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This week, recurring guest CPBL STATS joins me in the virtual studio to preview the heavyweight matchup between the Rakuten Monkeys and the CTBC Brothers for the 2022 Taiwan Series!Links:1-0 Sports: Page: @daniel_shih88CPBL STATS Twitter Page: @GOCPBL
This week, I clarify the CPBL Playoof Scenarios, and I go on a looong tangent to talk about the incredible Lie Che-Hsuan catch 2 years ago!
This week, I gave my two cents on Mike Loree's retirement and his legacy in Taiwan baseball, and I breakdown the first trade in the CPBL since 2013. Links:1-0 Sports: Page: @daniel_shih88
In a terribly delayed episode, Jacky Lee joins me again on Zoom to delve into CTBC Brothers' struggles in the 2nd half of the season, whether the Wei-Chuan Dragons are a legit contender and a PASSIONATE RANT on the Uni-Lions situation in 2022!Links:1-0 Sports: Sports: Page: @daniel_shih88Jacky Lee Twitter:
This week, ELTA Commentator Phil Wu (吳昇府) joins me in the virtual studio to discuss the exciting finish to the CPBL first-half season and instant reaction to the CPBL All Star Game roster!Links:1-0 Sports: Sports: Page: @daniel_shih88Phil Wu Twitter: 
For the fourth time in Rants history, Marcus Risen joins the show and recaps the 2022 NBA Finals. Marcus also announces his plans after graduating from the University of Texas!Links:1-0 Sports: Sports: Page: @daniel_shih88Marcus Risen Twitter: High Podcast:
This week, I talk about the gap between the 1st and 2nd Army and how the Fubon Guardians are NOT bad.... At All. I also mention why fixed matches allegations are and should be taken incredibly seriously by the CPBL. Links:1-0 Sports: Sports: Page: @daniel_shih88CPBL Twitter: Game Ballot: 
This week, I talk about why the Fubon Guardians need to admit their past mistakes and start looking at the future, and I share my experiences with the extensive procedure taken by Taiwan to prevent CoVID from entering the country.Links:1-0 Sports: Sports: Page: @daniel_shih88CPBL Twitter:
This week, I talk about the causes of the Fubon Guardians miseries, plus an interesting case study that might lead to big changes for Taiwanese Baseball in the future. Links:1-0 Sports: Sports: Page: @daniel_shih88CPBL Twitter:
To celebrate the 100th episode of the Rants with Danny Shih podcast, 1-0 Sports founder Thomas Fitch interviews ME(!) to reflect on the last 2 years of podcast making and favorite topics!Links:1-0 Sports: Sports: Page: @daniel_shih88CPBL Twitter: Fitch Twitter: Risen Twitter:
This week, recurring guest CPBL STATS joins me in the virtual studio to give his prediction on CPBL season awards. Plus we pick our CPBL All-Star teams through a fantasy draft! ( at 1:04:20)Links:1-0 Sports: Sports: Page: @daniel_shih88CPBL Twitter: STATS Twitter:
This week, I invite CPBL expert,  Broadcaster and CPBL Twitter Pope Richard Wang on the show. Richard walks us through how the 2020 English broadcasts came about, and the challenges facing the Taiwan Steel Group as a CPBL expansion team! Links:1-0 Sports: Sports: Page: @daniel_shih88CPBL Twitter: Wang Twitter:
This week, I invite all 4 members of "CPBL Midwest" into the virtual studio as we discuss the last time we actually met up in person in Chicago, and we discuss the season expectations of our favorite teams!00:07:09 Chicago Meetup00:24:25 Game 170 - Lions vs Guardians in 202000:42:57 2022 Season Expectations - CTBC Brothers by Ollie00:57:36 2022 Season Expectations - Uni-Lions by AJ01:08:56 2022 Season Expectations - Rakuten Monkeys by Me01:14:00 2022 Season Expectations - Fubon Guardians by Jeremy01:24:12 2022 Season Expectations - Wei-Chuan Dragons by DrewLinks:1-0 Sports: Sports: Page: @daniel_shih88CPBL Twitter:
This week, KBO expert Sung Min Kim joins me in the virtual studio to talk about how the KBO embraced foreign hitters. We also give a snippet to the National Baseball Team rivalries between Taiwan, Korea and Japan! Links:1-0 Sports: Sports: Page: @daniel_shih88CPBL Twitter:
This week, I wrap up the CPBL FA market talk as the players are set to re-sign with their former teams. Plus I react to the Kansas City Chiefs vs Buffalo Bills Playoff game. Links:1-0 Sports: Sports: Page: @daniel_shih88CPBL Twitter:
This week, Uni-Lions superfan Drew Dondero joins me in the virtual studio as we go through his journey from a non-baseball fan to a Milwaukee Brewers fan to a Taiwan baseball fan!Links:1-0 Sports: Sports: Page: @daniel_shih88CPBL Twitter: (Redfox) Twitter:
This week, I provide some updates on all of the CPBL offseason action and do a deep dive on why the Uni-Lions signed Hu Chin-Lung!Links:1-0 Sports: Sports: Page: @daniel_shih88CPBL Twitter:
This week, I wrap up the 2022 Season Preview Trilogy by discussing the top storylines dominating CPBL Spring Training!Links:1-0 Sports: Sports: Page: @daniel_shih88CPBL Twitter:
This week, former Arizona Diamondback and Rakuten Monkeys pitcher Bradin Hagens joins me in the virtual studio to talk about his experiences playing in the CPBL and how he battled through stinky tofu!Links:1-0 Sports: Sports: Page: @daniel_shih88CPBL Twitter: Hagens Twitter:
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