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Author: Brian Johnson

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Citrus Church in Horizon West, FL serves the growing areas of Winter Garden and Windermere. We are a new United Methodist Church offering a refreshing invitation to Jesus.
108 Episodes
In this episode of the Refreshed Podcast, Jarrod talks Carole King, James Taylor, David and the Psalms, and the people who are with us when we're down. Psalms 6:1-7, 8b-92 Samuel 12Support the show (
Since October is usually dedicated to all things spooky and scary, this episode of the Refreshed podcast is unique. Listen in as Brian and Jarrod share some of their personal fears and talk about the fear of not having answers during difficult times.Ps. 77 "Confidence in a Time of Crisis"Is. 55: 8-9Support the show (
After roughly two months, Citrus Church's Refreshed podcast is back with season two. Brian spoke on the togetherness, or "circleness", of the church this past Sunday, and Brian and Jarrod take that a step farther in this episode by offering a new perspective on the Good Samaritan.Support the show (
In this last episode of season one of the Refreshed podcast, Jarrod talks about the benefits of looking back on our past experiences and the Refreshed podcast came to be.Support the show (
In this week's episode, Jarrod share a devotional he came across, entitled "The Beauty of Silence". Support the show (
In this week's episode, Jarrod revisits a topic from an earlier episode, giving a refreshed perspective on why it is important and how it connects to the current landscape of worship. Support the show (
Unlike our usual episodes, this Citrus Church: Refreshed episode was inspired by a Citrus Church newsletter and an Instagram post. Sometimes, we reach points of restlessness and boredom and we may feel a need to do things differently. On the other hand, there are times when outside circumstances force us to do things differently. Support the show (
At times, life can feel like an endless stream of worries and with everything that has taken place over the last few months, it is easy to see how. In this episode of "Refreshed", Jarrod continues his discussion of anxiety and how we must never overlook the bursts of positivity life has to offer.Support the show (
While we are still under the effects of COVID-19 and practicing social distancing, this seemed like a good time to talk about anxiety. In this installment of Citrus Church Refreshed, our worship leader, Jarrod, talks about anxiety as well as how he handles his own.Support the show (
While we still must abide by social distancing, there are also ways to find joy in the adjustments to our daily lives.Support the show (
With the recent weeks of quarantine and changes to normal routine, our day to day lives may start feeling isolated and bleak, like being in the desert. However, the Bible not only shows us what comes from the desert, but how the desert can be a launching point for something greater. Matt. 3:1-6,13-17 & Matt. 4:1-4, 12-17Support the show (
Jarrod gives a short chat about a couple of our favorites hymns.Support the show (
In our current sermon series, "Teach Us to Pray", we have learned that the Lord's Prayer is an invitation for us to add worship to our pray. But what about using our worship as our pray?Support the show (
Part Two of "Keep It Citrusy"!!!Support the show (
In this week's episode of Citrus Church: Refreshed, Jarrod and Amy talk music: how they got into music, favorite songs, and why they still find joy in music. Support the show (
Happy New Year!!! For new year's day, we decided to keep things short, but sweet. In this first episode of the new year, listen in as Jarrod spreads a little "holiday cheer" and shares a blessing for the new year.Support the show (
At this point in the holiday season, you may feel you are running low on Christmas spirit. In this episode of Citrus Church: Refreshed, Jarrod talks about his personal journey in finding Christmas spirit. Support the show (
(or Asking for a Friend Pt. 5) In this week's episode of Citrus Church: Refreshed, Brian and Jarrod shed some light on the purpose and meaning behind the season of Advent. Support the show (
We just finished our "Asking for a Friend" sermon series, a series based on questions we may feel uncomfortable to ask in church. In it, we covered prayer, giving, as well as having doubts. However, another question quickly developed, why do we worship? In this episode of Citrus Church: Refreshed, Jarrod and Amy take a moment to talk about what is really at the heart of worship.Support the show (
In this episode of Citrus Church: Refreshed, Brian and Jarrod talk about their favorite Bible stories and give a recap on the Greatest Hits of the Old Testament series. Support the show (
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