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The Thriving in Technology (TinT) podcast focuses on the lives and careers of women in the technology field. It shares real stories told by real people to entertain, teach, inspire, and support this community. Our guests are encouraged to recount work and life challenges including what went well and not-so-well, tips and tricks for getting the most out of the day, lessons learned, etc. Events, industry news and predictions, social media trends – nothing is off limits.
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If you're looking to learn more about the Grace Hopper Celebration - the premier technology conference for women and non-binary individuals - then this episode of our podcast is perfect for you. Guests, Brandi Einhorn and Amy Vargas, discuss their involvement in the Grace Hopper Celebration (GHC), as guests on today's show. GHC is sponsored by and is the largest technical conference for women and non-binary individuals. The Expo Hall is a key feature of the conference where companies can market themselves and recruit new talent. Our guests discuss their experiences at the Grace Hopper Celebration, from navigating the Expo Hall to networking effectively. At the heart of Brandy Einhorn’s talk is the concept of "transformational networking" - a strategic approach to networking that allows you to achieve your goals and work harder, not smarter. Through building advocates, establishing reliability, and driving demand for your value, you can navigate the corporate world with ease. As someone who has attended the conference in person before, Amy Vargas shares her thoughts on the switch to a virtual format due to the pandemic. She highlights the benefits, like increased accessibility through scholarships, and acknowledges the challenges, such as technical issues and the loss of the in-person energy of previous years. A key takeaway from her talk is the importance of having clear goals in mind when attending the conference. This prevents aimless effort and ensures you maximize your time and energy to achieve what you set out to do. Mercedes Adams talks about how NetApp supports employees' goals of becoming confident public speakers and presenters through a speaker series that helps them develop the necessary skill set to achieve their goals. This program has resulted in their most successful year in terms of the number of selected speakers for the Grace Hopper Celebration. Each of the guests—all past attendees of the conference--share some personal anecdotes and reflections on the importance of sharing stories and gaining new perspectives at events like the Grace Hopper Celebration. This episode provides valuable insights and practical tips for anyone looking to make the most out of attending the conference. Don't miss out on this fantastic opportunity to grow your skills and network with other like-minded individuals in the tech industry. Special Guests: Amy Vargas and Brandi Einhorn.
Special Guest: Autymn Harris.
Special Guests: Kim Weller, Mary Jean Schmitt, Mercedes Adams, and Phoebe Goh.
Special thanks to Karen Lopez (@datachick ( and Kirsten Nelson (@kirstennelson1 ( who submitted questions for this episode! Influential social media voices mentioned in this episode: Emmanuel Acho. (@EmmanuelAcho) He's a retired NFL player and ESPN, and an analyst. And he's got a masters in sports psychology, and you may have seen his video series, uncomfortable conversations with a black man, incredibly informative. ( Ibram Kendi (@DrIbram) He is the director of the center for anti-racist research at Boston University. Author #1 NYT Bestsellers #AntiracistBaby, #Stamped & #HowToBeAnAntiracist. Michelle Silverthorne (@inwithmichelle) Diversity Consultant. TEDx Speaker. Immigrant. Millennial. Author. Founder+CEO | Inclusion Nation, Kimberly Jones (@KimLatriceJones) NAACP Image Award Nominated Author of The NY Times Bestseller I'm Not Dying With You Tonight. Special Guests: Mercedes Adams and Nadine Cummings.
We are pleased to welcome our guest Nadine Cummings, as we talk about what's in our pocketbook--the tools we all use to help us cope with the uncertainty we feel in these unprecedented days. In this episode we'll cover the tools that we use--from support groups, keeping a journal, mantras and changed mindsets that allow us to grow and thrive in this new season of change. Special Guest: Nadine Cummings.
We sit down with some folks--Mercedes Adams, Chris Olsen and Matt Underhill--all three new to full-time remote work-from-home. We've learned a few things along the way--including hacking your home for the office, emotional highs and lows of a new "normal" along with some predictions for what new norms we to expect when we return to the office. Special Guests: Chris Olsen, Matthew Underhill, and Mercedes Adams.
We sit down with NetApp's Rachelle Helton, to discuss how to allow your contacts to become your mentors, how to grow your networking skills. No matter what stage you are in your career, these skills will help you feel empowered to engage your network and master your own future. Special Guest: Rachelle Helton.
Special Guest: Dana Iskoldski.
During the recent NetApp INSIGHT 2019 event in Las Vegas, we were able to sit down with independent data analyst, NASA enthusiast, and blogger, Karen Lopez. Special Guest: Karen Lopez.
In this episode, we are joined by Dana K. White, author of two books: "How to Manage Your Home Without Losing Your Mind" and "Decluttering at the Speed of Life." She is also pens the popular "A Slob Comes Clean" blog along with the corresponding podcast. We sat down with her to talk about overcoming the project brain, overcoming the Container Store, along with the joys of blogging and podcasting. Special Guest: Dana K. White.
In this episode, we chat with NetApp's Jennifer Kaufman, as she talks information engineering--more than just content and documentation, background at NetApp, her experience as a woman in technology and the sport of kettlebell. Special Guest: Jennifer Kaufman.
In this episode, we chat with Becky L. Elliott, a member of the NetApp A-Team about her journey to blogging for personal and career growth and her submission for the upcoming Grace Hopper Celebration event in October 2019. @BeckyLElliott ( Special Guest: Becky L. Elliott.
Special Guest: Amy White.
Episode 12: with Kat Troyer and Liz Bronson Don't miss the (@)realjobtalk podcast! Follow Kat on Twitter: (@)dailykat Follow Liz on Twitter (@) Lizbconsult Do you have any suggestions for our podcast? Send an email:
Episode 11: Kate Russell, Tech reporter / (@)BBCClick / (@)NatGeoTravelUK /author (links: /speaker/gamer/streamer (link: /Hammer Follow Kate on Twitter: @KateRussell ( Do you have any suggestions for our podcast? Send an email:
Episode 10: Bhavna Mistry Follow our guest on Twitter: (@)bhavna_mistry Do you have any suggestions for our podcast? Send an email:
Episode 09: Lauren Friedman Follow our guest on Twitter: @lauren ( Special shout out to @andy_fisher ( and the Cisco Champions program! Do you have any suggestions for our podcast? Send an email: (
Episode 08: Barb Hardy at NetApp Insight Barcelona Follow our guest on Twitter: (@)bawconnects Special Guest: Petya Stefanova.
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