and continue to rate is as an outstanding overview of blockchain.In early 2018, Brandon started building a crypto mining operation. He also started a blockchain consulting business called BlockHash, which has evolved into the BlockHash Podcast that he now hosts. Visit the link to learn more:
Important:  It is not too late to register for the Obris Global Investor Summit in Panama from July 15-19. Go to for more information.Aly Moore joins us today. Aly is the co-founder of Entopian Capital, the first large scale VC fund that seeks to identify the winners in the insect as food and feed industry.Aly's story is fascinating. After studying public health at Yale, Aly searched for a way to address the challenges to nutritiously feed our growing world population. She started the blog to support the growing insect agriculture industry and slowly grew a cult following on Instagram. To reach broader audiences, Aly created Eat Bugs Events, which as it sounds promotes insects as food through Bug & Wine Pairings, Bug Dinners & Bug Cooking Classes. Listen to the podcast to learn about Aly, her passion for bugs, and how she and the Entopian team are funding this cutting edge industry.To learn about Entopian Capital, please contact 
Important: Harris will be speaking at our July Panama City event in Panama. To meet with him and many other like-minded investors while learning about a variety of valuable topics such as Panama residency and taxation, visit for more information.Harris Kupperman has been successfully investing in the markets for over a decade. In 2003 he started a hedge fund, Praetorian Capital and just five years later, a dollar invested on day one was worth over $26 before fees. On this episode of The Global Investor, Kuppy shares a bucket-load of raw and actionable insights and strategies he used to gain such remarkable results.
In our first podcast, Marvin Yee of Obris discusses how he sources, vets and manages investment deals. This is a highly valuable deep-dive into the mind of one of our partners and how he's able to secure consistently much better than average investment opportunities for our members and the clients of Crown Financial Services.Music from
Gabriel Scheare moved to Chile to fulfill his libertarian vision. Over the past several years, he developed Fort Galt, a community for those who want to live freely. Now amidst endless lockdowns and a rewriting of the Chilean constitution, he is returning to his native Saskatchewan to build community through a Company Town, Frenly Park. This episode offers insights on living truthfully and freely.
From touring mines around globe to investing in precious metals, insights from Obris member and Raymond James Financial Senior VP Larry Scharf
Important: Kent will be speaking at our July Panama City event in Panama. To meet with him and many other like-minded investors while learning about a variety of valuable topics such as Panama residency and taxation, visit for more information.In this episode of The Global Investor, Kent Davis from Panama Equity runs us through what got him involved in Panama, why it's such an incredible place to build a base for investing and some insights into how to invest in the local markets.Kent Davis is a successful real estate investor running his own agency in Panama City. He is author of the hugely popular "Blood on the Streets" article which details the inner workings of the Panama real estate market:
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