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An extension of the website, This Warriors Life's podcast features Will Evans and Brad Larking breaking down the NZ Warriors' progress in the NRL each week.
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It's an end-of-season blowout with Will and Brad getting together with Fonzie over a few froths. They talk Brown, best 17 for 2022, Ash Taylor, CHT and a whole bunch of random, tangential garbage. Hopefully a bit of lockdown relief for the Auckland- and NSW-based listeners out there. 
It's too disjointed to call it a season review, but Will and Brad give their assessment of the weak finish to 2021 on the Gold Coast, the overblown discipline furore and a wretched season overall. Recruitment chat, Will's deep dive into why Brown has a minimal chance of proving a good hire, Brad's ever-involving odyssey of a lamb-owner, Warriors youngsters that got away (courtesy of Nick Phillips and Callum Newson-Brown), support for former greats to sound off publicly (however ill-conceived or negative), Player of the Year chat, the Chancer NRL Finals Weekender game and a quick preview of the Week 1 games. 
Last Friday's finals-hopes-ending loss still stinging like the first sunburn of summer, Will and Brad draft in a special guest to boost the enthusiasm factor - and Sammy St. G sparkles on debut like Patty Herbert or Walshy at AAMI Park on Anzac Day. The loss to the Raiders reviewed, Sunday's clash with the Titans previewed, and a whole bunch of 2021 season-reviewy, 2022-forecasty, archetypal-Warriors-fan-lament jibber jabber in between.
The boys convene on Friday morning for a rare GAMEDAY podcast, revelling in the Warriors still being a mathematical finals hope ahead of tonight's showdown with the Raiders. Meanwhile, Brad gets a pet lamb and wonders aloud if he could bring himself to eat it, before detailing his battles with a knotted extension lead. Also check out their Chancer TWL Fan Challenge picks - play before kick-off tonight:
Coming to you from Level 4, Will and Brad are already showing signs of lockdown fatigue...could be the day drinking. But they're pumped the Warriors are still alive in the finals race, while the rambling, tangent-heavy league chat is complemented by Larking asking another couple of life's great questions: where is the thermometer for the outside temp on your car? And who is the 'feels like' temp person on the weather? 
They're back after a few weeks in the casualty ward, wrapping up the Warriors' first back-to-back wins of the season as the little finals flame just keeps flickering. The Twitter mailbag gets a run, Will bemoans the lack of quality rugby league Evanses and Brad's got issues with Cooper Cronk and Maggi 2-minute Noodles' packaging. 
It's a far more contented Will and Brad rolling up this week despite the current six-match losing run, thanks to the short-handed Warriors' gallantry against the Panthers. A couple of new segments with Russell and Shane's in-game text message thread revealed and Ben Lythe getting the nod for the first edition of 'Forgotten Warriors', plus a fair bit of news to chew the fat over before the NRL Round 19 preview. Plenty of positivity from the boys, which has been in short supply of late. We forgot to plug this week's Chancer game, so go and play that please:
As Neil Young said, it's better to burn out than to fade away - and the Warriors' 2021 campaign is very much in danger of doing the latter. Will and Brad address the lack of pressure on coach Nathan Brown and his surprisingly large army of apologists, among other future positives and current negatives surrounding our club. 
Comin' at ya on a Friday afternoon as Will and Brad gave it a bit more time to calm down after last weekend's horrendous capitulation. It didn't help. 
It's a weird time for the Will and Brad: super pumped on the Shaun Johnson news, but there's still 10 rounds to play in a season that is in grave danger of slipping away. Get the boys' tangential take on the reshuffled Warriors' must-must-win showdown with the Saints on Friday, along with the rest of Round 16, plus Origin, Chancer etc
Fonzie Talks Warriors and TWL's Will drop everything to react to the daddy of all Warriors news bombshells: SHAUN JOHNSON IS COMING HOME BABYYYYYYY!!! Don't turn it up too loud, the euphoria might blow out your speakers. 
Between Walshy's Origin call-up, the DWZ confirmation, Chad Townsend's shock return and the Black Caps' World Test Championship triumph, there's been enough happening for Will and Brad to crawl out of a dark pit of despair after the loss to the Knights and record an episode. The undoubted highlights, though, are Brad's separate analogies involving Gloriavale and MacGyver. 
Will and Brad are coming in flat, because (a) No Fonzie (b) the demoralising loss to the Storm (c) our 5-8 record and (d) DWZ. Plenty of recruitment and retention chat, a review of Sunday's shit-Storm and a full NRL Round 15 preview. 
It's another crossover episode! Will and Brad are joined by Fonzie Talks Warriors for a monster two-hour-plus gasbag - and are predictably dwarfed by his intellect and analysis, while also being emasculated by his deep baritone voice. We had fun recording, not making any promises you'll enjoy the listen as much. 
After the obligatory gushing about Reece Walsh, Will and Brad take a look ahead to Friday's huge trip to Townsville with an unchanged line-up. There's also Peta Hiku's departure, Will's triumph in Chancer's TWL Fan Challenge and one brush with the late, great Bob Fulton, birthday shout-outs, the barnstorming return of 'Which Warrior Would You?', a full NRL Round 12 preview and a new outro. 
You know what's coming: a ute-load of Reece Walsh chatter. Several underperformers get some constructive criticism after Magic Round - but there's some plaudits as well. The boys tackle the head-high crackdown and expansion, but Brad steals the show with his fantasy about getting the Death Star construction contract, as well as interrupting the Round 11 preview with an ode to his old man, Les. 
The bulk of the vent from Sunday's loss already out of the way in the post-match pod, Will and Brad work through the Warriors' upcoming crunch game against Parramatta as part of Sunday's NRL Magic Round schedule. There's also the Peta Hiku blow, the news the Warriors are unlikely to return home before the end of the season, a full rundown of Chancer's TWL Warriors Fan Challenge and Brad's revelation that he's a terrible BBQer - before getting into the full Magic Round preview. 
Not a hint of smugness here - Will and Brad take no joy in what unfolded on Sunday arvo at Brookie - but they did say benching Reece Walsh was a recipe for disaster. So it proved, amid some associated defensive ineptitude, and their post-match debrief is sure to provide some cathartic relief for some fans. Catch the TWL match report here: BASIC BROWN BURNED BY TURBO-CHARGED MANLY
Will and Brad are still shaken up by Sunday's game of two halves. But Brad has been working hard to find an alternative nickname to the unimaginative 'Reece Lightning' for our new teen superstar, while Will has been delving deep to uncover the changes and trends in rugby league players' names over the past 40 years. Plus club news, team list chat, Round 9 preview yada yada yada 
Will and Brad try and keep a lid on their unbridled enthusiasm for the Warriors' new wonderboy Reece Walsh...and do a terrible job of it. They're all in. Lots of team chat - including preferred three-quarter lines and halves/hooker/utility combinations when we're at full-strength - plus a full preview of NRL Round 8. 
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