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A Libertarian/Anarcho-Capitalist Podcast. Because sometimes people study economics and fight in bars.
79 Episodes
LIVE! From Miami! In 2 months... We discuss Bitcoin Miami and related philosophical questions.
This is your place to go to hear drunk anarchists laugh at you and say "I told you so" after a year and a half of you acting like a jerk off. This is also a hot spot for cozy cups of buttproof coffee, sponsored by Josh Rogan and The Roman Eagles. Free donuts if your fat ass gets the jabber.
People who have been previously infected with SARS CoV-2 have superior protection from reinfection compared to vaccinated people. All of the available data and literature support this. Joe Rogan mentioned his common-sense approach towards the vaccination of his own children and was publicly chastised by our comic book dystopian overlords. Everyone who has been infected already is being gaslit in an unprecedented manner, of course, people are a little bit "hesitant."
As it turns out, bashing the fash is a bit retrograde. Also, a bunch of things that have been obvious for a year are being "looked in to" by our corporate press. Is this a sign that things will get better? Or just another sign that we're fucked?
Cheers, I hope you are covered in champagne waking up under a bridge because you paid attention and made wise investments. Today we look at a Reason video on inflation and address the Keynesian dismissal of current inflation concerns. We look at the novel indicators that make this deficit spending different than any in American history. Bitcoin soars $1000 in price while we record to make our point for us.
Sometimes you make bad trades like a rube, and you have to accept your ridicule. You also have to accept a wide variety of ridicule for things that you can and can't change, and learn why it is funny rather than offensive, or you are a herb. California will have to learn to laugh at itself for being the hysterical nerd who locked themselves in their locker to hide from bullies, or it will be severed from the mainland and urinated on by the remaining states.
Just in time to ring the bell in honor of the year the government stole from us, Bitcoin starts selling over $60,000 to help take the sting off. All over Los Angeles, complete losers are celebrating something else: vaccine mania. It's St. Paddy's for sissies, grab a hard kombucha and rev up your Netflix, it's time to get even dumber.
We need to take a week or two off to get f***kin grip. Let's go thru the recent developments in crypto that are great reasons for optimism. Let's also go through the countless political developments that are great reasons to become morose and viscious.
Why does subjective value theory really matter? Is economies a ploy, are we simply bitter nerds hanging math over your head? NO! I'm supposed to be in prison! Chow down.
We laid out two projections over the last year. One was that as soon as Biden was president the pandemic would be declared defeated, the other that measures would continue and transform into climate change measures. Both are happening. Buy crypto and escape.
Here we stand on the presopus. Our trembling legs illustrate our naked condition. Escape is becoming less feasible, and compliance more insane. Let's be drunk on the last train out, eh?
If you stop being a pussy in the pretend Armageddon, and you come back and tell jokes about philosophy, you might just be a redneck.
Episode 67 - A Tiny Agora

Episode 67 - A Tiny Agora


When the world is contaminated, and your exit tickets are printed on theory, it feels fantastic when your theory gets a cup full of change.
Before evacuate and leave the nightmare for the mountaintop, we take a look back at our predictions and discuss what we got right and wrong. We look at a new seroprevalence and PRC survey that solidifies some projections, and we struggle to find a reason not to resort to heroin.
It just isn't, at all. Let's discuss a few sympathies we have with educated conservatism and a few points of contention.
Everything is back to the New Normal. You will be incinerated on contact if you leave your house. There is no reason to do anything other than douse your children in Purell and join a VR church to repent to on your Oculus Quest. Anything you want, you will rent, and it will be delivered via drone. Also - Impossible Meat.
The time for polite discourse may be over. From now on, if you want to save someone, you may have to cloak freedom in allegory and stir it into their Soylent Green. As we approach the 9th month of this overt crime against humanity, people become even less capable of seeing their captors as captors. At least we can still speak candidly, for the time being.
Two worlds of information have been successfully segregated by our new uniters. One narrative is that of a return to normalcy, joined by mandatory masks, Australian-styled lockdowns, "assault rifle" prohibitions, and the Green New Deal... You know, normal. The other narrative is a sure victory in the courts for our reality TV president. Guess what, democracy sucks no matter who you are. We are here to party around the planet, against all odds.
It ain't nothin but an extravaganza. Fuck around and find out. We brought the documents.
The same characters that pushed the fabricated narrative about Russian collusion for the last 4 years are teaming up to deny the existence of a certain laptop in Delaware. This laptop is being called a "Kremlin smear" by California's favorite rosy-cheeked wooden doll Adam Schiff. Is this laptop authentic? Is there a single valid thing being said by the establishment to dismiss it?
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