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What's up ATM (What's Up At the Moment) is a podcast where three friends come together weekly to ask what's up at the moment with each other. Every week, these friends will be exploring a topic that one of them is feeling particularly passionate about that week. So, whether you're a nerd, a scholar, or just generally someone who enjoys people talking about things they love, join us as we delve into the depths of these weirdos' minds and ask “Hey, what's up at the moment?” For more about the show and it's hosts, please visit:
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The "Stardew Valley" Effect

The "Stardew Valley" Effect


August, the month of games for What’s up ATM? Join us this week as Meg talks about the popular farming sim, Stardew Valley. Is it just spicy FarmVille? Listen to the calm takes here.
Tyler brings us on journey down memory lane with this episode has he discusses why a game that came out in 2004, has MORE representation than Skyrim.
Welcome to a very special episode of What’s Up ATM with guest host Kevin. Join us as friend of the show and fellow nerd, Kevin gives us his hot takes on Fallout New Vegas.
Welcome to a very special episode of What’s Up ATM with guest host Angela (Purrpul Cosplay).
Well it was bound to happen, this week Meg talks about her OTHER all time favorite band: The Fratellis.
Doctor Whom?

Doctor Whom?


This week Tyler, our resident sci-fi guy, talks all things who. Doctor Who that is.
This week Alyssa talks all things Good Omens.
This week Meg talks beloved witch show Charmed and it’s recent reboot.
This week Alyssa talks to us about Mob Psycho 100.
This week in honor of Pride month, and the 50th anniversary, Tyler talks Stonewall.
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