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Snakebite Horrorcast is your fortnightly journey through the world of Horror films! Hosted by Mark Goddard of Snakebite Horror Reviews he is joined by Reluctant film lover Niall Whitlock and the odd one Marcus Wallace as they give their thoughts on what should be kept and what goes in the bin!

Also on the feed is Franchise Players podcast. Join Mark and his co-host Chloe Davies of Groovie Movie Reviews as the tackle movie franchises film by film.

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In a very special episode Mark an the boys are joined my the writers and producer of Summer of 84 Matt Leslie and Stephen J Smith to talk Satan's Slaves and Devil's Candy.The Boys also have a great conversation about Summer of 84, Sequel Ideas and more behind the story thoughts.You can watch Summer of 84 over on Shudder as well as this weeks films.*The audio is a little ropy near the end we are very sorry about this!*@Summerof84Movie@matthewgleslie@TheWriteSJSmithJoin us over on Patreon:
The Frachise Player duo jump right into a brand new franchise. In this new series Mark and Chloe watch through the Chucky Franchise starting with Child's Play.HOWEVER they are not alone as they are joined by the co host of the Don't Point Your Horror at Me Podcast Becky Darke.Don't Point That Horror At Me Podcast - Movie Reviews
In Chloe's new series discussing horror icons, we begin with James Whale's Frankenstein and Bride of Frankenstein, particularly looking at these through a queer theory perspective.Research notes/references:
In a new series Marcus talks to the boys about an interesting email he recieved.....can they really see him? what is he doing? and did he pay?
Mark and Chloe continue on their journey trought he Omen franchise with the made for TV entry into the series Omen 4: The Awakening. The question is can this film save the franchise?
Devils and ghosts this week as the boys discuss Belzebuth starring Saw star Tobin Bell and Shudder haunted house horror Witch in the WindowJOIN US ON PATREON THE FILMS OVER ON
It's crossover time! as Chole from the Franchise Players podcast joins the Horrorcast boys as the discuss the first SoHome Horror Festival of 2020 ahead of the second edition on June 27th
On this episode the boys talk 80's cult classic Heathers and Shudder exclusive Z.#BlackoutTuesday Ways to help US: to help UK:
Hi there Snakebiters! The boys look to finish what they start this year as the delve back into the world of found footage. First up they step back into Hell House LLC with their review of Lake of Fire, the third in the Hell House series, they also finish up rwhere they left off last episode as they talk spooky asylum horror Grave Encounters 2.Follow us on twitter @snakebitehorrorFollow us on Letterboxd @snakebitevault
In this mixed back of an episode the boys talk vampire children in LET THE RIGHT ONE IN and then head to the asylum to hunt some ghost as they discuss found footage horror GRAVE ENCOUNTERS.
We have reached the half way pont in our Omen Journey as Mark and Chloe reach the Sam Neil led Omen 3: The Final Conflict.We also get Chloe's reviews!
On this episode of the Horrorcast Niall and Marcus co pick two very different films. Marcus' choice is the 'Comedy' Horror Hellbenders while Niall goes classic with J-Horror classic Ring
In a crossover of epic proportions The Horrorcast Boys Niall and Marcus take on Franchise Players Podcast's Chloe Davies in a battle of Horror wits as they battle to determine who is the superior podcast.
Horrorcast Season 2 EP 5 - The Room & Hell House LLC 2 : The Abaddon Hotel Is Hell House LLC the best horror franchise ? Niall Sure thinks so !
With the whole world under lockdown it is time for another Horrorcast epsidoe to fill your ears in this hard time! In this epsiode the boys head back into the world of Scream as they discuss the third installment of the franchise. They they tackle the more recent Conjuring universe offering as Annabelle Comes Home. So sit at home, get those lockdown snacks ready on your throne of toliet rolls and enjoy the horror. AND WASH YOUR HANDS YOU FILTHY LOT!
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Where is the content!


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The boys take on two newer releases in this episode as the talk Blind Sharks in 47 Meters Down: Uncaged and Killer Clowns in IT: Chapter 2 They also return to smut talk and things you shouldn't do on a train while watching a film for a podcast!
Mark and Chloe enter the second film of the omen franchisec as they talk Damien: Omen 2
Leaving the world of Leprechaun behind Mark and Chloe are joined by Producer, Actor and Director Cat Davies as they begin their journey through the demonic world of The Omen.
In this epsiode the boys talk two very different films. The first film is a Spanish time travel haunted house film while the second is a cat and mouse zombie film with an awkward use of a tampon..... Also what is a Dirty Randy?
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In episode 21 the boys chat 80s horror Hellbound:Hellraiser 2 and brilliant 2019 zombie film Little Monsters

Dec 15th
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