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On this episode of With the Grain, Craig examines applicable markets for winter wheat with guest, Paul Thoroughgood. Paul outlines some excellent tips for winter wheat growers including how to bring winter wheat to market for those growers that are first-timers. 
Craig sits down with Ken Gross to discuss Ken’s six tips for growing winter wheat. Ken goes into detail about how farming processes can make a big difference to yield. 
Craig chats with Paul Thoroughgood, head agronomist at Western Winter Wheat Initiative, about the misconceptions of the quality of winter wheat, and how its high quality can lead to more profit. They chat about marketing winter wheat effectively, and what a grower can do to ensure their crop is successful. 
In this edition of With the Grain Craig examines the various stages of winter wheat growth with agronomist, Amanda Swanson. Amanda returns to give listeners an in-depth idea of what they should expect to see after winter on their winter wheat crops. 
Craig and guest Ken Gross examine the importance of nitrogen to a winter wheat crop. Ken Gross explains the idea of split application while also highlighting which other nutrients are important to a winter wheat crop. 
In this episode of With the Grain, our host Craig tracks down Dr. Robert Graf, the leading breeder of winter wheat in Western Canada. Dr. Graf takes Craig through some of the exciting things happening in the world of winter wheat and what growers have to look forward to.
In this episode of With the Grain, host Craig talks to Western Winter Wheat Initiative agronomist Amanda Swanson to discuss the importance of spring assessment to your winter wheat crop. 
Craig talks to Doug Martin, chairman of Winter Cereals of Manitoba, about the basics of winter wheat and Doug’s years of experience growing it. 
In episode one of With the Grain, the new podcast series examining winter wheat, host Craig Manness talks to Ken Gross, agronomist with the Western Winter Wheat Initiative about some of the benefits of growing winter wheat. Together, they examine crop rotations, particularly the relationship between winter wheat and canola. 
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