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On this episode of Flippin' the Switch, Meet Dave Mastin, a retired Marine Corps member who shares his exhilarating time taking a leap of faith with the No Barriers program. He discusses the once-in-a-lifetime experience embarking on this special trip and how this opportunity allowed him to continue his transformative journey from military to civilian life. Dave, an outdoors enthusiast, draws us into his world of long-distance hiking, rock-climbing , and his adventures - all while keeping his commitment to the Marine Corps alive. His story is a testament to the strength and determination that resides in all of us.Don't forget to stick around for the Watts Happening segment of the episode for energy efficiency tips, event announcements, and more ways to stay plugged into what's going on this month at JOEMC. Run time: 19 min
Welcome to the education edition of Flippin' the Switch! In this episode, we delve into the inspiring stories of students who had the life-changing opportunity to attend this year's Electric Cooperative Youth Tour in Washington, DC.Join us as we uncover how these young minds were given a chance to explore the nation's capital and engage with policymakers, fostering a new generation of informed and engaged citizens.But that's not all! We also shine a spotlight on an educator from White Oak High School who is making a significant impact through the Bright Ideas grant program. Discover how this program can bring creative and transformative projects into  classrooms, enhancing the learning experience and empowering students to thrive.Tune in for a captivating discussion on the power of education, the importance of supporting both students and educators, and the incredible initiatives shaping the future of our communities. It's an episode full of inspiration, heartwarming stories, and the boundless potential of young minds and dedicated educators. Don't miss out on this special episode of Flippin' the Switch!Run Time: 26 minDonate to the White Oak High School Apiary and Honeybee Education Center!
Ever wondered how to make the most of the energy-saving resources available for your home? Join us as we chat with Jordan Reeves from Apogee, who shares valuable insights on the fantastic free online resources we have on our website. Jordan takes us through the Home Energy Audit, explaining how it works and the personalized data securely pulled into the audit. Discover how it offers tailored savings recommendations, takes less than five minutes to complete, and can be a game-changer for homeowners.Jordan doesn't stop there - she explores various energy calculators on our website, including the Appliance Calculator, TV Calculator, Heating and Cooling Calculator, and Space Heater Calculator. Learn how to use these tools to better understand your energy usage and costs. So why wait? Tune in and let Jordan guide you through these amazing resources that can help save energy and money, and make a real difference to your wallet.
Here at Jones-Onslow, we're always searching for new ways for members to save energy and money. As the warmer months approach, we have the perfect program for our members to save this summer!We install a smart thermostat into your home, and you save big! Charlie Farrell joins Steve Goodson and Natalie Oldani on the newest episode of Flippin' The Switch to discuss how members can save money and energy by signing up for our Connect to Save program. Plus, learn how to get your thermostat for free with our Honeywell promotion that lasts until May 20th.Run Time: 25 Minutes
In this month's episode of Flippin' the Switch, new communications/community relations employee Natalie Oldani talks to the co-op's resident "drone pilot" Willie Priest to learn how JOEMC utilizes the aircraft to provide more reliable electric service to members. From surveying right-of-ways to the inspection of transmission and distribution lines, drones provide improved efficiency and accuracy in every aspect and allow JOEMC to be more proactive than ever. Next up, Krystal Phillips is back with Watts Happening, which includes energy efficiency tips and a recap of the 2023 annual meeting. Krystal also provides info about JOEMC's upcoming charity golf tournament — an event you don't want to miss!
The newest episode of Flippin' the Switch is out, and you don't want to miss it.Krystal Phillips and Steve Goodson chat with Clayton Jones, Vegetation Management Supervisor, to learn how JOEMC uses satellites and AI to build a more robust Vegetation Management Program that helps the co-op provide safe and reliable electric service to members. And, as usual, you'll be entertained and informed with this month's Watts Happening report.Run Time: 19 minutes
The newest episode of Flippin' the Switch is out, and you don't want to miss it — especially if you've got questions about electric vehicles!Linda Mathiasen sits down with Aaron Spencer to debunk some myths about EVs. If you are considering purchasing one or are just interested in learning more, you will want to listen to this episode. In addition, Krystal Phillips also gives you the WATTS HAPPENING at JOEMC!Run Time: 41 minutes
The newest episode of Flippin the Switch is out, and you will not want to miss this one. Eric Brown, one of JOEMC's Crew Foremen, tells us about a situation he rolled up on. "When reporting to a recent outage, we drove up to a hazardous situation. A woman holding a small baby proceeded to walk over a downed power line". . .hear the rest of the story and learn some important safety tips in this episode. Next up, Linda Mathiasen chats with TJ Smith about winter temps and their effects on your monthly electric bill. And as an added plus, he will give you tips to help trim your monthly bill.And we will give you the WATTS HAPPENING at JOEMC!Run Time: 21 minutes
The October episode of Flippin' the Switch is ready for you to listen to TODAY! Take a look at what's featured this month.Linda Mathiasen chats with Celina Frost, one of our Member Service Representatives, to learn about the many ways to pay at JOEMC. And boy, are there a lot. Next up, Steve Goodson and Krystal Phillips bring you Watts Happening. From cybersecurity and energy efficiency tips to Friday night football, they are covering it all. And finally, Steve provides a unique insight into the world of cooperatives and how they operate (October is Co-op Month), and Krystal sits down with Andrea Avery, Vice President of Human Resources, who shares how careers in the energy sector are slightly different than most people think and how you could find your next position at JOEMC. 
The September episode of Flippin the Switch is ready for you to listen to TODAY! Take a look at what's featured this month.Linda Mathiasen chats with JOEMC's Safety Manager Chris Banks to discuss Preparedness Month. The two talk about items you can do to ensure you are ready for when a storm hits. And make sure you take notes regarding the use of portable generators. Steve Goodson provides tidbits on how to trim your monthly energy bill with JOEMC's Home Energy Calculators and simple pre-planning tips for the 2022 storm season. And don't miss his exciting announcement regarding a community event coming to an area near you. Krystal Phillips sits down with Curtis Hildt, President of the Onslow Literacy Council. Curtis shares essential information about the non-profit's work and its lasting impact on our friends and neighbors and provides ways you can be a part of their mission.
The July episode of Flippin' the Switch is out and ready for you to listen to today. Take a look at what's featured this month:Paula Redick and Krystal Phillips talk with one of our recent Youth Tour winners, Cameron Askins. Cameron shares stories of his adventures in DC and gives excellent advice for students considering applying next year; Krystal provides a couple of tidbits of information about energy efficiency this summer, gives important dates for JOEMC's Bright Ideas Grant Program, and tells you about our annual charity golf tournament; andSteve Goodson talks about cybersecurity around the home with Devin Costa, JOEMC's Vice President of IT. The two chat about passwords and security, and you learn how to protect yourself from internet phishing and other scams. Run Time: 36 minutes
After a couple of months off, Flippin' the Switch is back, and we've got a great show for you. The co-op's Linda Mathiasen talks with JOEMC's member engagement "CHAMPION" Wanda Jones about our self-service paysites and their convenient locations throughout the community. Next, Steve Goodson provides a couple of tidbits about energy efficiency this summer and a new home solar toolkit available at Finally, Krystal Phillips talks with representatives from North Topsail Beach's Ocean City Jazz Festival. Held the weekend of July 4th, the festival is an annual celebration of the history of the Ocean City community and provides some of the best jazz music on the east coast.Run Time: 39 minutes
Flippin' the Switch is back this month and we've got some special guests joining the show. The co-op's Krystal Phillips talks with representatives from the Jacksonville-Onslow Chamber of Commerce's Business Diversity Council about the African American Heritage Trail. The trail, a joint project of Onslow County Tourism, the Onslow County Museum, and the Business Diversity Council of the chamber, highlights historical markers and sites throughout the county that showcase African-American heritage and significant contributions to the community. Steve Goodson follows the ladies with the latest news and tips from JOEMC in Watt's Happening at the co-op. Take time to may learn a thing or two! Run Time: 25 minutes
Flippin' the Switch is happy to start the NEW YEAR with a jam-packed show. First, Paula Redick sits down with Jones County resident Kyle Koonce to discuss the electric cooperative youth tour that sends high schools students to Washington, DC, each summer (Kyle is a past youth tour participant). Following Paula and Kyle, Linda Mathiasen talks to local film writer/director/producer (and Jones County native) D'Aja Fullmore. D'Aja has received acclaim recently for projects she has worked on and CrossOver, her first full-length film, will debut next month at a red carpet event in Jones County. And, as always, you will find the latest from JOEMC in Watt's Happening. You will not want to miss this episode. Run Time: 36 minutes
Are you listening? JOEMC’s podcast, Flippin the Switch, has another episode out now! In our Christmas edition, hear how Jackie Rodgers, a JOEMC member and entrepreneur, is bringing Clarence Claus and a one-of-a-kind online gift shop to all the world. And, like always, we have helpful tips in our WATTS Happening series to help you save energy and money even during the holiday season. Run Time: 20 minutes
On the November episode of Flippin' the Switch we celebrate Native American Heritage month and honor our military veterans.  After Krystal Phillips tells us Watt Happening at JOEMC, Linda Mathiasen sits down and chats with Raquel Painter about the Onslow POW WOW. Raquel, a Native American and retired service member, was instrumental in bringing the pow wow ceremony to Onslow County. And finally, to celebrate Veterans Day, Paula Redick talks with co-op member Jesse Dollar and learns about his years of military service to our country and his latest adventure with the No Barriers Warriors Expedition Program. You will not want to miss this episode!Run Time: 38 minutes
October is Co-op Month and in this episode of Flippin the Switch, Linda Mathiasen and Krystal Phillips are taking over the podcast and looking at some of the careers here at JOEMC. They have great conversations with employees from the Operations Center, IT, Marketing, Mapping, HR, and AMI.   And, of course, there is another installment of Watt's Happening at the co-op.Run Time: 47 minutes
September is Honey Month, so we're sitting down and talking with our resident expert, the co-op's Marian Jones, about beekeeping. Marian, who's worked at JOEMC for 55 years, has been raising bees and harvesting honey with her husband for just as many years (that's right..55!). Check out the fantastic interview with Marian and learn a little bit about the sweet stuff!Run Time: 30 minutes
Topics this episode:Paula Redick talks with Dawn Rochelle, CEO of the non-profit One Place, about the impact Dawn's organization is having on our community;Find out Watt's Happening at the co-op with Krystal Phillips;Linda Mathiasen talks with right-of-way supervisor Clayton Jones about the role his team plays in helping fulfill JOEMC's mission; and Steve Goodson welcomes Eric Heden of NOAA to discuss the predicted outlook/activity level for this year's hurricane season as well as a few things members can do to prepare.Run Time:43 minutes
After taking a COVID break for the past several months, Flippin' the Switch returns with great interviews and timely information for the members of JOEMC. In this episode:Paula Redick learns how volunteers are making a BIG difference from Clay Calhoun with Onslow Senior Services;Find out Watt's Happening at the co-op with Krystal Phillips;Learn some safety do's and don'ts with Linda Mathiasen and Safety Manager Chris Banks; and Steve Goodson talks about Customer Service with JOEMC's Wanda Jones.
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