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Author: Brian Rhea

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A podcast for people building early-stage startups. Join me each week as I talk to entrepreneurs, product people, designers, and marketing pros about their experiences during the early days of their startup.
17 Episodes
Natalie is the co-founder and CEO of Wildbit, the 18-year old bootstrapped software company behind Beanstalk, Postmark, and Conveyor. With 30 employees, 100,000+ customers, and millions in revenue, Natalie’s focus at the company is on culture and team happiness.
Can the lessons learned through improv and stand-up help you convert more of your visitors to customers?
Laura's journey from social media training coach to CEO of a multi-million dollar SaaS.
I'm joined by Marie and Ben of Oki Doki. We chat about the pros and cons of Services and SaaS, the lessons they've learned building each kind of business model, and how to know which one might be right for you.
I'll be back with more interviews next week, so this week's episode is an interview I did with Chad McAllister on his show The Everyday Innovator.
I'm taking a couple of weeks off, so I've got a bonus episode for you today. Earlier in the year, I spoke with Dominic Lawson on his podcast, "The Startup Life." We talked JTBD, work-life balance, and mentorship.
Laura is an entrepreneur and designer. She’s the founder of Client Portal, a product that helps creative agencies manage the client onboarding process. She also runs which helps developers conquer their fear of design.
Alli is an expert in copywriting and onboarding optimization for SaaS products. She helps her clients understand why some users bail on their trial and others upgrade. If you’re struggling with high churn or low activation rates, Alli has some wisdom you’ll want to hear.
Join me as I chat with fellow art-major-turned-technologist Asia Matos about how the Empathy Gap and how to dig into your SaaS product to find ways to close the gap and get your first 100 customers.
Andrea Hill is a UX Researcher and Product Strategist. She has lead Innovation efforts at companies like LexisNexis, ReadyTalk, and through her own consultancy, Frameplay. Next up for her is a fellowship with Code for Canada, where she’ll be embedded within a division of the government of Canada for 10 months. If you’ve got a complex problem in need of an elegant solution, Andrea is someone you ought to listen to.
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