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The nursing home administrator's best friend on the internet.

Being an LNHA has never been easy.
Covid has only made it even more challenging.

Let's do this togetherūüéó.

This is where we interview and meet the leaders, innovators, and trendsetters in the nursing home industry. This is your go-to resource to gain practical solutions to everyday problems facing nursing home administrators.

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Izzy has explored these discoveries with his company GBC Facility Services, which provides full janitorial services for healthcare and other facilities.  With mass burnout and not much money, nursing home staff are rapidly leaving their professions for better paying, less stressful opportunities.  In order to keep staff, senior care employers need to shift their mindset from one of hierarchy and chain of command to one of servant leadership, where everyone feels valued and cared for.  To implement servant leadership in their company employers should follow a plan similar to the one detailed below:  First, a connection meeting should be held around 2-3 months after a new employee is hired to discuss how they would like to be treated. Next, a weekly one-on-one should happen once a week to recap their work and give them recognition.  The plan should also contain coaching during the game to create an ongoing dialog, discussing a personal development strategy with the employee to find out and acknowledge their career goals, and lastly performance reviews to discuss how they can improve.  Even if this sort of plan for conducting servant leadership may be too time-consuming for busy senior care facilities, just a five-minute weekly conversation with nursing staff will make a huge difference. FOLLOW IZZY AND GBC FACILITY SERVICESWebsiteLinkedIn RELATED EPISODESEp. 71: Combating Staff Turnover & Burnout In Nursing HomesEp. 51: Solving the Staffing Challenge in Nursing HomesEp. 35: Support Your Nursing Home Staff During Coronavirus Outbreaks
Nancy’s podcast Glowing Older examines the intersection of wellness and senior care. With 25 years in the hospitality, health, and wellness industries, she has deep knowledge of the mental and physical benefits wellness can provide. Wellness not only signifies keeping people healthy but also providing them with a good standard of living. While senior care possesses the goal of keeping patients alive and healthy, it is also a very institutionalized setting, often reducing patients to numbers and diagnoses. This inevitable dehumanization is due in large part to our society’s stigma of its elderly population. Many commonly held assumptions about seniors are flawed and overlook their innate intelligence and valuable life experience. This ageism must be addressed and some fundamental shifts made in the way we perceive seniors in order for action to be taken to introduce more wellness into senior living. LEARN MORE ABOUT NANCY AND GLOWING OLDER!Glowing Older PodcastLinkedIn RELATED EPISODESEp. 56: Phone Calls Help Alleviate Loneliness in Nursing HomesEp. 54: What Is The Green House Model?Ep.  11: Follow the Scent with Tuli Kraus
Before becoming a serial entrepreneur, Pritma served as a registered nurse for 18 years. This first-hand experience allows her to understand what nurses want and need from employers.  As a nurse, Pritma would sometimes work double shifts that added up to 20 hours a day because of shortages.  In this time of COVID-19, facilities are often understaffed. Nurses are high in-demand and are constantly receiving competing offers of larger salaries and bigger paychecks.  As a result, nurses have become less concerned with money and more with how well they will be cared for by potential employers.   Facilities who want to attract and retain nurses must put more effort into supporting their staff, helping them develop career pathways and supporting their career progression.  Pritma states that this support doesn’t have to cost a lot of money and can be as simple as sitting down to get to know staff and learn where they want to end up on their career journey.  Another idea is the mental health toolkit provided by the American Nurses Association, which is designed to help nurses regulate and monitor their mental health during this stressful time.  In order to recruit nursing staff at all though, it is first necessary to possess an efficient employment method.   Apploi is a unique software which assists with all areas of the employment process and separates truly perfect candidates from the rest of the crowd.  LEARN MORE ABOUT PRITMA AND APPLOI!WebsiteLinkedIn RELATED EPISODESEp. 42: Healthcare Workers Need Self-Care During Covid-19Ep. 39: Administrators Speak Up; Time For a Change!Ep. 17: Staffing, Retention and Vendor Relations with 3rd Generation Operator; Mark Kaszirer
As a geriatric social worker and memory coach who's been in the field for twenty years, Rena, knows a lot about memory and particularly how it declines.  She provides a distinction between normal memory loss and abnormal memory loss which impedes daily functioning and is associated with conditions such as dementia and Alzheimer's.  While genetics are often assumed to be the largest predictor of abnormal memory loss, they are in fact, only about one-third of the problem.  Lifestyle, including exercise, diet, sleep, focus, and cognitive stimulation, is a much larger factor in determining whether these types of conditions will develop. Physical exercise prompts Neurogenesis. This is the process by which new brain cells are created. Sugar and other junk food impede this process, therefore it is essential to maintain a healthy diet and drink lots of water.  Sleep is also another huge factor, as is our ability to focus, which we should strive to maintain by refraining from multitasking.  Lastly, cognitive stimulation, including new learning and social stimulation ensures that new brain cells will continue to develop.  Just like any skill, memory can be trained through exercises, techniques, and practice. This is Rena’s area of expertise, and the first step to remembering anything is believing that you can. LEARN MORE ABOUT RENA! WebsiteRemembershipLinkedIn RELATED EPISODES Ep. 59: Advanced Planning and Detailed ConversationsEp. 55: Fighting Loneliness With Laughter YogaEp. 42: Healthcare Workers Need Self-Care During Covid-19
Despite starting off as a nurse and clinical liaison, Steve’s side gig of marketing and content creation soon grew into a full-service agency, Craft Media, of which he remains president. Though senior care facilities serve an older clientele, they are really marketing to younger relatives, decision-makers and placement workers in hospitals, and potential employees. Steve explains that all of these groups will likely be present on social media and will be influenced by the quality of a nursing home’s social media presence.In addition, the content will be published online about nursing homes whether they like it or not.  Failing to maintain their brand through a digital presence will ensure that it is not created by them but by consumers, whose spiteful comments may do great damage to their reputation.So where does TikTok fit into all of this?Steve states that, at present, TikTok echoes Instagram’s early days, full of young experimenters and rapidly expanding to eventually become a solid segment of the social media landscape. By maintaining a consistent presence on this platform while it is still early days, nursing homes will have a huge advantage in the long run.FOLLOW STEVE AND CRAFT MEDIA!WebsiteLinkedInRELATED EPISODESEp. 65: Content Marketing In Senior CareEp. 62: Social Media Marketing for Nursing HomesEp. 12: LinkedIn Content Marketing with Shaneé Moret
As the founder of MNT Associates and an experienced long-term care dietitian, Esther Gutman hires, trains, and provides dietitians to long-term care facilities. Dietary is often disregarded as glorified catering when, in fact, it is one of the most prominent facets of a facility. It is the one area of service that every resident and every family member can understand and look forward to. For this reason, Esther always tries to bring excellent standards to the kitchen. In order to fully comprehend the reality of what staff must deal with, dietitians should spend time in the kitchen. This will allow them to make informed orders that staff will be able to carry out. Esther states that personality and attitude are 75% of a dietitian's success and they should seek to be team players and establish rapport with staff, especially CNAs.Obtaining weights may be one of the biggest problems that dietitians face. Rather than dealing with it on their own, they should hold team meetings around weights so everyone can understand the complex issue.  LEARN MORE ABOUT ESTHER AND MEDICAL NUTRITION THERAPY ASSOCIATES!  LinkedIn Website  RELATED EPISODESEp. 49: Better Care Coordination; Real Patient ChoiceEp. 17: Staffing, Retention and Vendor Relations with 3rd Generation Operator; Mark KaszirerEP. 2: Recruitment and Staffing in Long Term Care with Alvin Kahn
Tzvi Schwartz, certified EOS Implementer, explains that if a leader must motivate employees it means that they don’t have a clear vision, their employees don’t share their core values, or their employees aren’t in the right seat.The concept of a vision refers to who a company is and where exactly it is going every day.This doesn’t have to be a grand, altruistic plan. In fact, it will be obvious if a company’s vision is contrived or insincere and they will inevitably attract employees who do not align with their true mission or culture.  Despite how good people look on paper, they will not be a good fit, if their core values are not congruent with those of their workplace.If employees remain uninspired despite a clear communication of company vision, it means that they are not the right people.Finally, Tzvi states that if people aren’t placed in the right position, or seat, at their company they will do poorly.Simply moving an employee to a different position may increase their productivity significantly. FOLLOW TZVI!LinkedInEmailPhone: (917) 538-8676Read Traction!  RELATED EPISODESEp. 35: Support Your Nursing Home Staff During Coronavirus OutbreaksEp. 17: Staffing, Retention and Vendor Relations with 3rd Generation Operator; Mark Kaszirer Ep. 16: Selling Your Nursing Home in Today's Complex Marketing Climate with Joe Goldberg 
Nathan Berger, Chief Technology Officer of DigaCore, explains that most outsiders to the trade, such as nursing home operators, are often confused about what ‚ÄúIT‚ÄĚ actually does and doesn't do. ¬†IT covers the internet and computer infrastructures.¬†Without the help of an IT company, nursing home technology systems will likely be designed poorly and operators will lose ¬†lots of valuable time supervising repairs.¬†¬†Unlike many other IT companies, DigaCore offers its services at a flat-rate model which means that there is no extra, by-the-hour cost for repairs.¬†Their whole business model centers around installing things right the first time or at least fixing them as quickly, efficiently, and permanently as possible.¬†DigaCore also understands that Nursing Homes usually do not have large budgets to work with and focuses on bringing cost-effective technology to clients.LEARN MORE ABOUT NATHAN AND DIGACORE!Digacore.comLinkedInBasic Buying GuideRELATED EPISODESEp. 65: Content Marketing In Senior CareEp. 39: Administrators Speak Up; Time For a Change!Ep. 16: Selling Your Nursing Home in Today's Complex Marketing Climate with Joe Goldberg
Yitz Rubin, Director of Business Development at Renewal Rehab, is relatively new to the healthcare industry. Having been in sales for ten years he has done his fair share of outbound marketing. These traditional sales techniques such as cold calling and mail and email blasts work by the principal that if something is done persistently enough you will begin to see results. This method differs wildly from content marketing which involves creating valuable content that will establish a relationship with a desired audience and retain their attention on its own. Chicago’s healthcare market is unique from many others in its practices of relationship building and maintaining which are built upon a foundation of mutual trust. This means that the ancillary companies in the field often don’t hire any sales or marketing departments. While this dynamic is extremely beneficial and has allowed such companies to breach the hundred million range, it only extends as far as the Chicago area. It is Yitz’s hope with his Spotlight series to reach beyond this geographical barrier and break into the billion range.  LEARN MORE ABOUT YITZ, THE SNF SPOTLIGHT SERIES, AND RENEWAL REHAB!RenewalRehab.comSNFspotlight.comLinkedInCall Yitz: 312-838-0077 RELATED EPISODESEp. 62: Social Media Marketing for Nursing HomesEp. 52: Investors Focusing On The Senior Care Space - LinkedIn Best PracticesEp. 45: Make the Phone Ring With Google Ads
Shmuel: What about the fact that this vaccine was developed so quickly? Shouldn't we be concerned that it was developed too quickly? Katherine: No. This is a different type of vaccine. It's an mRNA vaccine which can be developed efficiently in a much shorter time frame. Shmuel: When they started working on a vaccine, did they know it would take this quickly? Katherine: It's not earth shattering news. In the research community at least this was already known. Shmuel: Should we be concerned about long term side effects? Katherine: There's always a risk of a long term side effect and that's something can develop later on. But based on the research that was done, we're not expecting serious side effects. Shmuel: Can someone get vaccine even once vaccinated? Katherine: You can't get Covid from the vaccine and it's really unlikely that you'll get it once fully vaccinate but it's still possible. Shmuel: Have you seen seniors in the nursing homes suffer from social isolation? Katherine: It's really hard for the seniors and the staff are doing all sorts of innovative things to keep the residents connected to the world. FaceTime. Outdoor visits. Window visits. But at the end of the day it's not the same as pre-Covid.   You Can HelpIf you have any extra tablets at home, bring them to your local nursing home. Call them up and ask what you can bring them.  RELATED EPISODESEp. 58 The COVID Vaccine Trial From A Participant's PerspectiveEp. 57 Should I Get the Covid Vaccine?Ep. 56 Phone Calls Help Alleviate Loneliness in Nursing HomesEp. 55 Fighting Loneliness With Laughter Yoga
Why did I start this podcast? It's actually pretty simple. I started the podcast to find the answers to basic questions that weren't showing up in the Google results. I was only finding flowery and jargon-filled content but nothing that spoke to me in a practical way telling me what to do.The Nursing Home Podcast was created to fill this void.I've received so many beautiful messages from owners, administrators, and those working in nursing homes telling me how they listen to the show on their commute to work or share pieces with their coworkers.This makes it all worth it :)Google is apparently noticing this as well as we are rating really well organically as well! ( Just Google nursing home podcasts and you'll see...)Shameless PlugIf you service this industry and would like to be featured or sponsor an episode - reach out to Message me LinkedIn 
So let's say it as it is. Social media marketing is not magic. You don't just press a few buttons, get some engagement and your business soars through the roof. It's not that simple. A good content strategy does give you a fantastic way to provide value and engage with your target audience. It will encourage them to take the next step you'd like them to take. This can mean applying for a job, coming for a tour, writing a nice review, or whatever you're focusing on at the time. Know The TurfFacebookFacebook is great to potential residents, their adult children/decision-makers and even some of your staff in more rural areas. But Facebook is pay to play and without boosting (paying) your content you will likely see little traction.Facebook is great for posting jobs - especially for nurses and CNAs. Generally, they're on Facebook and will notice those posts.Facebook is for residents and their adult decisions maker children.  Staff of rural communities will be there as well. InstagramInstagram is great for displaying company culture. Some facilities have 0ne employee who takes over the account for the day to give a glimpse into what it's like to be a part of the team to attract new staff to the team. TwitterTwitter? Not really. Maybe for the CEO or for a large brand to influence government policy and regulations. But for hiring purposes as well as census building it probably won't do too much. Final WordsDon't focus on the shiny things. Stay focused on what's working and double down on it. Follow Wendy! LinkedInSparkrMarketing.comNever Miss an Episode!Join our email list here and be notified when we release new content. RELATED EPISODES47 - Senior Care is Waking Up! with Brian Wallace37 - What Should I post on Linkedin? with Moe Rabi12 - LinkedIn Content Marketing with Shaneé Moret
Caleb York is the Channel Development Manager for VirtueSense and joined the company as a result of witnessing the ineffectiveness of other fall-prevention technologies during his time working at the University of Michigan Health System.While other industries have successfully become more automated and as technologically advanced, healthcare continues to lag behind. Most senior care facilities find it extremely difficult to purchase vital technologies with the potential to save lives because they are already struggling just to stay afloat. Though fall prevention technologies such as pressure pads and bed alarms are used in many senior care facilities, these are often loud, disrupting, and have been known to give just as many false as they do legitimate alarms. While more advanced fall-prevention technology systems such as camera-based monitoring do exist, these are only designed to be used as a means to determine how falls typically occur. VirtueSense utilizes an infrared depth sensor piloted by an AI and is trained with over 1.5 million hours of patient data. It's able to recognize bodily mechanical errors that typically result in falls and prevent them on the spot. Once the AI observes that a patient is likely to fall, it sends an alert, via an app, containing their room number to a nurse who can then catch the patient before it is too late. Rather than only helping to clean up falls, this advanced system predicts and prevents such adverse accidents before they can happen. LEARN MORE ABOUT CALEB AND VIRTUESENSE!LinkedIn: Website: RELATED EPISODES52 - Investors Focusing on the Senior Care Space - LinkedIn Best Practices51 - Solving the Staffing Challenge in Nursing Homes49 - Better Care Coordination; Real Patient Choice34 - Detect Coronavirus 2 Weeks Before Fevers Surface!
Remember the good old days with the town doctor came to your house when you weren't feeling right? Didn't think so. But there was a time when that was the norm. The advances of medicine have moved that experience to the doctors practice we're all his tools are available to him.Well what if you could get the best of both worlds? The top quality physicians providing excellent care in the home setting. Now with Heal, this has become a reality. Heal doctors serve as clients’ primary care physicians while also remaining much more available and accessible than regular PCPs. Heal doctors also provide quality over quantity, with average initial appointments ranging 90 minutes in length.Heal doctors are able to physically observe the actual environments and living spaces of their patients, they are able to provide much more realistic and accurate diagnoses and treatment plans.  LEARN MORE ABOUT HEAL AND NICK!Website: 
As a certified Alzheimer's disease specialist and expert in contested files with a masters in social work, Stephanie has had significant experience in the types of situations that can occur when people haven’t prepared for getting old. These situations might include everything from self-serving relatives attempting to wheedle funds by invoking healthcare proxy and power of attorney documents to family disagreements regarding who should care of an older relative.Stephanie states that people don’t usually start planning for aging until they have had children. Even then, these plans are often limited to nonspecific, generalized legal documents that designate only the most basic physical care preferences and fail to take into account the individual’s identity at large. Her guide outlines the correct stages that should be taken to approach aging including questions that should be initiated in families and documents that should be created such as a living will. The latter can serve as a place to specify how the senior’s money should be distributed for their care and to whom. Finally, In order to recognize a resident or patient by their unique identity rather than their diagnosis, senior care facilities can personalize that person’s surroundings by introducing sensory components such as music, scents, or pictures that possess meaning and familiarity for them.FOLLOW STEPHANIE!Book:  
Having worked in biotechnology and pharmaceutical manufacturing for the last decade, Andrew is no stranger to the type of studies that have been employed to test the recent surge of COVID-19 vaccines.After deciding to volunteer in one of these studies, Andrew filled out a survey expressing his interest and was contacted a few months later by a representative from AstraZeneca. On the day of his appointment at the pharmaceutical company, Andrew received a regular medical exam before being given the first shot of the study.The injection was either the active vaccine or a placebo and this knowledge will be withheld from Andrew until the completion of the study two years from now, or if he decides at any time to opt-out. The placebo is included in the study to discourage participants from altering their day to day behavior as they might if they knew for sure it was the actual vaccine they were receiving.Andrew states that he has not experienced any side effects other than the regular muscle ache usually present after a flu shot. Furthermore, the AstraZeneca vaccine was approved in the U.K. just this week and the first doses are set to be administered on Monday.RELATED EPISODEEPISODE 57 - Should I get the Covid Vaccine? 
Learn more about Doctor G at 
Research shows that talking is crucial to brain development, mental health, and well-being.Talking has been shown to feed and enhance the working, short term memory, which is the first type to decline in Seniors. Improvement of the working memory will, in turn, feed the long-term memory and overall health.Phone buddies are trained, empathic, passionate volunteers of all ages who are connected to a senior to call once or twice a week for at least half an hour. It has also been shown that listening helps build empathy and talking helps to improve our mood so the benefits are reciprocal to both parties.Friendly Voices also provides prepaid phones with unlimited minutes to all phone buddies who request them.LEARN MORE ABOUT LAURA AND FRIENDLY VOICES!FriendlyVoices.orgLinkedinRELATED EPISODESEpisode 55 - Fighting Loneliness With Laughter YogaEpisode 48 - The Loneliness PandemicEpisode 13 - Bringing the Caring Back to Healthcare with Dovid Weiss
Alok Mahadevia, who goes by Loki, discovered laughter yoga in 2012 after feeling extremely lonely upon moving to the United States from India. His subsequent experience led him to discover how beneficial this practice was for seniors, those coping with chronic problems or terminal illness, and anyone else simply feeling isolated.Founded in the late 90’s by Madan Kataria, laughter yoga incorporates voluntary, group-based laughter, and ancient Pranayama breathing techniques. Studies have shown that laughter, both real and forced, has numerous physiological and psychological benefits including acting as a natural painkiller, boosting endorphin and serotonin levels, and decreasing cortisone (stress) levels.Though one must laugh for an average of 10-15 minutes a day in order to feel these helpful effects, most adults hardly even brush that number.Loki has led laughter workshops in a number of places including the corporate sector and senior care facilities but when COVID-19 struck he had to think up a new method for his practice. He launched Laugh With Loki through Zoom and his virtual laugh yoga sessions have been attended by more than 700 people from over 16 countries.Loki hopes to start collaborating with nursing homes to bring his virtual workshops to residents who, with the difficulties of COVID-19, are more than in need of a good laugh.FOLLOW LAUGH WITH LOKI!Instagram: EPISODES:EPISODE 48:  The Loneliness PandamicEPISODE 24: Adult Care; Where Does it Fit Into the Continuum?
Susan Ryan, senior director of the Green House project, delves into the negative stigma that faces seniors. With 40+ years of experience in the senior care field, Ryan has witnessed first hand the problems of both nursing homes and home care.   With decreased independence,  institutional living environments, coupled with a culture of ageist beliefs, elderly residents often feel disempowered and diminished. Those who partake in homecare may also become extremely isolated and lonely. The Green House Model designs nursing facilities to look and feel like real homes. These pods or units contain around 10-12 rooms each equipped with a private bathroom. A kitchen and courtyard provide residents with independence as they will be able to cook and venture outside should they choose to. Staff are dynamic and serve a variety of functions, thereby developing stronger relationships with residents. Susan explains that in order to make their innovative project work, the Green House team has to:Keep development costs downConsider the best routes to fund and financeDevelop a balanced payer mix of Medicaid, Medicare, and private pay residentsCombine staffing of the various departments.These homes are flourishing amidst the crisis of COVID-19 as a result of their small size and restricted admission. LEARN MORE ABOUT THE GREENHOUSE PROJECT!The Elevate Eldercare RELATED EPISODES EPISODE 13: Bringing the Caring Back to Healthcare EPISODE 1: Here's Why I Started The Nursing Home PodcastEPISODE 28: First - Put Your Own Mask On
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This program brings a wealth of information to the forefront of the Nursing Home Environment. it has real, workable info and ideas and the host, Shmuel Septimus, knows this business from the inside. The guests frequently give out of the box answers to long term problems. Podcasts are brief and easy to understand. Definitely one to keep your eye on if you are in the pursuit of excellence for your Nursing Center!

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