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Author: Niki Torres

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Chief Best Friends is a podcast about mixing friendship + business and all the messy in-betweens. We're on a mission to help women cultivate more meaningful friendships at work. We believe that if we want to go far, we have to do it together.
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IN THIS EPISODE, YOU WILL LEARN:How working dynamics and flow is a great indicator of a good chief best friendship.How to bring together two distinct work styles and making it completely your own.How to remain open to trying something new and using each other’s differences as a way of exploring your own style.How to find ways to learning from each other and also knowing when to pull back.Giving each other mutual respect during the good times and especially during the bad times.How not to take things personally knowing that values and goals are aligned.Collaborating and assisting each other through can-do attitude and support.How having a chief best friend who’s different but complimentary to you allows you to see a different point of view.RESOURCES FROM THIS EPISODE:Spineless by Susan Middleton (Book)James Jean (Artist)Slither (Game)Sheryo (Graffiti Artist)SAY HI, CONNECT WITH SAM & SOPH!Sam Lo on InstagramSoph Ong on InstagramENJOYED THIS EPISODE?Leave a review and help others find usLet us know on Instagram
IN THIS EPISODE, YOU WILL LEARN:How much time parents spend looking for their children’s shoes — the inspiration for Red Shoe Stories!Becoming mothers is not a limiting career move but is more of an opportunity to design life the way that works for us.How crowdfunding is a great strategy for some businesses in finding an early audience, testing the market and prototyping.When choosing between crowdfunding platforms, it helps to go with what the target market is more familiar with.Having the courage to not postpone launching their crowdfunding campaign, despite pregnancies, is a crucial lesson in business (note: there will never be a perfect time)The immense groundwork needed to launch a successful crowdfunding platform and getting external help to get it going.How working with your sister and chief best friend opens up a side of our personalities that they may never be privy to; making relationships all the more richer.How working with a best friend helps with overcoming self-doubt when they do come.How not having all the answers is a good thing as it offers us a chance to work and collaborate with others.RESOURCES FROM THIS EPISODE:A Little Life by Hanya Yanahigara (Book)Educated by Tara Westover (Book)Jacinta Ardern, Prime Minister of New Zealand (Article from People)Melanie Perkins of Canva (Article from Australian Financial Review)SAY HI, CONNECT WITH RED SHOE STORIES!Red Shoe StoriesRed Shoe Stories on InstagramRed Shoe Stories Kickstarter CampaignENJOYED THIS EPISODE?Leave a review and help others find usLet us know on Instagram
IN THIS EPISODE, YOU WILL LEARN:How the same passion became their foundation in choosing each otherHow being friends is not a requirement to start a business together (sometimes friendship comes afterwards)Knowing each other’s strengths was crucial in making sure they are complementary to each otherTreating your team the way you want to be treatedHow attitude is everything and focusing on the positives help in growing a businessUnderstanding each other is crucial in communicating effectively as well as having high tolerance for each otherRESOURCES FROM THIS EPISODE:Strengths FinderThe Power of Vulnerability by Brené BrownThe Four Agreements by Don Miguel RuizWhen Breath Becomes Air by Paul KalanithiSAY HI, CONNECT WITH WEBARRE!WeBarre (Sign-up for a 7-day trial for $49)WeBarre on InstagramAnabel Chew on InstagramLinda Tang on InstagramENJOYED THIS EPISODE?Leave a review and help others find us@chiefbestfriends on Instagram
IN THIS EPISODE, YOU WILL LEARN:Reaching out to find a friendBeing more focused about the work you want to doGetting a lawyer to come in to write an exit strategySurrounding yourself with a tribe that supports youHandling mistakes and how to not take them personallyPreparing for life stages and how it could affect the businessShowing up together as partners, especially with decisionsImprovising as a big part of growing and running a businessLearning to be braver in this journey as well as trusting the processTaking time to reflect on accomplishmentsRESOURCES FROM THIS EPISODE:Ponti by Sharlene TeoThis Is What Inequality Looks Like by Teow You Yenn SAY HI, CONNECT WITH SARAH AND SCHOOLING!Sarah and SchoolingSarah and Schooling on InstagramSarah and Schooling on FacebookENJOYED THIS EPISODE?Leave a review and help others find us@chiefbestfriends on Instagram
IN THIS EPISODE, YOU WILL LEARN:How trust and integrity was the foundation in choosing a chief best friendKnowing when to take the opportunity to start a businessGetting clear on each other’s commitment levelHow all founders need to sit down and set up a vesting schedule to remain accountableLearning how to lean into each other’s strengthsSeeing business partnership like a marriage; through thick and thinHow emotions play a role at work where it empowers rather than hindersKnowing when to draw the line and understanding what is enoughDeveloping your team culture with intentionRESOURCES FROM THIS EPISODE:Let My People Go Surfing: The Education of a Reluctant Businessman by Yvonne ChouinardReset: My Fight for Inclusion and Lasting Change by Ellen PaoSomething Borrowed ShirtSAY HI, CONNECT WITH ADAY!Shop on ADAY (get $15 off with the code: CHIEFBESTFRIENDS; valid from 1 May 2019 to 8 June 2019 — yay!)Visit the ADAY Showroom for in-person styling appointments (or video if you’re outside the US)ADAY on InstagramMeg He on InstagramNina Faulhaber on InstagramENJOYED THIS EPISODE?Leave a review and help others find us@chiefbestfriends on Instagram
Chief Best Friends

Chief Best Friends


About Chief Best FriendsReading books about how we can lean in, understand our confidence code, and how nice girls don’t get the corner office, there are mixed signals about what it means for us and our friendships.We can outgrow our childhood friends, make new ones that match our evolving identities, and even that gal pal you made at the office could end up hurting you (or vise versa) when it’s time to vie for that promotion.With all the nuances of being friends and making friends in adulthood, it’s hard not to think that friendships at work or in business is something to be avoided or at the very least, something to be wary of.Call me optimistic, but I believe that we can do more if we work together. Not only will we survive terrible bosses, late-nights working on our side-hustles, navigating the growth of a business; we will thrive if we have that one person—our chief best friend—whom we can do it with and who shares our vision of what a meaningful work-life is.Join our
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