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Alita: Battle Angel film analysis and discussion, primarily based on r/alitabattleangel on Reddit.
20 Episodes
* Got intrigued by Zapan on 8th viewing* Could these be sequel hints in ABA?
* “The biggest mistake of your life…” - Alita* Why does Alita’s flower body have arms?
* A lot of things happen three times in this movie; what does it mean?* Where is Alita’s third BREATH?
*Discussion on Ido and Vector's comments about people going to Zalem. Do they conflict?
*Discussion on why Alita was in the scrapyard.
*What's up with Alita's robot-like behavior in the URM ship?
*What was Alita's plan at the Kansas Bar?
*Overview of the foreshadowing in Hugo's lines
*Discussion on Christoph Waltz' amazing performance as Doc Ido
*“Rollerball” (1975) movie connections with Alita*“Do you have a name for me?”—is this the most Rosa-like moment?
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