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Few people are as focused upon transforming the leadership and culture of the construction industry as Barb Jackson ( Barb joined the Greatness podcast to share her observations on an industry that she describes as "full of noble, hardworking, well intended people" but that is at times "visionless", focusing upon management instead of leadership. Barb's Women Building Change Leadership Program, and her new podcast, Stirring Up Dust, are two excellent resources for those interested in leading transformation in our industry. 
When was the last time you asked yourself "where could I be wrong in my assumptions?" During my PhD course in Scenario Planning with Dr. Thomas Chermack I gained tremendous respect for scenario planning as a tool to imagine possible futures. But that's only half the story. Developing scenarios is critical, but what happens next and how you utilize these scenarios to drive decision making is critical to provide value. Dr. Chermack joined the Greatness podcast to share insights from his most recent book on the topic, Using Scenarios.
Hey working moms (and dads) - what are your superpowers?! I wrote my book, 8 Steps to Being a Great Working Mom, because I realized that many moms think "I don't have it together" and that they are the only ones feeling this way. Gladys Simen joined the Greatness podcast to share her work with moms. Her passion is driven by her own experience of feeling this way. Gladys shares amazing tips on how to have the courage to take "bold steps" to recharge yourself and claim your superpowers.
Women represent less than 3% of the trade population in Australia - such an opportunity to leverage this talent pool, especially given the trade shortages we are experiencing in the construction industry. Jane Sydenham-Clarke, Chair of the Board of Tradeswomen Australia, joined the Greatness podcast to share some of the unique strategies they are supporting to attract and retain women in our industry.
Are you a person that focuses upon your strengths or your deficits? While identifying our areas for improvement is an important exercise, Rex Miller, author of The Genius Spark, joined the Greatness podcast to discuss a strengths based approach to leadership. Our need to conform as we develop drives out our genius, our natural strengths that if leveraged will help us live a life of fulfillment. Rex has wonderful advice for finding your genius.
What does brave leadership look like? Jim Ellis, VP Global Construction for Microsoft, joined the Greatness Podcast to discuss the organization's brave leadership related to sustainability in construction. What can we do, in our industry, to ensure the sustainability of our communities? It starts with passion, Jim described it as a "burning" passion. Jim's advice, "Get going, don't wait, move forward, make it work. Learn along the way, fail fast . . . ". We want to leave this world in a better place for our children and our grandchildren. 
In 1995, Dr. Paula Gerber, renowned international legal scholar at Monash University in both human rights and construction, founded the National Association of Women in Construction in Australia. She exemplifies what it takes to say "Hey, we have a challenge here. I'm going to do something about it." Paula joined the Greatness podcast to discuss how both women and men can help us achieve greater gender diversity in the construction industry, and also shared some important insights for women in the industry. 
Research demonstrates that Boards benefit from diversity, and it's been great to see the progress we've made in placing women on Boards. In Australia, a third of listed company Boards seats are held by women. Jo Lynne Whiting, Chair, and Barbara Bauer, Executive Director, of US-based Boardbound, joined the Greatness podcast to share more about their work to advance women on to Boards. Whether you are a woman hoping to join a Board, or a Board of Directors exploring how to expand Board diversity, Jo Lynne and Barbara have great tips for you.
Are you concerned that your organization might not be taking a strategic approach to ESG (environmental, social and governance)? You're not alone. This issue is critical from an investor perspective, an employee perspective, and a consumer perspective. And "greenwashing" doesn't work anymore. Melanie Brown with ERIAS Group visited the Greatness podcast with several strategic and tactical tips on how to ensure that your business strategy is effectively incorporating ESG. 
How does a construction project achieve 53% women on a project? This story, told by Andre Noonan, COO Australia & New Zealand for Acciona, is not just a story about diversity in construction. It's a story about having the courage as a leader to inspire your team to achieve the unthinkable. It's a story of how to think creatively about solutions when people say something can't be done. 
Michael Beer, Harvard, is one of the most prolific writers on how to successfully executive business strategy. Michael joined the Greatness podcast to share his insights on how leaders can ensure that honest conversations are happening at every level of the organization, including how to create a safe environment where employees can share the truth.
In Australia a construction worker commits suicide every two days. In the US, the suicide rate in construction is four times higher than the general population. That's a problem. Teresa Magnus has decided to do something about it, and joined the Greatness Podcast to share information on the wellbeing book and journal she's co-authored with Katheryn Ely that are being piloted with trade workers on two significant construction projects. 
Are you an "asking" leader or a "telling" leader? Edgar and Peter Schein, two of the greatest global thinkers on leadership, recently joined the Greatness podcast to discuss their book, Humble Inquiry, a longtime favorite of mine. The ability of a leader to ask genuine questions, to be authentically curious, is a tremendous skill, especially in cultures where "telling" has become overvalued. The complexity of today's business environment demands that we leverage the knowledge of those around us to develop clarity. This book is a must read and I hope you enjoy this wonderful podcast. Great leaders ask great questions.
The Leader You Want to Be - I love this book and was so grateful that author Amy Jen Su joined the Greatness podcast to share her amazing insights on leadership. In the book, Amy discusses "Leader A" and "Leader B", a realistic discussion of the good and bad days we all have as leaders. When consulting with leaders, I have them describe the "great" leader they aspire to be, and articulate their intentional plan to  grow and develop in a way that allows them to consistently show up as their best selves. As Amy says, it is not about being "superhuman". It's about being present and "maintaining access to our best selves".
Why is it important to talk about privilege at work? That was the topic of the HBR article that prompted me to reach out to Lee Jourdan, retired Chevron executive who was most recently head of Diversity and Inclusion, to discuss the topic on the Greatness podcast. Lee shares his personal journey - as a black man growing up in a white community, as a West Point graduate, and as an energy executive - and how these experiences shaped his thinking on privilege. I especially appreciate Lee's story regarding the privilege men share in male-dominated industries. I think these are critical conversations to have and Lee shares some really great tips for how to start.
Erika Anderson, Culture of Care Manager for AGC Colorado, joined the Greatness podcast to help us understand the five daily themes of Construction Inclusion Week and how to lead conversations with your team throughout the week. The website is literally bursting with resources. Note:  Please be aware that this episode contains a brief discussion of a suicide incident.
The remarkable Karen Sherman, President of the Akilah Institute in Rwanda, joined the Greatness Podcast recently to discuss not only her fascinating book, Brick by Brick, but to share highlights from her work around the globe with survivors of war. Karen candidly discusses herself as a "work in progress", and shares the stories of the amazing women she has given voice and empowerment to throughout the world.
What does it mean to treat people in the construction industry with "decency"? This was one important topic discussed with Alison Mirams, CEO of Roberts Co, during her visit to the Greatness Podcast. Alison is achieving tremendous success in driving innovation in the construction industry in a big way here in Australia, including her well-documented five-day work week experiment. She is growing her own female leaders in the industry, and Alison is a tremendous role model to us all. One great piece of advice from her about driving change - if you know in your heart what you're doing is right, keep doing it. 
Imposter syndrome - most of us experience at some point in our life, and as Greatness podcast guest Tucci Ivowi shares, a certain level of nervousness is good. It adds to our authenticity as leaders and contributes to our ability to show vulnerability. Tucci discusses many practical tips for dealing with imposter syndrome from her recent HBR article on the topic, and I loved connecting with her in Ghana. 
If you are a man wondering how to effectively advocate for women in your organization or industry, this is the podcast for you. Jeffery Tobias Halter, gender strategist and founder of YWomen, has dedicated the past decade to helping organizations create end-to-end strategies for advancing women. Jeffery also runs workshops for men to help them understand how to develop inclusion as a leadership competency. 
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