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Can you imagine America without the Statue of Liberty raising her torch? Today, Lady Liberty is embraced as a symbol of hope and freedom. But that wasn't always the case. Her very creation provoked a chorus of diverse voices, yearning for true liberty. On this episode of Raising the Torch, we'll understand the mixed opinions surrounding the statue and how she became a universal reminder of liberty over time.
How much effort do you think it took to raise Lady Liberty's torch above the New York Harbor? Today, technology allows us to collect donations from thousands of people in the click of a button. But in the 1880s, crowdfunding was a far greater endeavor. And yet, the Statue of Liberty was made possible only through the donations of hundreds of thousands of everyday French and American citizens. On this episode of Raising the Torch, we learn about the fascinating fundraising tactics used to construct, transport, and erect this global icon.
Have you ever admired something so much that you dedicated your life to honoring it? For one man, it was an admiration this great - for America and the concept of individual liberty - that inspired one of the largest statues the world had ever seen: the Statue of Liberty. On this episode of Raising the Torch, Diane von Furstenberg introduces us to American University historian Alan Kraut; Barry Moreno, librarian for the Ellis Island National Museum of Immigration; and National Park Service Ranger Melissa Magnuson-Cannady. These experts journey us back in time to learn about the Statue’s creation and how its symbolism has evolved from upholding the importance of individual liberty to becoming a modern-day beacon of safe harbor.
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Andi-Roo Libecap

Beautiful and informative! Also enjoyed the music and background sounds. Very well done.

Jun 4th
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