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Author: Dustin J. Elliott

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Vintage motorcycles, motorcycles, Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki, Kawasaki, Moto Guzzi, Royal Enfield, Norton, Triumph, Mods, Rockers, Scooters, Wrenching, Motorcycle Tech, Riding, Reviews, Chat, Beer Drinking, Pride of Cleveland.
227 Episodes
New Years Gang! With host Phil Waters, Sleepy Cinch, Dan Kromke, John McElfresh, Chris Smith, Nick Divitto and Steve GSG Hoffert . the show (
New Years Gang! With host Phil Waters, Sleepy Cinch, Oscar Pzooe, Dan Kromke, John Meckelfresh and Steve GSG Hoffert . (and limited guest Mike Bohanon) Support the show (
ClevelandMoto Podcast #308 DEC 25th, 2020 - Merry Christmas!Limited Holiday Gang With host Phil Waters, Oscar Pzooe, Dan Kromke  and Steve GSG Hoffert .Video: the show (
We talk about tire sizes for vintage bikes, Christmas gifts, Janky Wiring and Bex joins us from California. WooHoo. You can find the Video here: the show (
ClevelandMoto Podcast #306 DEC 10th, 2020 - The Gang Sets Sail On A 3 Hour Tour! Full House With host Phil Waters,  Sleepy Cinch, John McElfresh, Nick Divitto, Chris Smith, Oscar Pzooe, Dan Kromke ,Steve GSG Hoffert and special guest Vulcan Dan from Cincy!!VIDEO LINK: Moto has been in business for almost 20 years. Phil "Unkie Phil" Waters has lead the industry in scooter sales and developments, used motorcycle sales and now vintage JDM car imports. Phil hosts and leads this mighty band of misfits in a weekly discussion that starts out on motorcycles and leads to all kinds of shenanigans. We don't do politics, we don't do religion, but we do occasionally go off the rails completely! (usually because a listener sent in a bottle of (insert booze here) Now you can watch all the insanity unfold! Please like and subscribe! And check out our for some awesome rewards, insider info and special features!Get t-shirts here: the show (
We get a little stupid about Chris’ new (j)Anus and answer some listener mail. Video link here: the show (
Do you need another 300cc bike to choose from? Is the Honda Rebel a decent Idea? What the hell is Falernum and where is it? Here's the Video Link: the show (
What 10 or 15 year old bike would like to have...they're cheaper than you think. The video (from our brand new non-go-pro) is here: the 1:58:15 mark Steve is ACTUALLY on fire and it doesn't phase him at all!!!!Support the show (
This one is pretty fun because there's lots of excellent video / drone footage, and we get a little "medicated". Check out the video here: the show (
Oscar is back on-site! Wayne visits and we're back up to our usual shenanigans.  The video has been uploaded here: the show (
This one is actually better on Zoom/Youtube.... the show (
Thanks to Dan Kromke, we have a Rye tasting from $30 to $700 GiddyUp! Madness ensues. Jake Vandervort stops by for a valve adjustment on his KLR650 on his cross-country tour. Support the show (
We fire up the burn barrel to beat the chill on a cool October night in Cleveland. We cover a range of topics including what we're going to do for podcast #300 We compare 2 bourbons..$20 vs. $100 Support the show (
The gang runs a podcast without Phil - He's out on the road scouting for the 89 Grand Caravan. Here's a link to the Video: the show (
Chris and Chase join the podcast, Chase on his Zero SR/S and Chris on his Shitbox Vulcan with bent forks (yet he's ridden over 3000 miles on this journey). We are outside again for a chilly Fall night! Enjoy the ambient sounds of the 1/4 Mile drag strip known as Lorain Ave!  And today we have two guests!! Chase Coleman a new Zero owner and Chris Allunario from NJ on a fun and exciting moto trip! Support the show (
We take advantage of the chilly weather to go outside and appreciate the neighborhood. Here's the Video Version: the show (
We rip through a bunch of Patreon mail and answer a bunch of listener questions. Support the show (
The ClevelandMoto guys are taking a break from the city and heading out to the Grumpy Scooter Guy's Lake House.  It's a crackle-cast and the quality is excellent, because Phil isn't there. Support the show (
This is the very first time we took the R2 unit out to the garage and recorded while working on a '75 Honda CB750K - We'd been on a time-out and Phil and Dustin are back spinning wrenches. Support the show (
A very solid podcast and nobody crashes Steve's bike! Video Link here: the show (
Comments (9)

Ian Yella Smith

80cc 2 strokes are beasts of bikes. Was only talking with a mate about that yesterday. He is looking for a good starter bike to teach his kids to ride. Fuck that get them a late 80s early 90s 80cc 2 stroke and let them die like men. #clevelandmotopodcast

Nov 21st

Ian Yella Smith

Funny as, very much needed after this week. Awesome episode

Sep 25th

Ian Yella Smith

Well that's it I am. up-to date. many hours in the shed working and listening. Now I just have to wait for the new releases #clevelandmoto @clevelandmoto

Mar 7th

Ian Yella Smith

You couldn't drink that much. @clevelandmoto

Feb 21st

Ian Yella Smith

3 plus hours of gold, perfect for my roadtrip @clevelandmoto

Feb 5th

Ian Yella Smith

@clevlandmoto how did Adam go with the hurricane did his boat survive, what about his scooter? So many questions.

Jan 15th

Ian Yella Smith

haha haha reducing deep vaping on the podcast. I though Darth Vader was sitting on the podcast.

Jan 11th

Ian Yella Smith

Fuck me, this had me crying in the shed. absolutely ridiculous. Let me flex my ignorance

Dec 15th
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