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Whitley Penn is a full service public accounting firm. We started this channel as an outlet to regularly inform our listeners on issues and topics that businesses face. We aim to be thought leaders on a variety of topics involving accounting and business services as a whole. This podcast will be helpful and informative. We hope you enjoy listening to Whitley Penn Talks! --- DISCLAIMER: This podcast and related materials are designed only to provide general information regarding the subject matter discussed during this podcast. The statutes, authorities, and other laws cited in this podcast are subject to change. This podcast and related materials are not intended to provide tax, accounting, legal, or other professional advice to any specific person or entity. Any advice or opinion regarding the application of the subject matter for a specific person or entity should be provided by a competent professional advisor based on an application of the appropriate law and authorities to the facts and circumstances applicable to that person or entity.
47 Episodes
In this first episode of the WP Edge podcast series, Irfan Dossani, Tim Sims and Jake Morris sit down to discuss the benefits of Outsourced Accounting. This episode gives an introduction to who WP Edge is, provides impactful client success stories and serves as the foundation for upcoming episodes. Tune in as they provide tools, tips and tricks, while diving deeper into the world of outsourced accounting! 
This series will feature professionals who are highly experienced in giving advice to families and individuals on how to set themselves up for long-term success. With this series, our WPWealth professionals aim to share some of their knowledge with friends, clients and family by walking through complex topics such as budgeting and debt management, benefits, 401(k) plans, first time tax filings and more! We hope that each listener will walk away knowing something that he/she had not previously and will be able to use that knowledge to embark upon or continue their financial journey.In this episode, Bree Miller and Brandon Russ discuss the importance of financial literacy, and how some basic fundamentals can set you up for long term success with your finances.
A Year in Transition

A Year in Transition


In this episode, Tom Rein and Bree Miller of WPWealth discuss what to expect after a full year of facing the pandemic and what can change under a new Presidential administration.
On this episode of WP Cares, Shane Miller, WPWealth Partner, sits down with Connie Ricketts, Executive Director of CASA of Galveston County, and Taylor Biddle, former Board member and long-time advocate, to learn more about CASA at large. The three discuss the mission of CASA to support children who may need a court appointed advocate to represent them in a court of law. Listen now to learn more and to hear about ways that companies and individuals can support CASA, to ultimately continue advocating for children for years to come.
In this episode, Nathen McEown, Audit Partner sits down with Blake Kirshman to discuss all things Energy Banking. Blake is currently a Managing Director and head of US Energy at BBVA but started in a field familiar to us all: accounting. The two discuss the ups and downs of the oil and gas industry, college life at Texas Tech and even one handed dove hunts. Click now to listen to this episode and do not forget to like and subscribe to our channel!
In this episode of WPCares, Shane Miller, WPWealth Partner, and Brittany Flemming, Tax Manager, and Robert Guthrie, Chief Financial Officer at Option Inc. sit down to discuss what it is that Option Inc. does, what their mission is and how they live that out each day. We are grateful to be able to take time to sit down with Robert who is in leadership at Option Inc., and to hear more about the work that the organization does to stand up for all people affected by domestic violence and to advocate for those individuals moving forward. Their primary goal is to increase individual independency to ultimately decrease the number of assault and battery incidents related to domestic violence at large. Click now to listen and learn more!
In this episode of our DEVELOP series podcast, Danielle Reynolds sits down with Whitley Penn's Director of Marketing, Kristen Lollar. The two discuss strategies in building your brand and how to market yourself both internally and externally throughout your career. Listen now and share with a friend!
In this episode of our DEVELOP series podcast, Danielle Reynolds visits with special guest Yolanda Harper from Blue Zones Project. These two health and wellness advocates bring the energy and passion when discussing personal wellness and setting healthy boundaries, both at home and work. Listen now and share with a friend!
Sit down with Matt Magee as he moderates a question session with Tom Rein and Mark Topel. The three discuss the past presidential election and what to anticipate in the weeks and months ahead. They touch on the economy, legislation and general political morale surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic and hope for a vaccine. Listen in and subscribe to our channel!
On this episode of Whitley Penn Talks, Shane Miller, WPWealth Senior Manager, sits down with Cindy Hames & Kathleen Barbee of the Junior Achievement of the Chisholm Trail, a nonprofit focused on preparing young people to succeed in a global economy. Together they discuss charitable gifting, the mission of Junior Achievement, adapting to the pandemic, and much more. 
In this episode Celina Cereceres, Audit Partner, and Lupe Garcia, Audit Partner, sit back down with David Webb of Stifel Nicolas to discuss David's presentation "Leadership | 10 Tips of Being an Effective Team Member". David often gets asked to present on this topic and has noticed many connections between the qualities required of a great team member and leader. These universal tips can apply to those in various industries and at different stages of careers. Listen in to learn more about what these tips entail and how they could benefit you in your career!
In this episode of Whitley Penn Talks, John Williamson, Risk Advisory Partner, and Jesus Vega, Risk Advisory Manager, discuss emerging cybersecurity risks in a work from home environment and mitigating risk throughout the pandemic. 
In this first episode of our DEVELOP series, Danielle Reynolds, Whitley Penn’s Campus Recruitment Lead, and Nathen McEown, Partner-in-charge of Whitley Penn’s Houston Office, lay the foundation for young professionals beginning the recruitment process in school. This episode features tips on what YOU should be focusing on as you begin to build your brand and stand out from the rest. During this podcast you will hear advice on what to expect during your recruiting year, how to put yourself in a better position to be successful, how to find your perfect fit, available opportunities, and so much more! Sneak peek: It all starts with knowing who you are and what you want. Being confident, decisive, prepared and being true to yourself and your goals. 
The Energy Executive Profile series is back as Nathen McEown is joined by special guest, Chuck Yates. Chuck currently serves as a Freelance Galactic Viceroy but prior to that was the Managing Partner at Kayne Anderson. Tune into this episode to learn more about how Chuck and Nathen first met on an airplane, how Chuck got to where he is today, and what he has been up to for the past six months.
Long-Term Care

Long-Term Care


On this episode of Whitley Penn Talks, Matt Magee, WPWealth Associate, is back with WP Richardson, WPWealth Director of Insurance, to talk about Long-Term Care. This uneasy topic is becoming a focus as we navigate through our new normal and going to discuss why you should be rethinking your thoughts and ideas about Long-Term Care insurance. 
In this episode of Major Fundcast, Lupe and Celina are back with special guests Doug Janowski, Director of Business Development at CBIZ Valuation Group, and Carleen Patterson, First Vice President at Alliant Insurance Services, to talk all things #insurance as it relates to the #publicsectorindustry. The four of them discuss the current state of insurance amid the #pandemic and how premiums have been affected as a result. Listen in to this entertaining episode now! 
Click here to view the accompanying PDF. In this episode, Shane Miller and Bree Miller sit down with Shawna Rinehart from Harris, Finley & Bogle to discuss estate and wealth plans. Is yours up to date? How can you make it more up to date? And what are the implications if you do and don't. Listen in to learn more and reach out to a WPWealth advisor for more guidance on your specific situation.
WPWealth is back with Tom Rein and Matt Magee, as they discuss what the federal government has been doing with funds and the like. This episode focuses on taxes, government stimulus, and the upcoming election.
The team is back on Whitley Penn Talks to discuss a new episode on Navigating Through #NationalDebt featuring Bill Weston, WPWealth Manager, and the host Matt Magee, WPWealth Associate. This in depth episode will provide listeners perspective regarding the accelerated expansion of the Federal Reserve's balance sheet in 2020, the potential implications for capital markets, and some thoughts on how investors should consider managing their portfolios as we work towards a recovery.
In this Episode, Lupe Garcia and Celina Cereceres are back with their next guest: David Webb. David has held many roles within the school business environment, and now works as a Director with Stifel Nicolaus. He focuses on the bond market and underwrites bonds on behalf of his clients. Listen in as the three discuss upcoming bond elections, David's career thus far, and the differences between what auditors see compared to underwriters. 
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