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Driving to the Basket: A Detroit Pistons Podcast
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Driving to the Basket: A Detroit Pistons Podcast

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Driving to the Basket brings you weekly analysis of everything Detroit Pistons-related! New episodes Wednesday mornings.

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205 Episodes
This episode recaps 2025 NBA Summer League three games in.
This episode briefly previews Summer League, then discusses JB Bickerstaff's intro press conference and the additions of Malik Beasley and Paul Reed.
This episode discusses the trade which brought Tim Hardaway Jr. to Detroit, recaps free agency so far and opines on why in the world it's gone so slowly, and speaks about the organization's hire of JB Bickerstaff as its new head coach.
This feature-length episode recaps the 2024 NBA Draft and previews the fast-upcoming opening of free agency.
This episode previews three final 2024 NBA Draft prospects: Stephon Castle of UConn, Ron Holland of the G-League Ignite, and Tidjane Salaun the LNB Pro A's Cholet. Also some talk about free agency and the draft in general.
This episode recaps the firing of Monty Williams and previews 2024 NBA Draft prospect Cody Williams.
This episode opines briefly on the interminable wait for news on the head coach situation, then goes in-depth on prospective top-ten draft pick Dalton Knecht of the University of Tennessee.
This episode discusses Troy Weaver's departure from the organization, briefly sums up his tenure, and takes a close look at 2024 prospective top-five pick Reed Sheppard.
This episode takes a close look at possible top-five pick Matas Buzelis of the G-League Ignite.
This episode evaluates the selection of Trajan Langdon as Pistons President of Basketball Operation and profiles prospective top-ten draft pick Donovan Clingan.
This episode recaps the draft lottery, opines on why falling to #5 has much lesser implications than it did last season, and discusses some potential picks of interest (and others of no interest).
This episode attempts to contextualize the few genuine positives to Pistons owner Tom Gores in the larger picture of the upcoming offseason, and also discusses the NBA postseason so far.
This episode builds upon the previous episode by expanding further upon the team's two potential paths forward (win now vs. development), and spends some time underlining that the Pistons are in an even more unenviable position than one might think.
After a long hiatus, the show returns to discuss the organization's search for a President of Basketball Operations and how the hire might impact the team's offseason strategy.
This episode takes a break from the nightmarish tone of the season to examine positive takeaways. 
This episode discusses the recent injury news before launching into a comprehensive comparison between the rebuilds (so far) of the Pistons, Magic, Thunder, and Rockets.
This episode discusses James Wiseman's recent improvements, Jalen Duren's outlook, Fontecchio's probable contract future, how Cade and Ivey can play productively together, and more.
This episode compares where the season stands to where the Pistons stood at this time last season, recaps the previous week of basketball, discusses rotations, and speaks on why it's hard to truly evaluate the status and future of the rebuild right now.
This episode reviews the month of February -- and gets very sidetracked in the process -- with a particular focus on the post-deadline roster.
This episode spends 30 minutes ranting about the new low the Pistons have reached thanks to noted incompetent Monty Williams, then speaks on free agency for awhile.