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We are female athletes being raw and real about the joys and struggles of life both on and off the field. We share how faith can both heal our wounds and reveal true beauty.
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We are living, playing, and competing in interesting times. Whether your season has been cancelled, changed, modified, or put on hold due to COVID, injury, or other unforeseen circumstances, this podcast is for you. Erin Yenney, current professional soccer player, joins us to talk about how the uncertainty of her professional career, but also how this specific time has shaped her outlook on sport, faith and life. She shares her own journey, as well as offers some amazing advice as to how to properly view, deal with, and receive the uncertainties of our sports careers and lives! Join us for a dynamic discussion. Know you are not alone, and are a part of this FIERCE family! We are all in this together. Show quotes:"You are rewarded not according to your work or your time but according to the measure of your love"- St Catherine of SienaLet love and faithfulness never leave you;bind them around your neck,write them on the tablet of your heart. - Proverbs 3:3Support the show (



Confidence is something that every athlete needs in order to be at the top of their game, and yet it is something that we all seem to struggle with. Former Notre Dame and 7 time professional soccer player, Brittany Bock, joins us to talk about her journey with confidence. Sam and Britt engage in a dynamic discussion, sharing their own experiences with injury, comparison, overcoming failure, and learning that true confidence is Trust. It takes a tremendous amount of confidence to reach the career level Brittany did, so we end the podcast with some GREAT practical tips for athletes to grow in confidence in their sport and beyond! Support the show (
"Ugh its that time of the month again" is our usual reaction to our periods, but what if coming to understand our fertility cycles as women can not only help us appreciate how our bodies were designed but also help us with our sport training and performance? Join host, Samantha Kelley, as she interviews fertility care specialist Marie DiCecco. Marie was a health education teacher for 35 years, coached college sports, and is a Fertility Care Practitioner teaching the Creighton Model. Her unique knowledge and wit provides us, the athlete, with insights into our menstrual cycles and how they relate to performance, how to track and know our fertility better, how to identify and treat potential problems, the truth about the Pill, and the reality and risks of the female athlete triad. If you are an athlete or know an athlete, you won't want to miss this episode. We guarantee you will be shocked at how cool the female body is, and how much we can learn from it and celebrate it!Are you interested in learning more about YOUR specific cycle?Contact Marie at As always if there is anything you have questions about or need please email us at info@fierceathlete.orgSupport the show (



"The biggest difference between you being good and you being great is how you handle failure." In today's episode, we have Coach Alyson Habetz, Associate Head Coach of Alabama Softball, teach us how to "fail". Failure, frustration, and loss are a part of sport that we all have to deal with. Coach Habetz has coached at the highest level for over 20 years, and shares her wisdom with us about how to combat negative thoughts, how to have positive thoughts, how to be a good teammate, and how to find your role on your team. Every athlete can benefit from her wisdom, humor, faith and inspiring stories. The mental game is critical and we promise you your perspective on sport and life will be changed for the better! Support the show (
Part 2 of our opening podcast of Season 2 on Relationships in Women's Sports. In follow-up to the discussion about same-sex attraction, Sam and Angela desire to answer the deeper question: how to enter into true, real, honest and healthy friendships with our female friends and teammates.We discuss how to be a good friend, how to influence the culture of your team, how to have good boundaries and expectations in friendship, and how to seek out safe friends.If you have ever felt let down, violated, or used by a teammate or friend, we are sorry and we desire to help you heal and find and cultivate the friendship you deserve!Resources: The Gospel of John, the Gospel of Relationship by Jean VanierSupport the show (
Join Sam and Angela in an important conversation about a common reality in the female sports world: same-sex attraction. In Part 1 of our Season 2 opener on Relationships in Women's Sports, we want to begin the conversation, offer insights on attraction and invite our listeners into a deeper reverence of this topic. If you are an athlete, then you are around or perhaps experience same-sex attraction. So let's talk about it. In this episode we discuss what our own experiences have been, how to navigate same-sex friendships, what is true attraction and how to navigate our feelings. Ultimately we want to offer advice, invite our listeners into an honest conversation with Christ about their feelings, thoughts and fears, discuss how to not cross lines, and provide advice on how to be around teammates that are experiencing same-sex attraction.We want to hear your story, answer your questions, and continue the conversation on this topic. Please reach out to us at . You deserve to be listened to, loved, heard, and seen. Know of our prayers for you and we welcome you into the FIERCE Athlete community!Support the show (
Former College Tennis player, now avid Crossfitter, Krista Ingrilli, gets real with us about the mental and physical game surrounding competing! With "For the Glory of God Always" inscribed on her barbell, Krista seeks to lift and compete always for the Lord. She talks about being a STRONG woman, being proud of who you are, being kind to yourself, coming to peace with your body, and finding like-minded individuals to help you become the best version of yourself. So much good stuff- you won't want to miss this!Know YOU ARE NOT ALONE, but we are in this with you! Reach out if you need any mentorship, prayers, or have any thoughts! Challenge:Physical Challenge: Find your mantra! Pick a statement to use to refocus you and remind you who you are when you are in the heat of competition and the mental and physical battle!Spiritual Challenge: Subscribe to!!!!Support the show (
Bailey Landry Domangue, an LSU Alumni, two-time NCAA D1 All American, and now professional softball player, joins us to discuss her journey through sport. She discusses how to prepare yourself mentally to compete at the highest level, how to adapt and grow into new roles on your team, and how to be uniquely the player and athlete that you were created to be. Your "X, Y, Z" may be different than someone else's "A, B, C", but Bailey encourages us athletes to push toward the goal in our unique way. And yes, to finish, Bailey will give her brilliant opinion on the age old baseball and softball comparison. Bailey, with such grace, gentleness, and tact speaks into the sometimes negative labeling we face as athletes. She leaves us with such an appreciation of the masculine and feminine complementarity, but difference, that exists in sport and in life! To learn more about and buy Bailey's Marucci Sports Line Click HERE ! Such cool stuff!Follow Bailey on Instagram: @Baileylandrydom or visit her website: https://www.baileylandry.comChallenge:Physical Challenge: When you face a challenge this week in sport or life, pray the prayer "Lord, make me courageous".Spiritual Challenge: Pray the Rosary once this week to start your day. Not sure how to pray the Rosary? Learn HERE Support the show (
Former professional basketball player and NCAA National Defensive Player of the Year, Jennifer Finegan, discusses how life can be a gift, when we look to make it one. She discusses the importance of good mentors and coaches, a proper perspective on basketball, and how she came back to living the gift of her Catholic faith. But her journey hasn't always been easy, Jennifer also talks about feeling used as an athlete, learning to integrate faith, and how the transition after her professional basketball career affected her mindset and view of her body. Jen gets real and raw sharing how she came to view her body as beautiful, powerful, and a gift. Weekly ChallengePhysical Challenge: Do something that is hard for you and try and find joy in it. Practice finding joy in the thing you find fear in. Maybe that means eating the cupcake!Spiritual Challenge: Look at a Crucifix, and take time to look at Christ's body. Then ask Him to help you love yourself, and love others.Support the show (
Kerri Gallagher is a former professional runner who represented the US at the World Championships in 2015, and currently coaches D1 Cross Country and Track at Manhattan College. She talks about how we “are not in the business of feeling good”, but of pursuing greatness both on the track and in the spiritual life. But greatness and progress come when we endure trails and plateaus, and have the courage to fail. It was taking risks that led to a deep surrender that allowed Kerri to progress from modest beginnings to the world stage. It allowed her to know she deserved to be on the track and could run in freedom. So if you have ever experienced failure in your sport or spiritual life, and are looking for the courage and inspiration to keep going or make sense of it, Kerri is the perfect guest to inspire you to keep putting one foot and front of the other. Join us on this journey toward growth both physically and spiritually. Challenge:Physical Challenge: Identify a perceived failure, weakness, or wound, and offer it to the Lord and ask Him where He was in it and give him freedom to transform it in your story  Spiritual Challenge: Identify where you are failing or struggling in the Spiritual Life and offer it to God, asking Him to coach you and speak into it.Three Steps:1.    Identify a Failure2.    Face it3.    Offer it to the LordSupport the show (
Have you ever talked to a nun? How about one who was a star basketball player at a top Division 1 program? On this episode, Sr. M. Xavier of the Franciscan Sisters of the Martyr St. George shares how she went from being all in as a Ohio State stand out to all in as a religious sister. We discuss the parallels that exist between sport and faith. We also talk about peer pressure, the struggles of team life, injury, and feeling alone in your faith. Stay tuned toward the end of the episode, Nicole, Sam and Sr. M. Xavier have a beautiful conversation about how to pray and specifically how to pray while working out!Challenge for the Week: Physical Challenge: Offer your workout up for someone in need, but unite that workout to Christ's passionSpiritual Challenge:Reflect on this poem suggested by Sr. M. XavierPoem from St. Faustina's Diary #1629I am a host in Your hand, O Jesus, my Creator and Lord, Silent, hidden, without beauty or charm, Because all the beauty of my soul is imprinted within me.I am a host in Your hand, O Divine Priest, Do with me as You please; I am totally dependent on Your will, O Lord Because it is the delight and adornment of my soul. I am like a white host in Your hand, O God, I implore You, transform me into Yourself. May I be wholly hidden in You, Locked in Your merciful Heart as in Heaven. I am like a host in Your hand, O Eternal Priest,May the wafer of my body hide me from human eye; May Your eye alone measure my love and devotion, Because my heart is always united with Your Divine Heart.I am like a sacrificial host in Your hand, O Divine Mediator, And I burn on the altar of holocaust, Crushed and ground by suffering like grains of wheat, And all this for the sake of Your glory, for the salvation of souls.I am a host abiding in the tabernacle of Your Heart. I go through life drowned in Your love, And I fear nothing in the world, For You Yourself are my shield, my strength, and my defense. I am a host, laid on the altar of Your Heart, To burn forever with the fire of love, For I know that You have lifted me up solely because of Your mercy, And so I turn all these gifts and graces to Your glory. I am a host in Your hand, O Judge and Savior. In the last hour of my life, May the omnipotence of Your grace lead me to my goal, May Your compassion on the vessel of mercy become famous.Support the show (
Kristen Phillips, former college and professional basketball player, Division 1 coach, and now mom of two, gets real about self-worth. From a young age, Kristin knew basketball was a part of God’s purpose for her life. A college career riddled with mono and injury, helped teach her the lesson that her self-worth is not based on success and achievements. On this episode, we chat about performance, recruitment, pressures, seeking help, counseling and so much more.We encourage our listeners who are struggling to consider finding a Christian or Catholic Counselor. Here are some places to start looking:https://www.catholictherapists.comhttps://www.catholiccounselors.comhttps://www.christiancounselordirectory.comChallenge for the Week1.    Pray- WRITE IT OUT!2.    Talk to a safe person about your struggles. Pray that person would come into your life3.    Consider taking the first step toward finding a good counselor. Support the show (
Nicole and Sam welcome you to the FIERCE Athlete Podcast! From a very awkward first encounter to concurrent hip surgeries, these two friends and former D1 athletes have been through it all, and they are excited to welcome you into the journey to becoming a FIERCE Athlete.We are female athletes being raw and real about the joys and struggles of life both on and off the field. We share how faith can both heal our wounds and reveal true beauty.On this first episode we introduce you to the purpose of this podcast- to provide a platform for female athletes to share their stories, to discuss the issues of sport and life, and to form a community of like-minded FIERCE athletes. We discuss how we met as friends and how themes of identity and beauty have led us to a deeper realization of our purpose in sport and in life.A little bit more about your hosts:Nicole Skoch is a former D1 Volleyball player from the University of Texas. She won a National Championship in her time with Texas. She now lives in Kansas City with her husband and coaches women volleyball.Sam Kelley is the Founder and President of FIERCE Athlete- a non profit aimed at promoting true identity and femininity in female athletics. She is a former D1 soccer player at the University of Connecticut, and now is competitive rower and lifter.This Week's ChallengePhysical Challenge: Offer one of your workouts up this next week for a friendSpiritual Challenge: In prayer, ask Jesus "How do you see me"?Support the show (
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