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The Risk Advisor highlights topics that are your most important personal security and safety issues. Social Media Dangers, Travel Safety, Credit Card Fraud, Cyber Security, Identity Theft, & more. Topics you need to hear about… In each show, experts discuss trends, tactics and techniques used against us and how to safe guard against them.
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Did you ever wonder about home automation systems spying on you? Are the cameras and the systems we put in our homes protecting us are actually hurting us? Silent Guardian Automation helps fend of these concerns.Find more at:
Carol A. Fiorile, PhD, BCBA-D is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst-Doctoral Level.  In this interview with here w e will address this and other autism related concerns in this episode of The Risk Advisor.Find more at:
Drones can be more than tools for cameras or objects of fun. Did you ever wonder what it would could happen if drones started to hit planes? Or what is would be like if terrorists used them as weapons of mass destruction devices?Interviews with Joe Galasso of JGA Security Solutions, LLC., and, Gregory Wabshnak of Advanced Electronic Solutions address these issues.Find more at:
In this edition of The Risk Advisor, Dr. Maria LoTempio discusses concerns over Internet medicine and more.Find more at:
Have you ever considered buying a drone? If you’re like millions of people around the world, you may have already gotten one for the holidays. But is there a security risk to all these drones flying around? The risks drones pose is a topic that has yet to be considered in many sectors.View interviews with Joe Galasso of JGA Security Solutions, LLC., and, Gregory Wabshnak of Advanced Electronic Solutions address these issues.Find more at:
Dr. Maria LoTempio discusses the risk of over the counter medications in an interview with host, Sal Lifrieri on the Risk Advisor.Find more at:
How Spies Bug Us

How Spies Bug Us


Do you enjoy watching movies about covert spies that the tools that they us? Did you ever wish that you had some of the toys they use and do what they do? Spies try to listen in and bug conversations. Such tools as these are much closer than you might think.Interview with: Charles Patterson of Exec Security TSCM Technical Services explains what these devices and are and how they work.Find more at:
The Risk of Plastic Surgery

The Risk of Plastic Surgery


With an estimated market of more than $75 billion, the trend to seek help from a cosmetic doctor is on the rise by more than 200%.  What the risks are and what you consider before having that surgery on this episode of The Risk Advisor.Find more at:
Why you should know the danger of social media effects on teenagers and children. What are the risks of Internet addiction, cyberbullying, and anti-social social networking? Unfortunately, concerns now arise from some difficult behavior and tragic incidents with today’s youth.Find more at:
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