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Wine Talks with Paul Kalemkiarian

Author: Wine of the Month Club

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All you knew about wine is about to bust wide open….we are going to talk about what really happens in the wine business and I’'m taking no prisoners...

I am your host Paul Kalemkiarian 2nd generation owner of the Original Wine of the Month Club; and I am somewhere north of 100,000 wines tasted.

How is it that Groupon can sell 12 bottles for $60 and the wines be good? How do you start a winery anyway and lose money? What are 'natural wines' ? And is a screwcap really better than a cork? And sometimes I have to pick a wine at the store by the label and the price...and I get screwed.

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Everyone knows Mario in Napa Valley...everytime I mentioned I did a podcast with him (restaurants and other wineries) everyone was like "we love Mario." You will quickly learn why.
As I was podcasting with Santo Riboli...the 3rd generation owner of San Antonio Winery...I was pleasantly interrupted by Arnaud Debons, the Frenchman who makes wine in DTLA (Downtown Los Angeles).  Sit back and hear his philosophy on wine making and life. 
Ed has been hanging around the Wine of the Month Club for over 50 years....he is the author of Short Cuts on Wine and a wine educator. He has been on the floor selling wine in the best shops in LA, blending wine for his negociant label, working the kitchen in many restaurants and more. Very knowledgable and a hoot to have in the studio.
Prior to Adam Carolla being on Wine Talks....I was asked to be a guest on HIS show....honored and humbled....we had a great chat. Shows why he is the king of podcasting as well as a documentarist: No Safe Spaces, The 24 Hour War, Shelby American and many others. Have a listen, very interesting.
A visit from Rich Hartenberger shows us that you can make it in this business but it takes tenacity and passion. Listen to the family trek to California, how they chose Paso Robles and how it works now. You just have to love it for it to work.
He has been selling wine to us since the 70’s...the depth of his knowledge and his gang is the who’s who of the wine an restaurant business. You will really enjoy this.
I had the honor to visit with Michael Silacci of Opus One Winery as we discussed the wine trade then and now. Opus One is a joint venture between the famed Mouton Rothschild and the Robert Mondavi winery...launching in 1979. You are listening to serious Napa Valley history.
A conversation close to my heart....Charles Krug Vintage Select Cabernet Sauvignon literally started the WIne of the Month Club. Meet Peter Mondavi Jr., co-owner of  Charles Krug Winery and hear the Napa history and the passion.
I was invited to Beverly Hills to interview Pablo Alvarez of the infamous Vega Sicilia. I was intrigued and curious to the history of the winery including the expansion into the Tokaji region of Hungary.
This was a ton of fun...we peeled back the joy and headwinds of creating wine in your garage and, making wine for the public. Great stuff....have a listen.
Tyler Russell shares his views on "burgundian" wines, winemaking in the California Central Coast, and the similarities between cooking and winemaking.
Unaware he was creating the $3B Direct to Consumer wine industry, Paul Kalemkiarian Sr. explains how the idea evolved and his thoughts on business.
The Wine Cask restaurant in Santa Barbara was iconic in its day and was innovative on all fronts; food, wine and service. When Doug Margerum walked in for out podcast and we began the conversation...the light went on...this is the guy from The Wine Cask.
I have had the pleasure and honor to host famed comedian Adam Carolla on Wine Talks. He began a side company CarollaDrinks with his wine Lynette and the WOMC is helping them along. In the same vein of support, the Carolla production team has been instrumental in launching this podcast. Have a listen.
One of the most interesting conversations I have had not only about wine but french culture, life and then wine! Enjoy.
The famed Hearst castle has incredible history on many fronts. Though the castle was donated to the State of California and is an incredible destination....the Hearst family has a winery and tasting room near by. Meet Soren Christianson....winemaker.
Here is one driven Woman in Wine who absolutely mesmerized me...and she gave me a hug! Listen the passion and trek of Nicole Andrus.
Gary Lipps history in the Napa Valley is a veritable history book. Listen where he worked and who his mentors are....I dig a little deeper to see what makes this guy tick.
Ed Masciana author of "Shortcuts on Wine" was in the house...he has been hanging around the Wine of the Month Club for 50 years...never ceases to amaze me with his wine knowledge. And did you know he worked for Der Wienerschnitzel?
Not sure I could do it, but Filipe Martin Cabazon finds it an extraordinary opportunity. By the taste of the wines...I would say it is working. A very informative conversation about their winery in the Ribero Del Duero.
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