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Author: Terry Gallagher

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Sustaining Creation - Now is a weekly update on what is happening in Environmental News, local, and globally, and an action you can implement to make a difference to save our Climate! -Get your Environmental news - both positive and not so... what people are doing to save our earth-Hear from Terry Gallagher and notable guests -Learn what you can do to make a difference - today!
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Cornerstone #4 - Sacrifice is NecessaryIn this Intersections episode, we explore the 4th Cornerstone in forming the foundation for a Faith & a Church that is relevant to life in the 21st century in responses to the numerous crisis's that are arising all around us. This 4th cornerstone is "Sacrifice is necessary". To explore this topic, we engage with both ancient and modern wisdom sources as ponder the questions regarding the dimensions of Sacrifice: What Kind? How Much? How shall we do it?   follow Rev Dr. Terry Gallagher on Facebook @SustainingCreationTwiiter: @RevGallagherBlog: revgallagher.wordpress.comSustainingCreation.orgAlso, check out Sustaining Creation - a faith journey for small groups at the show (
Jonah "R" Us

Jonah "R" Us


How will our Faith look in the future?How will the Church look like in the future? Assuming there still is a Church.In this episode, we begin a mini-series on pondering the cornerstones that we need to put in place to create a firm foundation for Faith & Church going forward in these turbulent times.Support the show (
What can we learn form ancient biblical text concerning the Ascension of Jesus that we can apply to our modern life path?Come ponder a moment or two on curious intersection of ancient wisdom informing modern life.Support the show (
Why would Peter choose this passage to introduce following Jesus as a way of life/  Pentecost, the gift enabling them to leave the safety of the Upper Room also made this into a time of crisis and gret change for the disciples.Perhaps Peter is using this passage to emphasize that old men famous for being set in their ways must now purposely be open to God's new messages?  As in you old men shall dream dreams.  How does this ancient text inform our modern way of life?Support the show (
Using the disturbing ancient wisdom of Matthew 10:34      "I have not come to bring peace, but a sword"We explore the question for our modern society of "Must there be conflicts?" particularly at the critical intersection of distributive justice and our life journey. Support the show (
A reflection that uses the ancient wisdom of Romans 5 and Genesis 1 to provide a guide to how we can find Hope in the midst of the current despair that grips the heart of our modern society.What makes your soul to sing?This is the second episode in our new series: "The Curious intersection of Ancient Text and Modern Life." This series explores Ancient Truth gleaned from this week's lectionaryOur current situation gleamed from this week's HeadlinesHow might this curious intersection inform our path forward?This series is also available in video on Terrence Gallagher U-Tube channel as well as the Facebook pages for Sustaining Creation.Support the show (
This is  podcast "Finding a Common Connection" is the first episode of our new series: "The Curious Intersection of Ancient Text & Modern Life."This series explores •Ancient Truth gleamed from this week’s lectionary •Our current situation gleamed from this week’s Headlines•How might this curious intersection inform our path forward?This series is also available in video on the Terrence Gallagher u-tube channel as well as the Facebook pages for Sustaining CreationSupport the show (
In today’s podcast, I want to ponder with you awhile on the troublesome topic of how we degenerated as a society to reach the point of hoarding guns and TP. We won’t solve this complex issue in one podcast but maybe we can illuminate one or two of the contributing causes. Today’s podcast is titled: Don’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good. Or stated another way: Don' t let the strive for perfection stop you from doing good along way. Support the show (
The Human Factor

The Human Factor


4 essential facts of the Climate Crisis 1.     It’s real2.     It’s caused by humans3.     It’s destruction is getting harder to ignore 4.     We’re running out of time to respond So, who am I -engineer, hazardous chemicals plant manager, pastor, public theologian and Grandpa Why aren’t we responding?1.     Attention spans regarding Acute Vs Chronic hazards 2.     Denial either professional, ideological or addiction to current lifestyle 3.     Avoiding the issue simply because we’re overwhelmed with what’s already on our mind as necessary tasks and responsibility 4.     My path to awakening Everyone’s Worried, Poll Shows: A new poll shows that climate change is one of the top issues for Democratic voters in states with upcoming primaries and caucuses, the Atlantic reports. The poll, conducted by Climate Nexus, the Yale University Program on Climate Change Communication and the George Mason University Center for Climate Change Communication finds that climate change is the second-most important issue for Democratic voters in 26 states – a sample including swing states like Arizona, Florida, North Carolina and Michigan. Overall, climate change ranks behind only healthcare in Democratic voter concern, while it is the top issue for self-described liberal Dems. “This is the first time in American political history where climate change is not just a top-tier issue—it is the top-tier issue,” Anthony ​Leiserowitz, the director of the Yale Program on Climate Change Communication, told the Atlantic.3 things to do:1.     Don’t get mired in despair 2.     Talk about your concerns for the future with others, lots of others and frequently.3.     Work on the 48 action steps to a Sustainable Life Support the show (
In the news recently were a couple of instances which so resonated with younger generations that they quickly became global themes.1.     New Zealand legislator being heckled for appeals for climate action and shutting him down with “Ok Boomer”2.     Yale & Harvard football game disrupted by climate justice protests shouting “Ok Boomer”While youth have embraced this theme, Boomers are angry and conflicted over it’s use. As well as more than a tad bit embarrassed of truth be told.Can we spend some time pondering seriously some difficult truth?In this episode, we explore what we got wrong but more importantly what does it take to make it right.Support the show (
Lies We Tell Ourselves

Lies We Tell Ourselves


In this episode, we bring you the latest news of the Climate Crisis from across the globe. Our story focuses on the simple uncomfortable fact that we tell ourselves lies. Some are little “white” lies, some are everyday kind of lies- you know the kind that everyone tells. But some are big whoppers and some go away beyond that in their attempt to cover up truly evil intentions. Climate Change is real, it’s human caused, it’s happening now and there is no more time left to lie about it as people are dying.Support the show (
I’ve been pondering the escalating clashes and conflicts related to the Climate Crisis as to what might be the root cause and I’m more & more convinced it resides in an inherent conflict between our core stories. For you see, I believe that our lives are grounded in stories.In this episode, we introduce our new format. So, beginning with this podcast episode “Sustaining Creation Now!” will change to a much shorter time length and a much more focused engagement with you.Each episode going forward will contain a story focusing on 1 element of the news and then an outright challenge for you to engage in the solution. If I’m successful in my efforts to concentrate the message into a tightly packed episode then the sub-title of this new format will “10 with Terry” as a reminder to us all that it’s a changed format. I’ve been pondering these clashes and conflicts as to what is the root cause and I’m more & more convinced it lies in the significant perceived conflict between the polar extremes of “community Vs individualism” as grounded in our core stories. Beginning with this episode, we will explore this root cause and potential ways forward from here.Support the show (
Power of Protest

Power of Protest


Our story this week is the "Power of Protest" and explores it's history as well as current events of protest in response to the Climate Crisis with it's purpose of moving the Human civilization story to a more equitable & sustainable way of lifeTo achieve that goal: We will need songwriting & poets & writers & speakers & the sounds of millions of marching feet (mine & yours) along with our voices raised in protest and our votes cast to change the story. Yes it’s that big a deal & it’s timeline is urgentIn addition to the story, we bring forth the news, some actions that you can do which will make a difference and we close with the wisdom of Naomi Klein & Greta Thunberg. Support the show (
Our Podcast Story is: Ignorance is not bliss and Original Sin is not original, both are dangerous and destructive choices. But before we get into the story we bring you the latest news around the Globe on the current status of the Climate Crisis. From the ridiculously bad news thru simply bad news on to mixed news and finally the good news of what is currently happening. We then follow the story with a couple of applicable wisdom quotes and then wrap up this episode with an action item that you can consider doing which will have a real impact.Support the show (
In this episode, during the story session, we explore the subject of miracles. Through the lens of my life experiences augmented with my education as a progressive public theologian, we explore the problem with miracles specifically what do we expect God to do for us as Vs what is God expecting us to do for all of creation.In addition to the story, as always, we cover the lateness news & updates of the Climate Crisis across the globe. We also tap some of the thoughts of wisdom leaders and we close with an action step that you can use in your life to have a positive effect on the climate crisis.Support the show (
In our story time this week we are gifted with the wisdom of Rev. Dele as she tells of her Call to create her ministry of "Soil & Soul" as a means to reconnect people with Creation and the need to live sustainably.We also bring the current news of the Climate Crisis from across the globe. News that span from the Ridiculous through the Bad and into the Mixed and finally to the Good news of the past week. Our wisdom comes once again from the legendary Wendell Berry and then we close out this episode with an action that you can take this week which will make a difference. Support the show (
Uncommon Commons

Uncommon Commons


This week we bring a wide cross section of Climate Crisis news from across the globe, the ridiculous, the ridiculously bad, the plain bad, the mixed news but then also some really good news of positive things happening. Then we move into the story.This week's story is "The Uncommon Commons" and it explores what it means to live in community with the others. How we did it down through the ages, our current status but also a visioning of what it might look like in the future if well our kids are to have a future.We close the podcast with a bit of wisdom from the great poet/farmer/naturalist Wendell Berry and then we wrap up with a radical action for you to ponder whether you are yet ready to consider making such a significant step at this point in your life.Support the show (
In this episode, we use the story-time to explore the essential question posed to human civilization throughout the ages: "How Are the Children?"Through the critical lens of personal experience as well as health statistics and news reports from across the globe of state of children in our current age, we find the answer to be disquieting at best and perhaps criminal if intent can be proven and the perpetrators brought to justice.As always, we bring you the current news, some wisdom to reflect on and an action item that you can do which will have a positive step in responding to the Climate Crisis.Support the show (
The Climate News section is greater than usual this week because global activities effecting the Climate Crisis has been significant this past week. In fact, we had to add an additional category of news. Besides, the normal categories of ridiculous-bad-mixed and good, we added the new category of ridiculously bad because quite frankly that's the type of governmental action that this particular news item actually describes.Our story portion delves into the subject of "vocation" or "calling" in response to the Climate Crisis. Through the story-line of my "calling" as a "Mountain Shaker" vs the opposite extreme of my wife's "calling" as a "Star Fish Thrower", we explore how all of our different gifts and talents are needed in response to the greatest crisis that human civilization has ever encountered. What's a "Star Fish Thrower"? Well then listen to the podcast and learn.Wisdom section touches on wisdom offered by Fredrick Buechner, John Neafsey as well as Luke & 1 Corinthians. Action item focus this week is to sow some Climate Hope.Support the show (
Current news of the Climate Crisis from across the Globe including ridiculous news, bad news, mixed news as well as good news stories.Our story this week is my experience as a first time electric vehicle owner with the highs and lows after nearly 2 years of traveling from here to there with zero effect on anyone's breathing because the car has no exhaust pipe. We also discuss what's just over the horizon in the electric vehicle market in terms of choices, capacities and vehicles.Our wisdom section touches on the simple yet harsh fact that Physics does not negotiate as I discuss experiences with climate deniers that want to debate the physical laws of the universe.The action item this week is focused on future transportation choices.Last but not least, we wrap up with the joy of listening to Kristen Cotts performing our theme song: Come & See.Support the show (
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