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Premier CX is an independent creative consultancy specialising in helping contact centres optimise their customer experience across all channels.
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Creative Messaging

Creative Messaging


Megan and Sarah discuss tips on using creative scripting in your IVR and in-queue.
Can getting the 'festive feeling' too early be bad for your health? Megan muses over the hazards of jumping the gun when it comes to Christmas music.
In a world where digital communication dominates, we need to remember just how personal a telephone call is – customers are looking for human interaction and therefore the importance of creating a positive, on-brand experience is more important than ever. So our topic today is Music – and specifically the music your callers listen to during their in queue and on hold experience.
In today’s very competitive marketplace ‘it’s just not enough anymore to have brand recognition, consumers want to feel good about a brand and company. with that said, we are pleased to share 3 steps on how you could improve your customer's perception of your company.
Dynamic IVR

Dynamic IVR


How Dynamic IVR and Targeted In-Queue Marketing Can Streamline Call Flow and Transform the Customer Experience
In a world being evermore driven by technology and automation, what does it take to retain the human touch?
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