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Author: Jon Peterson

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IB Matters is a podcast (established in April 2019) which brings listeners content related to International Baccalaureate (IB) education. It is for students, parents, and teachers interested in learning more about IB and for those working in IB schools wanting access to pedagogical support for their teaching.

Please listen, subscribe, and post a review to help us spread the word about the IB. Follow us on twitter @MattersIB and be sure to let us know what you would like to hear more about in future episodes.

The podcast is hosted in Minnesota by the MN Association of IB World Schools (MNIB) but is intended for a global audience.
83 Episodes
In this episode of we return to talk to Vikas Pahwa about the IB approach to teaching Geography. His experience with both the MYP and DP makes him a good ambassador for the subject.Vikas has a deep respect, understanding, and appreciation for Geography and he makes a great case for including the subject as one of your options in Group 3 of the Diploma Programme. Some of Vikas' links:Geography PodsThe Geographer onlineNational GeographicGeography All the WayOpen GeographyBooks mentioned in the Podcast:Prisoners of GeographyThe History of GeographyAll Possible Worlds: History of Geographical Ideas.The revenge of GeographyViews of NatureThe Great ArcIB Matters Website
In this episode we talk to Lucia Figar and Barry Cooper of The Global College in Madrid, Spain. They are two of the principal figures in the startup of this brand new IB School based on entrepreneurship. It will be a unique member of the IB community but it has all of the key attributes every new IB school requires: a rigorous and well-planned curriculum, a caring and dedicated staff and a mission aligned to the principles guiding all IB Schools. You can learn much more about The Global College, or even look into enrolling there, by going to their website using link below.The Global College websiteIB Matters website
In this episode we talk to Bhavya Prabu about the IB approach to teaching and learning science from MYP to DP.  Bhavya has experience teaching in both the Diploma Programme and the Middle Years Programme so she has an excellent perspective for this discussion.We talk about the structure and requirements of a couple of DP science courses, specifically Biology and ESS. But we also get into the philosophy of the IB approach and how the skill building seen in the MYP leads to success later on in the DP. Bhavya has generously shared a number of teacher resources and examples which you can find in our podcast notes,below.Bhavya on LinkedInBhavya (webinar) on  Personalised learning ATL Personalised Backward Design Model in Scientific  Teaching for the New Normal  Blended Learning presentationWebsites for educators( New to teaching The IBDP course)For Biology ESS Matters Website
In this episode we talk to Lisa Maren Thompson from Sejong Academy in St. Paul, Minnesota. Sejong Academy is an MYP candidate school nearing the end of the candidacy phase to become an official IB World School. Like the other podcasts we have done in the “Becoming an IB School” series, the keys to a succesful IB school candidacy are the people in the school community. They need to be knowledgeable, passionate and above all, caring. Lisa and the staff at Sejong have all of these attributes. Listen to hear how they are transforming their school and building toward upcoming site visits from their consultant and the verification team.You can learn much more about Sejong Academy, and becoming an IB World School using the links  below and by checking out other podcasts we have produced on the process of becoming an IB School. Lisa's Twitter contact linkSejong Academy websiteInternational-mindedness film link Introduction to the IB Programmes (self-paced guide from the MNIB website)IB Matters websiteBecoming an iB School (Other episodes on 'Becoming an IB school' from the IB Matters website)IB Website on becoming an IB World School
In an effort to promote equity, excellence and inclusion in IB programs, Tim Kane and Asheesh Misra from help schools develop strategies to maximize success in the Diploma exams. These strategies lead to more students enrolling in the classes, taking the exams, and benefitting from the exposure to challenging curriculum. These benefits have been shown to follow students throughout their lives as they pursue further education and rewarding careers.To this end, Tim and Asheesh return for the fourth time to the podcast. This time, they focus on the unique benefits available to teachers and coordinators due to the modified evaluation methods employed during the pandemic. One big takeaway - utilize the enquiry upon results (EUR) option to look at your internal assessments. It's a benefit that will pay dividends for years to come.IBSchoolImprovement.comIB Matters website 
This is be one of the more personal episodes in this podcast series, as I speak to Jake Rosch. Jake’s parents have been close friends for decades and I’ve known Jake since he was in pre-school. Jake is now Director of Educational Technology at College du Leman, an IB school in Switzerland. We speak about international teaching, blended learning, being an Apple Distinguished Educator, and the philosophy of teaching as a life-long mission. I’m sure you will be as inspired, as I was proud, to hear from Jake.Jake's Links:Blended Learning magazine interviewJake's LinkedIn contactTalking in Class: Structured Student Dialogue ActivitiesCollege du Leman: Our Story (Apple book by Jake Rosch)Other links from the podcast:MNIB 'Introduction to the IB Programmes' webpageIB Matters Webpage
In this episode we speak with Joelle Amuah who is a 17 year old student beginning her second year of the Diploma Programme at Aves International Academy in Ghana. She wrote a blog ("My awesome IB experience so far") recently sharing her experience in year one of the DP.  She described all the ways she grew as a person and as a student in just one year of the Diploma Programme. I reached out to see if she would share this story and she agreed. She also gives advice to students just starting out in the DP. Be sure to read the original blog post which is linked below and on our facebook page.Joelle's blogpost:  My awesome IB experience so farIB Matters website IB Matters facebook 
In this episode of we take a close look at the DP History course, one of the key aspects of any Diploma student’s experience in the IB. Our guest is Vikas Pahwa who is an experienced DP History teacher in the city of Gurgaon, India. What I loved about this conversation was the universality of the DP History approach he describes. I felt like I was talking to one of the teachers in my own school because the IB History approach can be applied in any geographical or societal context. It truly is international.  Books referenced by Vikas:Geographic Pivot of History - Sir Halford MackinderPower of Geography - Tim MarshallFrom Silk to Silicon - Jeffrey GartenLinks:Helpful Activehistory Johndclare.netSchoolhistoryIchistory.comHistory.comThe IB website History pageIB Matters Web Page
In this episode we talk to Wendy Heydorn and Susan Jesudason who have recently revised their TOK texts pubished by Cambridge University Press. They give us a great tour of the newly revised TOK curriculum which could serve as a primer for anyone returning to the classroom this fall to teach the new TOK course with first exams in the Spring of 2022. They also share a tour of their books including the TOK Course Guide, Decoding the TOK, and the Digital teacher resources set in case you want get copies for your school. Look for lots of links to these resources in the podcast notes.For those in the US don’t forget about that discount code which is POD25 for your first order with them. Just mention it in email correspondence when you place your first order in the US.Link to the Course GuideLink to Decoding TOKLink to the Teacher ResourcesLink to the IB website with a summary of the specification bite video clips: @theoryknowledge (slightly out of date but lots of resources)IB Matters links:IB Matters websiteIBMatters Facebook page
In this episode we talk to Guru Charan Kumar of India about his work teaching the IB Diploma ESS Course but mostly we talk about taking his students on exciting trips to support the classroom teaching with real life field experiences. Guru makes a great case for getting out there but he also has tips for those of you wanting to plan for such a trip. He even tells a couple harrowing tales which have created life-long memories for both he and his students.If you have a favorite place to take students please tweet it out and tag us @mattersIB and also tag Guru @greenguru2013. We would love to see where you take your students all over the world Links to connect with Guru and to see some of his trip videos:My website: Channel: Club YouTube channel (I run a club called the "Clicking Club" for photographers at my school) Subject Website Journey Website : : gurumantra007Guru's list of recent trips:2011-Gangotri, Himalaya2012-Niligris & Assam 2013-Ropar Wetland & Gir Forest2014- Maha Kumbh Mela, Allahabad2015-Kashmir2016-Antodaynya-Travelling from Varanasi to Sundarbans2017-Dehradun, Uttarakhand2018 -Rishikesh2019-Sunderabans IB Matters Website
In this episode we return to talk to Asnaha Farheen from Abdul Kadir Molla International School in Bangladesh. This time we focus on the PYP Exhibition - the culminating activity of any student’s PYP experience offered in either 5th or 6th grade. Asnaha talks about how they prepare for the Exhibition and how it has been different under the COVID restrictions.Links:First Blog about mentoring the Exhibition from 2016 PYP Exhibition recorded live YouTubePlaylist of Recorded Video of Individual group presentations!Quality Education Sustainable cities and communities Good health and wellbeingAffordable and Clean energyIB Matters Website
In this episode we return to talk to Novadene Miller who teaches at the Ecole Privee Bilingue International in southern France.  Novadene was a recent guest talking about the MYP Individuals and Societies course. The feedback was so great we just had to have her back.This time we focus on the MYP Design course and how it fits beautifully into the development of young people in the Middle Years. Novadene even frames her school's recent MYP authorization process to the aspects of the design course. Example of pedagogical kit tools in light of covid : Let's Explore Europe | Learning Corner ( Matters WebsiteMNIB Schools Website link to Introduction to the IB ProgrammesIBO website regarding the MYP
In this episode we talk to Era Dogra about the Microsoft Innovative Educators Excellence (MIEE) Program. Even before the pandemic, the use of electronic tools in education had been incresing tremendously. The need for online platforms and communication caused by the COVID restrictions has only caused this trend to balloon exponentially. It is important for teachers to be adept at navigating many different platforms and resources. Era gives us a tour of Microsoft’s Innovative Educator program and tells us how it helps her and her students every day. Check out the links below for more information and to see how you can apply.  Links: To apply for the MIEE: learn more: on Twitter: @EradograNow that we have over 70 IB Matters episodes covering a range of subjects, you can use our podcast webpage which is organized by programme and by topic. Link: IB Matters Website
In this episode we talk to Nupur Sinha Agrawal of Genesis Global School in India. She tells us about the Early Years of the PYP which is defined as ages 3 to 6 years old with a focus on the Pre-K from ages 3 to 4. Many who think of IB, think of the Diploma Program and don’t realize that IB is actually a continuum reaching such young people. Of course, at that early age, it is not exams and intense study. It is much more about play and finding out about themselves as they learn to get along and to explore the world using their natural curiosity. Nupur takes us on a tour of the many important aspects of the Early Years and its role in developing young minds during these formative times. She shares many examples of how teachers, students, and parents learn form having a learning framework in place to capture a student's growth and encourage important partnerships among the key people in each child's life.Nupur's contact information:Linkedin & Facebook: NupurSATwitter: @nupur05Instagram:  @nupurkidiary IB Matters WebsiteOur "Introduction to the IB Programmes" referenced in the podcast
In this episode we talk to Novadene Miller who teaches at the Ecole Privee Bilingue International in southern France. Our discussion centers on how the MYP framework specifically addresses the Individuals and Societies subject area. While it has examples from one subject, it serves as an example of how the MYP approach makes any subject more enriching for both the students and the teachers.Novadene gives several examples of how her students are given the freedom to inquire and take action beyond the curriculum when operating in an MYP classroom. Be sure to check out her links below to see her published articles and resources she has used with her students.Novadene's Links: Teaching MYP individuals and societies in a changing world | IB Community Blog ( of pedagogical kit tools in light of covid : Let's Explore Europe | Learning Corner ( of linking units to current projects with decision making choices and concrete actions - Ecosystem-Restoration-Playbook.pdf ( of research article that can provide examples on primary research : Auteurs - Miller Novadene ( Matters Website
In this episode we talk to a panel of past guests of the podcast, all of whom teach in India or Bangladesh. They discussed how they and their communities are coming together in this very challenging time as the second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic is impacting much of South Asia. You’ll hear that, even in these difficult times, hope for the future is strong and they are finding ways to support their learners and celebrate the teachers, students and communities working together to help each other.Our guests, in order of appearance, were: Monika Kala, Vandana Parashar, Rezuan Chowdry, Humera Riyaz, Bhavna Mathew and Manisha Rana.Links:Resources (4) Till We Meet Again, A children's book about death and grieving - YouTube  (‘How to deal with grief’)-Manisha Rana25 Children's Books That Explain Death And Grief To Kids | HuffPost Life -Manisha Rana - (Research paper: Impact of COVID on Online Teaching Platform: Study on IB Curriculum in Bangladesh) - (Research Paper: Impact of E -Learning in education sector: Challenges and Prospects of collaboration in remote learning) - Bhavna Mathew (Online resources- Mindfulness Chants , Brain Break ideas, Interesting Online tools for virtual lessons , Virtual tours) - Blogs for teachers - A book recommendation for teachers - Kindness Project : Invisible strings- connecting with people you love even if they are not around: Vandana Parasher (Vandana - I love this story )Contact information for our guests:Monika Kala IB PYP Coordinator, Genesis Global schoolTwitter: @MonikaKala7Linkedin:, monikakala@gmail.comLatest workshop on Tools and strategies to make learning visible will be available on IB Educators chat  site.Rezuan Chowdhury: IB PYP Educator Twitter: @Rez31447712Email: rez.akmis2020@gmail.comLinkedin: Rez Chowdhury ( Rana Grade Level Coordinator and home room teacherTwitter: @manisharana244LinkedIn: : manisharana24@gmail.comVandana Parasher PYPC, Pathways School Noida India, IBEN Twitter: @vandysays Email: Bhavna MathewTwitter: @MathewBhavna email:
In this brief episode we talked to Deepanshu Arora of Toddle about the TIES 2021 Conference. TIES stands for “The Inquiry Educators Summit” and was held May 14th through May 16th with sessions in different time zones and in both English and Spanish. Use our podcast links below to register (so you have access to recordings of the event) and to donate to their designated fund to help students most affected by the current pandemic in India.Now that the event has passed, you can still take advantage of the sessions attended by over 20,000 educators from around the world by watching the recordings. All session recordings are on the event agenda page now for those who have registered. For those who want to access the videos, they can simply register and access them. A note that Day 3 of TIES (in Espanol) is on May 22nd. Those recordings will be processed by May 24th and made available on the website. Links:Registration: for Ties: website: ToddleFundraiser Campaign ink (new) - Matters Website
We talk to Asheesh Misra and Tim Kane from IB School about this year’s exams and the important role of the predicted grades in this and future exam cycles. We also talk about how Internal assessments should be a big focus for DP/CP teachers as they judge their capacity to help students and their IB programs to succeed. Tim walks us through how each  DP cohort has a different challenge moving forward and starts the conversation regarding how we can serve their different needs coming out of the Blog post about Predicted GradesIB Matters Podcast website
In this episode  we talk to my good friend Paul Koenig. I’ve known Paul for nearly 40 years and he is one of the most reflective teachers I have worked with. I thought we could all benefit from talking with him about his work supervising new teachers and what he considers key to improving our profession through thoughful reflection and support. IB Matters Website
In this episode we talk to Asnaha Farheen about her work as the Bangladesh PYP network lead and about IB Pedagogical leadership in a crisis like the one we are experiencing now during the COVID-19 pandemic. We also get a preview of a global PYP networking event (JAS Live) Asnaha is hosting in mid-April 2021. Please check out the links below where you will find numerous links to the event and recordings made for your use after the event. WATCH  JAS: Links to recorded JAS SessionsTwitter: @asnahafarheen Lausanne Learning link to AsnahaSome of Asnaha's published articles: previous podcasts: Matters Website
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Gin Hon

My son will be going to an IB kindergarten in the fall. I really do feel like the round up did not do a good job of explaining it to me. Even though I'm in Michigan I thank you for this pod cast because it's been so informative. I wish my son's new school would do the same but until then this podcast is gonna be my go to.

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