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The 4D Human Being Podcast: Where Human Beings talk about being well and truly Human...
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In this episode, Penelope and Philippa take a walk in the Surrey woods (in a support bubble kind of a way!) with their dogs Billy and Bear. Whilst the terrain isn’t that suitable for rollerblading - they do discuss the idea of rollerblading and much more as they explore the question ‘what do we want?’ Perhaps not a question we ask ourselves when we are juggling the challenges of life, especially in current times. But perhaps an important question, since it is particularly at times when we are under stress that it can feel like the world is telling us what we can and can’t do and who we can and can’t be. From wanting a muffin to wanting to be a mentor, take a ‘walk’ with them as they ramble through life and how we can try to do what we can to consciously create it.
Is the world happening to you or are you happening to the world? In this episode, Philippa and Penelope discuss how as human beings we have much more control over the creation of our own realities and experiences than perhaps many of us realise. Are we always being buffeted around by the changing weather of life, or do we find ways to stay on course, feeling clear about who we are, what we want and the reality we want to create? Join Phil and Pen as they laugh and look at some of those big questions.
In this episode, Master Coach and Cultural Change Consultant Rebecca Watson is back on the show talking with 4D’s Katie Churchman about listening to and learning from the body’s signals.‘Not doing enough’ is a fear-based activity and in this episode Becks advocates for more space to listen to- and see- the body for what it is: an amazing and unbelievably complex system that’s only got our best interests at heart! This podcast covers a variety of topics including: personal energy, self-care, appreciating the body and changing the relationship we have with our body.
In this episode of the 4D Human Being podcast Matt, Philippa and Claire are talking about the challenges of leading through uncertainty and managing a creative team. They draw on the parallels between business leadership and theatre from interviews held with current theatre directors and their own experience as actors, theatre directors and coaches.
In this episode, 4D’s Matt Beresford and Penelope Waller use the 4D2C model as a foundation to discuss how the COVID pandemic and lockdown have radically changed the world around us. They discuss how it has impacted us physically, emotionally and intellectually and also, what we might do to respond. They also look at how we can find joy in the everyday- in the here and now- in a world where the future is less predictable than ever…
Penelope and Philippa have very different approaches to being early and being late! They humorously discuss these differences, as well as different levels of responsibility we feel in life, how much capacity we each have to juggle things in our lives and of course... doing the whole dirty hand thing!
In this episode, 4D’s Philippa and Penelope look at the topic of shame. How this universal feeling arises through our interactions, how it can overwhelm us and dictate the choices we make. Join Pen and Phil as they laugh their way through the triggers, feelings and behaviours of shame,  getting told off, self-compassion and unexpected Sunday delivery parcels.
In this episode, 4D’s Katie Churchman is talking with Master Coach and Cultural Change Consultant Rebecca Watson about life after lock-down.Rebecca Watson is a thought leader in the field of human consciousness and potential. She works with leaders to help create high performing sustainable cultures and she works with individuals who are going through what she calls 'Mid-Life Awakening'. She's a Speaker, Author and spends most days trying to 'walk her talk'!For more information about Rebecca’s work check out this link.
In this episode of the 4D Human Being podcast, Penelope Waller and Matt Beresford talk to Jack Rathborn, a sports journalist with the Independent, on how the Coronavirus pandemic has impacted both the world of sport and those who love it. For many people sport is a huge part of life - whether that’s playing, spectating or arguing about it over a beer with friends. It provides the lubricant to a lot of our social interactions and acts as a series of waymarks through the year; it provides a sense of camaraderie, excitement, purpose and tribalism – all of which human beings have sought throughout our evolution.  So join Jack, Matt and Penelope as they discuss how the postponement of sport is impacting both them, the people they know and the wider world.
In this episode, Penelope and Philippa are exploring the diverse range of pandemic experiences.The pandemic is so many things. There’s so much goodness showing up and there’s much to grieve. And just like life, it’s not one ‘thing.’Even if we had identical lock-down situations, we would still experience them very differently. And perhaps ‘lockdown’ comparisons aren’t always useful. Because we aren’t the same. Our external and internal worlds are so different, and the challenges From the serious and sad to the lighthearted. From grief, to home schooling, dirty workouts and the pleasure of a tea cosy - can we step-in and embrace this diversity of experiences, within ourselves and in other people?  
We’re pleased to welcome back monk and mindfulness coach Danny Hill back. In this episode, Katie is talking to Danny about staying calm in a crisis. Given that Danny has spent several months at a time in self-imposed solitude and silence, at various ashrams and retreats, we thought he’d be the perfect guest to offer advice and insight that can help us through this period of uncertainty. Many of us around the world right now find ourselves in lock-down and are dealing with varying degrees of challenge and change. So in this episode, Danny offers advice around mindful breathing, staying in the moment and enjoying the blossoms of spring.
In this episode, Penelope and Katie are laughing about some of the not-so-glamorous realities of being in lock-down and talking about how this situation is forcing us to re-think our lives, our priorities and our goals. Across the course of their conversation, they discuss the new-normal, the potential for long-term lock-down, the so-called ‘gifts’ in this situation and whether or not Penelope should get a dog.
EP28 - Baked Peaches

EP28 - Baked Peaches


Whether in normal life or in a crisis as human beings we will all suffer loss. And that may be loss of a loved one, or it may be loss of a routine or a job or loss of meeting a friend. It’s all loss. And we have very different ways of coping. So in this episode, Penelope and Philippa take a light hearted look at a difficult subject during a difficult time. Even in the moments of loss we can find growth, insights, strength and even humour.
Many of us find ourselves in a situation of working from home. Now whether you typically work from home or not, it’s likely that the home-working circumstances we usually find ourselves in vs what we are now dealing with now, are somewhat different. Whether that’s because we have school-age children at home or because others in our home are now sharing the home-work space (who usually don’t!)  - let’s think about what these challenges might be and what’s important in a home-working time of crisis!
From loo roll to love are we aware of response patterns in a crisis? And how might we become more conscious of these response patterns so we can choose the response that is going to best serve us in the situations we find ourselves in? Whether its resilience in work or relationships 4D are passionate about creating healthy response patterns in a virtual world.#alwaysatchoice
EP25 - Anger

EP25 - Anger


Episode 25 is all about anger. Anger is a natural response to feelings of embarrassment, disappointment or betrayal. Yet, many of us see anger as a negative response that we should try to hide and suppress. So in this episode Penelope and Philippa look at anger as a gift—a natural, internal signal that often identifies opportunities for healing and growth. Anger is sending us a message, it’s our internal system telling us something. So, how can we listen to our anger and understand it’s lessons?
EP24 - Dare to Dream

EP24 - Dare to Dream


Our modern world stems from dreams – dreams turned into reality. So if we want to help shape the experience of ours and other people's lives, we have to value the dreaming stage in any project, decision or relationship. Of course, dreaming comes more easily to some of us than others, so in this episode, Katie and Penelope discuss ways to overcome dream blockers and look at how we can build our capacity to dream. Your reality starts from the essence of your dreams and the dreams of those close to you, so start living from your dreams today – with your whole being- and watch as your fantasies turn into your reality.
We’re delighted to have meditation and mindfulness coach Danny Hill (aka 'The Monk on a Motorbike') back on the show. In this episode, we’re talking about bringing mindful awareness into our everyday lives. Living with Mindful awareness is being fully aware and tuned in to what is going on right now, in the present moment. But as Danny and Katie discuss this is much easier said than done as it can be all too easy to go through life on autopilot, caught up thinking about past events or planning for the future. So how might we overcome some of the challenges many of us will have experienced with mindfulness? And how might this transform our experience of life- without necessarily changing anything tangible at all? 
EP22 - Mirror Mirror

EP22 - Mirror Mirror


Instead of blaming another person in a relationship, can we turn the mirror on ourselves in order to uncover what we might be rejecting in ourselves? In this funny and light-hearted podcast, Penelope and Philippa turn the mirror on themselves and lean into triggers their triggers. What might we learn when we see our attitudes and behaviours reflected back at us?
Join Penelope and Philippa, as they humbly and openly discuss the relationships we have with our ‘self'.Developing and perhaps deepening the relationship you have with your 'self' can be a challenge in today’s non-stop, 24/7, instant gratification society. So in this podcast, Philippa and Penelope talk about the ways we can overcome some of these difficulties in our lives and how we can learn to appreciate the most important relationship in all of our lives: the one we’re having with ourself.  
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