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Unveiling Heirs: Christian Parenting

Author: Diana Bigham

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Your greatest ministry starts in the home. Each week, join Diana Bigham, a family expert, as she shares practical insight and tools to raise a healthy Spirit-led family by discussing topics such as parenting, marriage, kingdom lifestyle, self-care, etc. If you want to become a family that sets the standard, revealing identity and equipping for kingdom living, this podcast is for you.
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Resources for April

Resources for April


Thank you for supporting the Unveiling Heirs Podcast. We will be taking a break from weekly episodes, but please check back in 30 days. In the meantime, Diana shares books she enjoys as resources for her and her family that listeners might enjoy. Connect with Diana at:   Follow us on Social Media to stay up-to-date with current services and products.   Have questions or feedback? Email us at   Mentioned Recourses: Shaun Bolz: Breakthrough Miles Monroe: Rediscovering the Kingdom Shaun Bolz: Translating God Robbie Dawkins: Do what Jesus did, Do greater things, Identity thief   Resources for kids. Kathryn Kuhlman: God’s generals for kids Amazon T.V: Torch lighters Dano: My superpowers Good, Good, Father: Pat Barrett & Chris Tomlin
Raising children is a joy. But what about raising a child with defiance? In this episode, Diana shares personal lessons she has learned while raising her 15-year-old niece.   Quick Episode Summary: Raising a defiant child Some talks can wait Practicing mercy Honoring their choice Honor in your home Closing prayer
As Christians, we have the responsibility to live mission-minded to extend the kingdom of God and destroy the works of the enemy. Nothing changes in our world without our partnership with God. But, in order to run a good race, we have to be spiritually disciplined.   Join Diana as we finish this 3-part series on spiritual disciplines by discussing fellowship and service.   Be a part of our Facebook Community for encouragement and practical tips.   Quick Episode Summary: What out Christian life should look like Reconnecting with the Lord and with each other Bringing heaven to earth Do everything wholeheartedly How Jesus served What is the Kingdom? Closing prayer
As Christians, we have the responsibility to live mission-minded to extend the kingdom of God and destroy the works of the enemy. Nothing changes in our world without our partnership with God. But, in order to run a good race, we have to be spiritually disciplined.   Join Diana as we continue to take a look at common spiritual disciplines for every believer. In this episode, Diana talks on engaging the word of God and worship.   Quick Episode Summary: The importance of fasting Engaging God's word How to have a greater impact The result of reading the word The power of worship Setting our mind and affection on the Lord The different types of worship
Learn how to handle COVID-19 with your family in this bonus episode with Diana Bigham.   If you are stuck at home we have tons of FREE content waiting for you to binge on our Facebook group.
As Christians, we have the responsibility to live mission-minded to extend the kingdom of God and destroy the works of the enemy. Nothing changes in our world without our partnership with God. But, in order to run a good race, we have to be spiritually disciplined. Learn more about prayer and fasting in this episode.   Quick Episode Summary: How to strengthen your faith Seeking his wisdom Deep dive into fasting Putting your spirit soul and body in alignment with God The different types of fast What to do if you experience Should children fast? The health benefits of fasting
Do you have a child that gets anxious at doctor visits? Do they hate getting shots, even with the doctor uses a numbing spray? Listen to these tips on how to mentally prepare your child for their checkup. For more practical tips, join our free Facebook community.   Quick Episode Summary: Get medical toys Making the doctor fun How to prep your kid for shots Handling your child's fear Getting your kids "unstuck" Empowering your children to talk the doctor
Many Christians find themselves in a trap of only feeling worthy when they are doing the right things and feel worthlessness when they make mistakes. But what about our children? In this episode, Diana shares 3 tips to help end the cycle of performance-driven worth in children.   Quick Episode Summary: Do you struggle;e with preference? Focus on character Leaving room for failures Make your mercy's new Developing your children's self-talk How to get more parenting tips
Stages of Change

Stages of Change


Ever wonder why change can be hard? Do you get discouraged when you fall back into old habits? In this episode, Diana explains the different stages of change that we tend to go through when developing new habits.   For more practical tips and an encouraging community, join our free Facebook community at   Quick Episode Summary: Breaking habits Preparing for change Mistakes are normal Revising your plan Closing prayer
Having an estranged relationship with a family member is difficult. Recently, a mom reached out about her daughter and our hearts go out to the family. If you're in a similar situation, may you find encouragement in this episode. For a private consultation with Diana, go to   Quick Episode Summary: How to have a healthy conversation How to avoid making loved ones feel rejected Defining the level of healthy contact Avoid being passive-aggressive The importance of humility Closing prayer



Every have thought patterns that lead to anxiety or depression? In this episode, Diana discusses what a stronghold is and one way to break free from them.   LINKS:   Quick Episode Summary: Buyers regret When the enemy tries to sell you doubt Learning to agree with God's thoughts How to implement journaling It's okay to have "Why But" moments Declaring truth
Social Media and Teens

Social Media and Teens


Need some guidelines on navigating social media with your teens? Join Diana with guest Angie Price as they talk about guidelines to helping raise youth in high tech social world.   Quick Episode Summary: How Angie handled social media Restricting smartphone uses How kids communicate Breaking addiction What to do with video chat Checking in on your kids Best resources for parents 
Sharing Our Testimony

Sharing Our Testimony


Revelation 12:11 says we triumph over the enemy by the blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimony, but how many of us actually share our testimony? In this episode, Diana shares the importance of sharing what God has done in our lives with the people around us. To become equipped in sharing and growing your faith, join the 7-Day Challenge and Diana's weekly Facebook community. Diana Bigham's Facebook Community 7-Day Challenge to Unveiling Heirs   Quick Episode Summary: Diana's powerful prayer experience Sharing your testimony Staying persistent What the word says about testimonies Discipleship The impact of kindness Join the community
Sometimes, it is a struggle to wrap your head around why someone would do what they do. In Romans 12, there are 7 types of gifts listed that explains various designs in us all and how we can come together to build up the body of Christ. As you listen to each type, consider those you know and how they display a characteristic of the Father with how they are primarily motivated.   Quick Episode Summary:  The 7 gifts Paul refers to How to know what your motivators are Characteristics of the motivation design types How to parent the different motivational types Growing in acceptance
When You Feel Dumb...

When You Feel Dumb...


Have you ever felt really dumb and began an internal dialogue about how you are so small among others? Or, maybe you think other people know nothing because they don't think the way you do. In this episode, Diana shares Gardner's Theory of Multiple Intelligences and how intelligence comes in multiple forms. Join us in next's episode as we take a look at how we are motivated by design.   Connect with us!   Quick Episode Summary: When Diana felt dumb Gardner's theory of multiple intelligence The different types of intelligence How to know what your baby needs The importance of community What's coming up!
If you have a hard time being still to hear God or have too many distractions in life, there's no better position for Him to talk with you than during your sleep. He gets your full attention, and with one-third of our lives spent asleep, He doesn't waste any time. In this episode, Diana shares how God speaks to us through some of our dreams and how He recently revealed how the Accuser uses us to gain access to those we love. If you like this podcast on raising a healthy family, you'll enjoy the live 7-day training coming up February 1-7th. Learn more at   Quick Episode Summary: How the Lord speaks to us at night The stages of sleep James 1:5 What we can learn from Samual Diana's dream from the Lord Diana's dream interpretation    Why prefers loves over sacrifice The importance of forgiveness Closing prayer
As many people are getting ready for the new year, some make resolutions and goals for their personal and professional life. You can simplify this process and prepare for 2020 by asking God this one thing. Check back with next week's episode as Diana talks about how God uses dreams to speak with us. Quick Episode Summary: Seeking first the Kingdom Asking for a word for the year Simplifying your goals How to get a word for 2020 Aligning your soul with the Father The importance of listening Co-laboring with God
Although we live in a connected generation, our nation suffers from loneliness. In this episode, Diana shares two concepts to address loneliness through evaluating our relationships: the home of our heart and the measure of truth and love in relationships. You can read the two articles she referenced here: Article by HRSA Article by US News   Quick Episode Summary: What Diana's family does for Christmas Why you may be struggling this Holiday season Depression statistics Setting the correct boundaries for people Walking in truth and love The value of relationships Coming up next    
Ever worry that your children have entitlement or are not considerate of others this time of year? Teach children how to have a giving heart that doesn't expect anything in return with this fun activity that Diana does with her daughters. If you did this activity with your children, share it with us on our Facebook page and let us know how it went!   Quick Episode Summary: Case of the gimmes Taking care of your heart Fun activities to do at Christmas Let your kids be Santa The joy of giving Intentional love
Ever feel inadequate to lead or help others? Do you feel hypocritical when you help other people with their relationships but your own personal life is suffering? You won't want to miss this episode. Diana explains the imposter syndrome and how you can rid yourself of the paralyzing self-doubt. Quick Episode Summary: What is the imposter syndrome? Who is susceptible to the imposter syndrome Take a look at your mindset Having a good community Accepting mistakes Diana's advice 1 Corinthians 12:12-37 Serving and leading LINKS: Join Our Facebook Group
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