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Author: Brad J. Lamb

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Live Talk with Lamb, featuring Toronto’s top condominium broker and developer, Brad J. Lamb. Uncensored, frank, and to-the-point, Lamb serves up his expert insight, unabashed opinions, and practical advice for the everyday Canadian navigating the evolving real estate and development landscape.

Over the course of the season’s ten episodes, the real estate mogul breaks down his tricks of the trade for brokers, buyers and investors, along with tips for succeeding in business and life with personal advice that everyone can relate to.
13 Episodes
Brad and Todd sit down again, two months after their last discussion on COVID 19 to see what's changed and where things are at. Tune in to hear them both keep it all the way real about COVID and how it's impacted the real estate market and businesses all around Canada. 
In this episode of Live Talk With Lamb, Brad sits down with Tyrone "T-Rexx" Edwards to explore what exactly is a "down market" in real estate and how to invest in one. 
COVID 19: What's Next

COVID 19: What's Next


In a brand new episode of Live Talk With Lamb, Brad and Todd sit down (remotely of course) to discuss the impacts of COVID 19 on the Canadian economy, its people and where Brad thinks we are heading if things don't change.
 In the season's final episode, Todd and Brad explore what key things separate a stellar real estate agent from an average real estate agent. Brad gives you the basics on what to look for in a realtor.  Website: Facebook: @LambDevelopmentCorp  Instagram: @BradJLambInc  Twitter: @BradJLamb  #LiveTalkWithLamb 
Humble Beginnings

Humble Beginnings


Todd Shapiro and Brad have a candid and deeply personal discussion on how he came to be the mogul "Brad J. Lamb".  Website: Facebook: @LambDevelopmentCorp  Instagram: @BradJLambInc  Twitter: @BradJLamb  #LiveTalkWithLamb 
Todd and Brad discuss how advertising practices evolved over the decades and what impact has that had on Real Estate as a whole. Website: Facebook: @LambDevelopmentCorp  Instagram: @BradJLambInc  Twitter: @BradJLamb  #LiveTalkWithLamb 
Managing Stress

Managing Stress


Todd Shapiro and Brad J. Lamb explore how to manage the stress of running a massive corporation like LDC. They discuss some of the most stressful projects Brad has ever completed and whether or not even he, as a wildly successful developer "second guesses" himself.  Website: Facebook: @LambDevelopmentCorp  Instagram: @BradJLambInc  Twitter: @BradJLamb  #LiveTalkWithLamb 
Brad has been in the real estate game for a long time. In this episode, he walks listeners through some of the biggest challenges he's faced along the way and discusses some things that people might not know about real estate development.  Website: Facebook: @LambDevelopmentCorp  Instagram: @BradJLambInc  Twitter: @BradJLamb  #LiveTalkWithLamb 
Brad walks listeners through some of the most important things to consider if you’re going into business with someone, whether that be in real estate investing or as a formal business partnership. Website: Facebook: @LambDevelopmentCorp  Instagram: @BradJLambInc  Twitter: @BradJLamb  #LiveTalkWithLamb 
With the housing market skyrocketing out of control in cities like Toronto and Vancouver, Brad and Todd discuss how  young people can make investment in the real estate market achievable. Website: Facebook: @LambDevelopmentCorp  Instagram: @BradJLambInc  Twitter: @BradJLamb  #LiveTalkWithLamb 
Youth and Finances

Youth and Finances


In this episode, listeners get some valuable insights and best practices on finances from Brad J. Lamb, the "billionaire" condo developer who was a millionaire by 30.  Website: Facebook: @LambDevelopmentCorp  Instagram: @BradJLambInc  Twitter: @BradJLamb  #LiveTalkWithLamb 
Fail Fast and Recover

Fail Fast and Recover


Todd and Brad sit down to explore why it's important to "fail" in the business/entrepreneurship space and if it's possible for entrepreneurs to fail in a way that helps push their business forward. Website: Facebook: @LambDevelopmentCorp  Instagram: @BradJLambInc  Twitter: @BradJLamb  #LiveTalkWithLamb 
Real Estate in 2019

Real Estate in 2019


On episode 1 of Live Talk With Lamb, Brad sits down with Todd Shapiro to explore what's important to know about Real Estate in 2019 and why it's important to have a realtor in today's market. Website: Facebook: @LambDevelopmentCorp  Instagram: @BradJLambInc  Twitter: @BradJLamb  #LiveTalkWithLamb 
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Mar Kyashy

Youngish Toronto couple eager to learn from the man himself! 2nd subscriber ever! I'm hoping this will answer so many questions we have!

May 16th
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