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Top content marketer Christoph Trappe and guests share tips on connecting better with target audiences. Named a Top 5 storytelling podcast, a Top 50 podcast to listen to in 2021, and a Top 1.5 percent global podcast.

Half a million downloads and counting. Listened to in 100-plus countries. Available on all major podcast channels and DBTV.

Guests have included:
Joe Pulizzi
Michael Brenner
Kristina Podnar
Scott Brinker
Seth Godin
Barry Schwartz
... and more.
Produced by Trappe Digital LLC.

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Kevin Eikenberry, author of "The Long-Distance Team: Designing Your Team for Everyone's Success" joins me on this live recording of "The Business Storytelling Show" to share the latest when it comes to leading distributed teams.Join us and grab a copy of the book here: Connect with Kevin here:
Quoting people in our articles can help us write better articles. They bring their expertise and unique opinions to the table that can improve the content and make it go deeper. But how do we refer to them, and how about on the second reference? I discuss this topic in this bonus episode of the marketing podcast "The Business Storytelling Show." Read even more on the topic here:
Ross Romano of "Be Podcast Network" joins me to discuss how branded podcast help with sales and networking.Join us and connect with Ross here: Related content: Should your company launch a branded podcast? A chat with Alison Osborne of Quill Inc & CoHost
Podcasting is an excellent way for leaders to build their brands, but given that the medium can be new to many, podcast coaching for leaders with an actual podcast coach is worth considering. Learn more on this episode, and if you want to talk to me about coaching you, book a 30-minute call here:
Chris Keefe, Chief Product Officer at Poppulo, joins me to discuss the topic on this live recording of "The Business Storytelling Show."We touch on: How AI impacts corporate communicationsHow to use AI tools to your advantageWhat downfalls should we look out for?And more... This episode is supported by Zen Media and produced by Trappe Digital.
Here's why your brand needs to invest in voice marketing now. Join me and learn more by reading this must-read book on the topic:
Julie Bee helps teams avoid burnout and joins me on this episode of "The Business Storytelling Show" to discuss the topic.Join us and connect with her here:
Lori Highby, founder of Keystone Click, joins me on this live recording of "The Business Storytelling Show" to discuss the topic.Connect with her here:
Does every brand need personality in marketing? The short answer is yes, and every brand has some personality in its marketing anyway.  It could be stiff or fun or something somewhere in-between. But how do we find the right personality for our brands, and more importantly: How do we implement it? I discuss that in this bonus episode. Read more here:
Rokas Golcas, author of the new “Google Ads Blueprint: An easy-to-follow Guide for Getting Results with Google Ads,” joins me on this episode of “The Business Storytelling Show” to discuss his new book.Join us and grab a copy here:
I share how wireless livestreaming works and what camera you might consider trying. Read more: Order the new emeet wireless cam here:
Joe Pardavila, author of "Good Listen," joins me on this live episode of "The Business Storytelling Show" to share how we can have better conversations in life, business, and on podcasts.Join us and grab a copy of his book here:
Ron Watt Jr. joins me to discuss why so much content out there sucks and how we can ensure our content doesn't.Join us.Connect with Ron here:
Content produced by artificial intelligence is all the rage now, but do you need to add a disclaimer to content letting the audience know that the content was artificially produced? I discuss that in this bonus episode of "The Business Storytelling Show."
Author Heather Younger returns to the show to discuss her new book on the art of active listening.Join us for this episode of "The Business Storytelling Show" and grab a copy of her book here:
Content marketing expert Chelsea Alves joins me to discuss how to create content for the different stages of the funnel and more. Join us. Connect with Chelsea here: Connect with Christoph here:
Aviation entrepreneur Travis Lamance joins me on this live recording of "The Business Storytelling Show" to propel our knowledge about private air travel forward. We'll discuss: How do you fly private anyway? Why would it even be an option for you? What are the best things about flying private? And more... Join us and try private air travel today: ---- This episode is sponsored by Haven Aero, LLC and produced by Trappe Digital LLC.
I answer the question on how often you should blog (new content and updating existing content) here. More content tips at
Jacob Hiler, professor of marketing at Ohio University, joins me to share how today's college students learn about influencer marketing. Join us and connect with Jacob here: Read my article on influencer marketing best practices here:
In this quick bonus episode, I discus whether or not a radio career is worth it and where all radio skills can be used in content. Join me.
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