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Stuck in the Middle

Stuck in the Middle


If you've ever gotten to the middle of a project and felt like you might die of boredom, this week's episode is all about the middle - and why it's not as bad as you might think. Join designer and author Marie Greene for an uplifting chat about pushing through those middle bits of the creative process. 
Just Keep Going

Just Keep Going


Ever wonder what the next "right" step is? Or maybe you're wondering how to keep going when things feel unbearably tough? Join host and author Marie Greene for this week's pep-talk about how to keep moving forward during challenging times. Learn more about Marie's work here: 
As we're spending more and more time in the virtual space, designer and author Marie Greene shares why we might need to step back and embrace tangible, low-fi activities to help create more balance (and offset stress) in our busy lives. Learn more about Marie's work here:
Finding your sanity in an upside down world can start with a simple plan. Join host and author Marie Greene for this week's uplifting pep-talk about figuring out what to do first (and second, and third) when setting up a new project - AND why making a plan might be just exactly what you need right now (especially for creative people).Learn more about Marie at 
Keep On, Keeping On

Keep On, Keeping On


If this year (2020) has turned your life upside down in more ways than one, join host & author Marie Greene for an uplifting chat about how to keep going through hard things. Learn more about Marie's work at Please note: There is one small moment of language in this episode, so please consider listening with ear phones if little ears are nearby.
The Best Advice

The Best Advice


"You know what you should do..."If you've ever heard that phrase from someone who means well, but doesn't really "get" you - this episode is for you. Join host Marie Greene for this week's creative pep talk about how to get the advice you need, and avoid the advice you don't. Links mentioned in this episode:Building a Creative Business WaitlistOlive Knits - seamless patterns & workshops for knittersSign up for Marie's weekly knitting newsletter here
Life is made up of a whole bunch of todays. What are you doing today to make it count?
Imperfect creativity can change lives. Really. In this week's episode, creativity guru Marie Greene shares 5 tricks for making progress that don't require faking it (or being perfect). Someone out there is waiting for the work you came to share - don't stand them up.Learn more about Marie's work and books here at Or find her on Facebook View transcripts and past episodes here.
If you're feeling a little bit stuck, maybe it's time for a pivot? Whether it's in creativity or just in life, sometimes a little shift is all it takes. Read the transcript here: http://www.goodenoughcreative.comBooks mentioned:Atomic Habits by James Clear (affiliate link)
If you find yourself comparing your messy creative reality to the glossy finished product that someone else has put forth, you'll love this candid episode with host Marie Greene as she shares the behind-the-scenes chaos of writing two books in a year. You'll learn why living your dream doesn't always look the way you think it will, but it's still worth it anyway. Find transcripts and audio at: Are you a knitter? Check out Marie's books on Amazon (or wherever books are sold):Knit Shawls & Wraps in 1 WeekSeamless Knit Sweaters in 2 Weeks(Amazon affiliate links help us keep the podcast advertising-free. Thank you for your support!)
Have you ever tried a new creative endeavor on the "down low"? In this week's episode, host Marie Greene shares why keeping a creative secret might make it easier to get started. Learn more about Marie's work here: www.oliveknits.comGood Enough Creative will be on a short hiatus as we prepare for Season 2. Join the mailing list to get a heads up when we're back!
In this week's creative pep-talk, host Marie Greene shares 8 things that are more important than talent. 
If life is feeling a bit hectic, maybe it's time for a little "white space" to give your creativity a boost? In this week's creative pep talk, join host Marie Greene for a chat about why building a little buffer into your routine can be good for the creative juices (and the soul). 
Get Your Groove Back

Get Your Groove Back


Feeling a bit out of your groove? Join host Marie Greene for this week's creative pep talk.
A creative life doesn't have to be a lonely one. In this week's creative pep talk, host Marie Greene talks about why creative people need each other and how to foster more creative friendships in your life.Mentioned in this week's episode:Why Creatives Need Creative Friends by Nicole Bianchi NaNoWriMo
Toot Your Own Horn

Toot Your Own Horn


Do you find that it's a challenge to celebrate a project that didn't turn out according to plan? or took longer than you anticipated? Join host Marie Greene for this week's creative pep  about why it's important to celebrate your creative success, even when it's not perfect. 
Do the rules make you feel safe, or stuck? Join host Marie Greene for this week's creative pep talk about how bending (or even breaking) the rules can sometimes help liberate our creativity. 
Join host Marie Greene for this week's creative pep talk - all about giving yourself a short term creative bucket list for summer. This isn't your ordinary bucket list. Find out why on this week's episode.
When is the last time you soaked up the inspiring sounds of traffic? Just kidding, but in all seriousness - it's the weirdest things that can spark our creativity. In this week's episode, host Marie Greene shares a few simple things you can do to get your creative juices flowing. Resources:This episode mentions the book The Nature Fix by Florence Williams (affiliate link).
"It's not always easy to let things go, but it is liberating. And a creative person who's been liberated is a force to be reckoned with."Join host Marie Greene for this week's creative pep talk: Tips for Organizing Your Creative Space. You can also follow along in this 4-part blog series, starting with Part 1 here.
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