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Focusing on a creative peak in an artist's career, #JCsMusicology tells the story of how greatness was achieved.
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In this edition of #JCsMusicology, we explore the real story behind the creation of Michael Jackson's Bad album. It delves into the extensive recording sessions at Jackson's home studio, Havenhurst, shedding light on the significant contributions of John Barnes and Bill Bottrell, often overshadowed by the narrative of Jackson's collaboration with Quincy Jones and his 'A-Team.' Interview Credits: Diane Collins, "The Unauthorised Interview", Ebony/ Hulu, MBC ("Arabic interview"), Bad: Special Edition, Bad 25 (Spike Lee), Private Home Movies, Kingvention (, Oceanachine ( and The MJ Cast ( Special Thanks: Damien Shields (, Lucas Cava (, Adez and The MJ Cast. Please note: The audio quality of this episode has been comprimised, due to it's runtime.
In this edition of #JCsMusicology, we explore Janet Jackson's The Velvet Rope album, track by track. Following a three-year world tour and the release of a greatest hits album, Janet Jackson began writing her most personal and introspective songs. Detailing depression, domestic violence, and early incarnations of social media, this collection of songs would be configured into what many regard as her greatest work, The Velvet Rope. Interview Credits: Access Hollywood, BBC, Electric Circus, Kelly Alexander Show, Lady of Soul Awards, Larry King Live, Le Mag, Hey Hey It's Saturday, MTV, Much Music, Musique Plus, NBC, O-Zone, Oprah, RAI Uno, Sen Kvaall, TMF, Witness and Z100 Radio.
In our Season 3 return of #JCsMusicology, we take a trip through the making of Prince's Lovesexy album. 1987 was a big year for Prince. With the release of Sign O' The Times, the opening of Paisley Park, and the establishment of a new band, he was set to cap the year off with the release of The Black Album. After a drug-induced epiphany and a new acquaintance, Prince cancelled the release, sending thousands of copies for destruction. He then commenced work on its rebuttal and replacement, Lovesexy. Using rarely heard early versions and unheard session tapes, we explore the makings of Prince's spiritual declaration. Interview Credits: 07.5 WBLS, MTV Presents Prince, The Electrifying Mojo, Oprah, Entertainment Tonight, VH-1 To 1, CNN Cover Version, BET Talkback, Fast Forward, Larry King, MTV News, NBC Today Show, The View, TROS, BET - Words and Music, CBS Early Show, CNBC, Much More Music, Tavis Smiley and The Biz. Special Thanks: The heavens above.
In this episode of #JCsMusicology, we deconstruct each song from Michael Jackson's first solo album as an adult artist, Off The Wall. Once The Jacksons gained more independence with their group work, allowing them to write and produce the vast majority of their albums, Michael also began to plot his own emancipation. By starring in The Wiz and meeting up with Quincy Jones, a significant musical partnership was formed and a team was assembled. Using demos and multitrack tapes, we learn how one of the greatest albums in history was crafted. Interview Credits: Roundtable, Sylvia Chase, WBLS Frankie Crocker, Countdown, John Pigeon, Robbie Vincent Show, Steve Rosen, Diane Collins, Spotlight Special, Mexico Deposition, 2001 Special Edition, Make it Funky, BBC, Ebony, NVLP, Joy, Journey from Motown to Off the Wall, Red Bull Music, Artist Series and Sweetwater. Special Thanks: Chris Cadman (, Brice Nijar ( and Andy Healy (
In this episode of #JCsMusicology, we analyse the early works of Erykah Badu, also known as Badulla Oblongata, Sara Bellum, and Analogue Girl in a Digital World. As part of the holy trinity of Neo-soul albums in the late '90s, Erykah Badu released 'Baduizm' to critical acclaim, generating four singles and earning two Grammy Awards. Her follow-up, 'Mama's Gun,' would meet similar success with its accolades and critical reception. Before taking a five-year hiatus, her third studio album, 'Worldwide Underground,' would be yet another progression in her artistic expression, accentuating live instrumentation and varying vocal styles. Interview Credits: Jools Holland, Planet Groove, Hamburg, Suite903, ASSR Studio Stories, Out Of The Box, Red Bull Music Academy, Editor, The Breakfast Club, BET, HOT 97, Lord Sear Special, New York Times, Rap Radar, Work Reel and NPR. Special Thanks: Lucas Cava (, Pat McCaffrie, Daniel Aspén (
In this episode of #JCsMusicology, we explore the enigmatic Kate Bush's work before her first hiatus. After the release of 'Hounds of Love,' which is often regarded as one of the greatest albums of all time, Kate Bush would continue to develop as an artist with her follow-up album, 'The Sensual World.' After a four-year gap, 'The Red Shoes' would follow. In 2011, selections from each album would be re-recorded to create 'Director's Cut,' a cohesive album that stands on its own. Interview Credits: Roger Scott, The Sensual World Documentary, X-Ray, Aspel and Company, NPR, BBC Radio 6, Jamie Cullum, Larry Flick, Mark Radcliffe, Radio 2 and Radio 4. Special Thanks: Jake Clement Antill, Kate Finkelstein
In our Season 3 premiere, we analyse each track from Madonna's 'Like A Prayer' album. Continuing her successful partnerships with producers Patrick Leonard and Stephen Bray, Madonna released the iconic 'Like A Prayer' in 1989, with a slight purple touch. It was indisputably her most thoughtful and introspective album up to that point, displaying a clear evolution in her artistry. Interview credits: Molly Meldrum, In Bed With Madonna Special thanks: Lucas Cava (
In this November episode of #JCsMusicology, we continue exploring the genius of Joni Mitchell's work. After a consistent run of renowned albums, each more innovative than the last, Joni Mitchell progresses her experimentation with 'Don Juan's Reckless Daughter' in 1977. This bold artistry proves auspicious when the legendary Charles Mingus calls on her to articulate what he can no longer say, giving rise to the 'Mingus' album. Interview Credits: Whistle Test Extra, Saturday Live, Joe Smith, Much Music, Radio With Pictures, Public Access, Barney Hoskyns, CBS Morning Show, Hits Promo, KGSR Sunday Night News, The National Magazine, Woman of Heart and Mind, Malka Marom, CBC, Time Talks Luminato. Special Thanks: Lucas Cava ( and
In this edition of #JCsMusicology, we celebrate thirty years of Janet Jackson's Rhythm Nation 1814 album. You know the music. You know the message. Now know the story. Using multitracks to remix eight of the album's twelve songs, hear the music like never before, along with the narrative of how this groundbreaking production was made. Dedicated in memory of TabloidJunk ( Interview credits: The Tube, Arsenio Hall Show, Mark Joseph, MTV Australia, Video Soul, Rock's Backpages, Larry King Live, Kelly Alexander Show (, Questlove Supreme, Redbull Music Academy, Recording Academy, Hood Rich and Mark Stary ( Special thanks: Remixed By Nick (, Lucas Cava (
In this June episode of #JCsMusicology, we bow down to the incomparable Grace Jones. After a trilogy of disco albums met with mixed reception, a new trilogy of new wave, punk, R&B, and reggae would inspire, provoke, and change the conventionality of pop music in the '80s. We dive into the confronting 'Warm Leatherette,' the pop masterpiece 'Nightclubbing,' and the closing 'Living My Life.' Interview Credits: Music Box, BBC, AVROTROS, ountdown, The Don Lane Show, Thames TV, Redbull Music Academy, New York Public Library, Test Pressing, Radio 4, Nostalgie, BFI Southbank, TIFF, Dereck & Romaine, Mutabaruka Cutting Edge, Rush Hour. Special Thanks: Lucas Cava (, '77 Music Club (
In this April episode of #JCsMusicology, we explore the beginnings of George Michael. Beginning with a couple of early credits shared with the pop group Wham!, George Michael sets out to establish himself as his own artist. 'Faith' was released in 1987 and made him the biggest pop star in the world... for a while. We explore the songs of 'Faith,' tracking their journey from inception to success. Interview credits: Rock's Backpages, TF1, Younger Faith, Countdown, MTV, Parkinson Soecial thanks: Paul Simper (, Lucas Cava (, GM Forever (
In our Season 2 premiere, we study the immaculate Madonna during her controversial and confronting Erotica era. Establishing her production team with 'The Immaculate Collection' in 1990, Madonna works with Andre Betts and Shep Pettibone to create a much-talked-about but very underrated peak in her catalogue. Tracking the album's evolution through archival interviews and the infamous 'Rain Tapes,' we give the Erotica project the perspective it deserves. Interview credits: 60 Minutes Australia, BBC Radio 1, Jonathan Ross, MTV, New Music and Channel 4 (France). Special thanks: Lucas Cava (, Remixed By Nick ( and Adam Schoales.
In this season finale of #JCsMusicology, we pick up from where we left off in 1993. Using archival interviews and never-before-heard audio, the podcast explores 'HIStory: Past, Present & Future, Book I,' from its early concept as a greatest hits album to its remixed counterpart, 'Blood on the Dance Floor: HIStory in the Mix.' Credits: The MJCast (, Oprah, Brice Najar (, Entertainment Tonight, Prime Time, Amaru Don TV, BBC, BET
In the October edition of #JCsMusicology, we'll be engaging in a track-by-track review of Janet Jackson's 1993 'janet.' album. Beginning with the blockbuster duet, 'The Best Things in Life Are Free,' we will cover the 'janet.' album in its entirety and the equally incredible B-sides. Archival interviews and rare audio tell the story of this remarkable era. This isn't Janet, Jam & Lewis – this is janet. Interview Credits: Kelly Alenander Show, David Ritz, Radio One
In the August edition of #JCsMusicology, we'll be tracking the incredible beginnings of Maxwell. From the blockbuster debut, 'Urban Hang Suite,' to the fan favourite, 'Embrya,' to the commercial success, 'Now,' we tell the story using archival interviews and various alternate versions of his amazing music catalogue.
This episode follows Sade (the band) from their inception on the London music scene in 1982, through their early demos, to their first two incredible albums. We compare various versions, rare demos, and original classics.
In this edition of #JCsMusicology, we'll be diving into the discography of Joni Mitchell from 1975 to 1976. Beginning with 'The Hissing of Summer Lawns,' we'll examine the transformations of selected songs, from their acoustic demos to full-band productions. We'll then deconstruct the characters and environments of 'Hejira,' uncovering their meaning. Correction: This episode suggsest that Max Bennet recommended Jaco Pastorious to Joni. According to Reckless Daughter by David Yaffe, it was actually Robben Ford.
In this edition of #JCsMusicology, we explore the career of George Michael from 1988 to 1996. We examine each track on 'Listen Without Prejudice, Vol. 1' and 'Older,' as well as their B-sides. The episode will also take a peek at the unreleased projects, 'Listen Without Prejudice, Vol. II' and 'Trojan Souls.'
Using archival interviews and never-before-heard music, we focus on the career of Michael Jackson between 1988 and 1993. From the unreleased greatest hits album, 'Decade,' to its eventual blockbuster album, 'Dangerous,' we also take a peek into the early sessions for 'HIStory: Past, Present & Future, Book I.'
A special on the making of 'Janet Jam & Lewis: Deconstructing 30 Years of Music,' featuring behind-the-scenes insights from creator John Cameron and deleted segments not included in the original broadcast version.