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Health and wellness podcast focused on keeping things simple. The discussions are informative, relaxed and fun.
25 Episodes
Our guests this week: David Ort and Owen Berg. Join 2teachone as we talk about the Black Plague. Take a step back in history and learn about one of the deadliest plagues mankind has ever faced and how it changed the course of world development. Then jump back into today and feel the fear as we discuss what we would do if it happened today, to us, or to you. What would you do if the plague hit tomorrow? Listen in, get the hazmat on, and join 2teachone as we tackle the Black Death. 
Our guest this week: Cuica Montoya. Join 2teachone this week as we talk to community leader and advocate Cuica Montoya. She shares her powerful story of loss and redemption and challenges stereotypes with her hilarious and insightful take on some of societies most pressing issues. Listen in and suit up because this is an episode you don't want to miss!
Our guest this week: Baird Fischer, entrepreneur, businessman, son, father, and friend. Join 2teachone this week and get motivated to achieve your dreams as we discuss Baird's inspirational journey on the road of happy destiny.   
Our guests this week: Kelly King and Wes Juenger and featuring guest co-host Jacob Frye.
The 2teachone crew indulges in their love for history and talks about the history of battlefield medicine. Join us to learn some surprising facts that I bet you didn't know.
Our guest this week: Vinny Sorise. Join 2teachone as Vinny tells the powerful story of his journey from dis-ease to health and from addiction to triumph. Listen in as we discuss Vinny's story and his views on recovery and health. Need to find some help or gather some resources? Use the link below. **** ****
 In part 2, we continue our discussion with Jacob as we focus in on the specifics. How we work out. What we eat, and the techniques and methods we've used to overcome our individual challenges. Join the discussion and let us know what works for you. 
Our guest this week is Jacob Frye. Taking a break from his professional duties Jacob is back to discuss his and our passion for lifting weights and working out. Listen in and get motivated to start your journey to the land of the swollen or maybe learn a few new tricks if you already worship at the alter of shred. In part 1 we talk about our early experiences with athletics and what motivated us to pursue fitness. 
In part 2 Jacob discusses dealing with alternative spirituality from a clinical perspective and how it relates to his practice. He also explores possible solutions for those with alternative spiritual beliefs who are part of the 12 step community.
Our guest this week: Jacob Frye, substance use disorder therapist. In part 1 we discuss Jacob's personal story of dealing with alternative spirituality in a twelve step community and how he found balance between his personal beliefs and the sometimes orthodox beliefs of the recovery community.
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