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Welcome to the P.I.N.K. Lifestyle™ Show, where we talk to inspirational entrepreneurs about their journeys, and about leading a Purposeful, Intentional, Natural, and Kind life, and Creating Business with Purpose and developing your brand. I am Karen Bannister, a Certified Life Coach and Image Consultant, and I holistically coach purpose-driven entrepreneurs and leaders with reaching their full potential by integrating mind, body and spirit. My guests share not only their personal journeys and stories, but also their professional journeys and what they have learned while starting and running a business. I invite guests on my show with the goal of providing value to listeners, giving them valuable resources, and sharing additional knowledge that comes from diversified sources. Head to for more information, and follow us on social channels as PINK Lifestyle Media.
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Stephanie Heller is a certified business and life coach and founder of The Profit Lounge, where she helps service-based entrepreneurs re-configure and jump start their businesses without losing sleep and gaining their creative drive.She has a way of zeroing on your bullshit, showing you how you're creating it and then pulling a plan together to change it. She does this daily for business owners to stop overthinking and make simple decisions so they can add revenue, experience possibility, and feel better quickly.She previously owned an in-home personal chef service and grew that company to mid-six figures, with 8 chefs and cooking for entire baseball teams.With a BA in Psychology from Boston University she's always been obsessed with understanding why people do what they do and what is stopping them from getting what they want. She's an advocate and power partner to her clients and teaches brain and thought management tools that have a 100% ROI so they can accomplish anything.Contact Information:·         Guest: Stephanie Heller·         Email:·         Website:·         Facebook: Karen K. Bannister·         Website:·         Email:·         Social Channels: @pinklifestylemedia and @karenkbannisterSupport the show (
Yvette Bodden is founder of Awakened Woman, a digital platform designed to inspire and invigorate females.As an author, Yvette writes with endless empathy. And in just two years, Awakened Woman has amassed tens of thousands of followers, thanks to over 500 articles centered around celebrity profiles on relationships, love, abuse, motherhood, and Latino culture, infused with a signature blend of Yvette’s pragmatism and compassion.Her debut book, “A Journey to Becoming the Best Self” - which is actually part memoir and part prescriptive fiction, and inspired by Yvette’s own post-divorce path from devastation to joy—was published in 2019, and received praise from The U.S. Review of Books.Ultimately, Yvette’s writing, which seeks to empower and encourage women searching for personalized definitions of success, is an effort to build strong communities through vulnerable and powerful storytelling.Contact Information:·         Guest: Yvette Bodden·         Website:·         Facebook: ·         Instagram: ·         Twitter:   Host: Karen K. Bannister·         Website:·         Email:·         Social Channels: @pinklifestylemedia and @karenkbannisterSupport the show (
Welcome to Episode 46 of the PINK Lifestyle Show!Celeste Ma’at is a full spectrum doula, wellness coach, and herbalist at her wellness practice, “Light as a Feather,” which is a Denver-based wellness center that serves women with holistic remedies and rituals for the hygienic care of their mind, body, and spirit.Through wellness coaching, advocacy, and intuitive healing practices, her healing work seeks to uplift the collective woman, so that we might not only heal the present day, but 7 generations back and 7 generations forward.Contact Information:·         Guest: Celeste Ma’at·         Email:·         Website:·         Facebook:   Host: Karen K. Bannister·         Website:·         Email:·         Social Channels: @pinklifestylemedia and @karenkbannisterSupport the show (
Kristina Campos has been an educator for over 20 years, working with all grade levels, from Pre-school through 12th grade. She graduated from the University of Colorado at Boulder and received her master’s degree from the University of Denver.After many years of teaching, Kristina saw a need to help children from the source – IN THE HOME!  With great enthusiasm, she quit her teaching job and founded the organization, “The Impactful Parent.” Now, Kristina helps parents of school-aged children by providing parenting tips, resources, and community to those that follower her.   Kristina lives in Colorado and has four school-age children, and volunteers as a Board of Trustee for two different local Colorado schools. She has a passion for children and a strong devotion to serving parents and their school-age children.  Kristina continues to stay active in the schools by substitute teaching whenever her schedule allows.**************Kristina would like to share a special gift with you: Contact Information:·         Guest: Kristina Campos·         Email: ·         Website:·         Facebook: ·         Instagram: ·         LinkedIn: ·         Pinterest:   Host: Karen K. Bannister·         Website:·         Email:·         Social Channels: @pinklifestylemedia and @karenkbannister Support the show (
Sandra Chaney is a Les Brown certified Speaker, Transformational Coach, Business Specialist and Bestselling Author committed to helping women live their best in life and business.  As a conqueror of Domestic Violence, Sexual Assault, Sex Trafficking and Homelessness, Sandra has worked with the Clairol cosmetic company and Southern Living Magazine to produce a video that trained salon stylists on domestic violence in nine states; and was one of several women featured in a Red Book Magazine national video promoting stories of Women who are conquerors of Domestic Violence. In addition, as a Nonprofit and Grant Strategist, she teaches, coaches and trains Non-profit organizations how to build a solid foundation so they can have a major impact in the communities they are serving. Lastly, she is the bestselling author of The Inside Secrets To Getting Money For Your Non-Profit, The Woman Within: It’s An Inside Job, Give It to Her: The Gift of Healing and Restoration, and the co-author of several other books as well. Sandra lives her life by this motto: “Everything I do, say and offer the world will come from a deep place of love!” Contact Information:Guest: Sandra ChaneyWebsite: Host: Karen K. BannisterWebsite: pinklifestyleshow@gmail.comSocial Channels: @pinklifestylemedia and @karenkbannisterSupport the show (
Welcome to 2021, and a new year of the P.I.N.K. Lifestyle Show!I am very excited in this episode to introduce you to Laurie Herbers.Laurie is an Empowerment Coach and Author. Her most recent book is titled, “Second Chances: How I Turned Hate into Love and Found My Purpose.” In her youth she struggled in abuse and trauma, carrying the pain forward into adulthood. Hating life was her home and daily struggle until the day she decided to change her thoughts and beliefs and pursue love with a fervor that superseded everything else. Now her mission is to guide over a million individuals into the fullness of love so they can pursue their purpose with passion and love. She is passionate about others never having to go another day feeling worthless, unwanted, unloved, or feeling guilt, shame, pain, and judgment.Contact Information:Guest: Laurie HerbersWebsite: soullovelegacy@gmail.comSocial Channels:·         Facebook: Host: Karen K. BannisterWebsite: pinklifestyleshow@gmail.comSocial Channels: @pinklifestylemedia and @karenkbannisterSupport the show (
2020 is coming to a close...FINALLY!Karen takes time to thank each guest for the year, along with her fans, followers, friends and family, and introduces those she already has lined up for 2021! It's going to be an exciting year for sure.There are also some exciting announcements for the podcast and her company, and she can't wait to get the year started.Follow on your favorite platform and watch on YouTube. If you are interested in being a guest, visit her website, link below.  And follow on social media!Happy Holidays, Happy New Year!Website: a Guest: the show (
Welcome to episode 41 of the P.I.N.K. Lifestyle podcast.Eminè Mehmet is an Energy Intuitive, Sacred Feminine Leadership Mentor, Spiritual Activist and Channel. Through her experience, suffering for years with a chronic condition, Eminè found herself on a personal journey leading to a deeper connection and understanding of herself. Along the way, a clearer picture began to develop of WHAT WAS REALLY GOING ON for us on a collective level: A cycle of fear-based over giving, overdoing and overwhelm, STOPPING us from connecting to our calm and clarity, and discovering our own sacred feminine power. Today, she is leading women on a journey of conscious feminine connection to transform their lives by sharing divinely channeled wisdom and guidance.To reach Eminè:Website: Email: Facebook: Instagram: Support the show (
After running his own printing company and being a part of the printing and marketing world for over 25 years, Scott found himself on a different path when his wife’s health started to decline. After finding no answers from western medicine, they started to do their own research, and become their own advocates, and today they spend their time educating and advocating for others, and helping them naturally any way they can, to prevent many ailments from even starting... as they have learned that prevention is key.“When it comes to health, no one cares about you as much as you do! We learned that the hard way.After my wife and I consulted over 40 different medical practitioners, we decided to take our life into our own hands. And we are better for it!Now we are world leaders in self-directed healthcare, empowering people worldwide to take back control of their health through natural holistic options.”SPECIAL OFFER: Visit and use code SCOTTPODCAST20 to receive 20% off everything in the store (limited time only).To reach Scott:Website: Email: scott@scottmanduck.comFacebook: Instagram: Support the show (
Jazmine Willis began her career as an HR and Office Manager at a law firm but knew working behind a desk for someone else wasn’t how she wanted to spend the rest of her life. She had always had a passion for healthy living and was especially obsessed with clean makeup, but she didn’t realize until later in life that having to mix different colors to get your perfect shade of lipstick wasn’t the norm for everyone. It was then that she saw a huge white space for clean beauty for all women by a woman of color. With no real background in business - or the beauty world as a profession - she decided to stop waiting for a solution, and created her own.Jazmine then founded Neo and Noel, a beauty brand that aims to bring clean ingredients and a diverse range of high-performing colors to people of all skin tones. Listen and learn from her journey as a new entrepreneur - what steps she is taking to build a new company from the ground up, she learned, what she wish she knew, and what is going right!Believe in yourself. Know your story. Take it slow. Do it right.Follow JazmineIG: FB: Website: Support the show (
On this episode of the PINK Lifestyle Podcast, Karen welcomes Felicia Searcy!Felicia is known as a Premier Results Expert.Her purpose is her passion: to empower you to discover and express your best self as you create the life that you love.She is an award-winning transformational coach, international speaker, author, and minister who has helped thousands create a path for living their dream life. For over 20 years, Felicia has worked with people from all walks of life who are seeking the spiritual side of success. As a highly sought-after international speaker, she has shared the stage with powerhouse leaders like International Speaker, Mary Morrissey; Founder and CEO of eWomenNetwork, Sandra Yancey; and international motivational speaker, Les Brown.Felicia’s proven “dream activation code” helps folks just like you, accelerate your results as you create a richer, more fulfilling life.To reach Felicia:Website: Email: Facebook: LinkedIn: Support the show (
Caterina is a certified master coach, best-selling author, podcaster and women’s business mentor who passionately serves women on a mission. She shows women how to be loud and proud about the value they bring in order to serve more people and make their businesses thrive. Her books include: • "Learn to Think Differently," released in over thirteen countries and several languages• "A Women’s Guide To Starting a Giving Circle" • and her latest book, the "ABCs of Public Speaking," quickly hit #1 in four Amazon best-seller categories.Caterina is also the founder of The Thriving Women in Business Center in San Francisco.To reach Caterina:Website: Free Gift!: Email: FB: IG: Support the show (
Hello all, welcome to the PINK Lifestyle Podcast, where we are in pursuit of a purposeful, intentional, natural, and kind life. As you know, my goal with this podcast is to introduce you to others who can bring fresh perspectives and new insights to help you on your personal journey.And today, I’d happy to introduce Daniella Platt.Daniella founder of Looking Good, YAYA, which stands for 'You As You Are,' a brand strategy consultancy which specializes in PPP: people, products, and endless possibilities. She is known for her honesty, high-vibe energy, and ideation.Known as a Cheerleader to all, Daniella is a concept-to-market strategist who inspires people to take an idea from the kitchen table to the world. For all my coaching and consulting listeners out there, you’ll love this part: Daniella know how creatives struggle with opening doors to sales, so she also teaches how to sell, have a positive experience, create relationships, and conquer greatness with her Ten Commandment system.Her book debuted as a #1 best-seller: the “Looking Good: Ten Commandments To Be A Sales Rockstar & Fashion Startup Playbook” unboxes 20 years of expertise to guide professionals and people to better themselves.Daniella spent 20 years as a top producer at fashion magazines and ad agencies, including the California Apparel News publication, BBDO, BlueCherry CGS, and is a Fashion Mannuscript editor. She's crafted 100's of campaigns for brands that fill your life like Visa and Hugo Boss, and stretch like LYCRA, earning a respected place in the industry.Where to find Daniella and BUY HER BOOK:Website: Text: 3239634377 FB: IG: Support the show (
Dr. Asha Pai Bohannon is a Holistic Pharmacist (aka the "Rebel Pharmacist") with a holistic wellness practice, “Patient Advocacy Initiative (PAI) Wellness Group,” in Raleigh, NC where she lives with her husband and two sons. She is an entrepreneur, author, and speaker, and believes that your personal journey can bring you:Health, Hope and Harmony in everyday life with the right tools and guide! To reach Dr. Bohannon or purchase her book:Website: Email: Facebook: Instagram: Book: Support the show (
...and Best-Selling Author!Lizzy Renee is passionate about helping improve people’s lives. Her focus is on natural living and reducing exposure to toxins and chemicals found in our environment in processed food, personal care products, and medicines. She was first inspired to keep her family above the wellness line by using plant-based approaches when possible. She believes in modern medicine, but instead of it being her first resort, it is her second or third resort. She first attempts a more holistic approach to her family’s wellness. This journey led her to begin researching CBD in 2017. She was instantly intrigued by the positive results people were getting. Since then, she has become a CBD advocate and educator, earning her CBD certification in April 2019. She has also successfully launched Love at 1st Drop, an LLC e-commerce website to bring high-quality, affordable CBD products to market.She loves joining her clients on their CBD journeys and is inspired by the transformation she sees in their lives, as they avoid or reduce dependency on pharmaceuticals. Lizzy's mission is to help demystify CBD and cannabis through education and inspire others to live a healthier, plant-based lifestyle. Lizzy is an Amazon #1 Best Seller with her NEW Book - "52 Tips to Using CBD for Your Health and Wellness."Click here to purchase on Amazon!Purchase your copy on Amazon: Facebook Support the show (
Keep an Open Heart

Keep an Open Heart


In Episode 33, I share a brief and recent story about a mini-awakening, about suddenly accepting and feeling accepted by my new home town of Nashville,TN.This happened because, I believe, I kept an open heart through every change I've gone through these past few months. Oh, and that I actually allowed myself to venture out amongst people and the city.The country girl (albeit with an edge) has come back alive.Support the show (
I am very excited to bring you my guest this week, certified health coach Genette Raborn!After decades of struggling with weight management, obesity, yo-yo dieting, high cholesterol, tachycardia, and eventually high blood pressure, Genette finally found the answer to all of her prayers that were literally asking for a miracle! Doctors had told her there was nothing she could was just simply genetics! Once she had the answer in her hands, she knew she had found her calling and her place in this world.She just NEEDS to help awaken others to their potential with healthy mind, body, and interestingly, finances. It all plays an interesting role in living our best lives. Genette didn’t just change her nutrition habits; along with the program she's done a huge amount of personal development, and is now growing a very successful business. She is passionate about OVERALL health and well-being, and it all starts with understanding how to create healthy habits.There are three core principles that she feels are crucial to lifelong transformation:1. We lead from the future, and act in the now.2. We take responsibility and play above the line.3. (Her fave) We seek growth. We embrace obstacles as the way!Here is how you can follow and reach Genette with questions and to sign up for her program and coaching: Email: Phone: 985-778-6145Facebook: Support the show (
Yes, You Should!

Yes, You Should!


Whatever your question is, my answer is...Yes, you should. (OK, legal disclaimer...this is my answer as long as it doesn't hurt someone else).You may be wondering if you should try joining something - a gym, a bowling league, a direct marketing company, a book club…and yes, you should.Should you really spend your time learning something new? A new recipe, a new dance, a new language, even a new route to the grocery store - and the answer is yes, you should.Should you start planning your next vacation? Should you go back to school? Get a new job, or even change careers? What about starting a company? Yes, you should.Why? Listen and I'll tell you:-)Support the show (
What a timely interview! In today's travel environment, more so than in other times, we need to plan ahead for different scenarios. There are so many unknowns, and you need someone to ask the "what if" questions. Dr. Andrea L. Leschak IS that person. She holds a Doctor of Pharmacy degree and is a Board-Certified Geriatric Pharmacist. Her career spans more than 25 years serving patients in various healthcare settings including the community, as a civilian contractor for the United States Army in Germany, a Long-Term Care consultant, and as university faculty. In 2019, Dr. Andrea Leschak created Wayfinder Advantage that focuses on pre-travel planning, travel mindset, travel coaching and Event Health-Risk Mitigation Consultation.Website | |  FB |  IG |  LinkedIn | Support the show (
At the P.I.N.K. Lifestyle Podcast, we are always looking for special guests that can bring special light and love to the world - and this week we found that in ShaRon Rea, Founder of the global movement, "No Judgment. Just Love.®"ShaRon is a passionate woman on a serious mission to make the world a better place. People around the world are embracing this message and are inspiring others to live together with unconditional allowance…one conversation at a time. ShaRon invites you to explore living the no judgment just love way, which is “Choosing to move beyond judgments that divide to consciously lead with LOVE in your thoughts, words and actions. This will genuinely help us relate to each other better.”She is also a Certified Family Communication and Relationship Coach, and owner of The Whole Family Coaching. She compassionately helps families find solutions to challenges raising teens, co-parenting after divorce, for grandparents raising grandchildren, fathers taking on new roles in parenting and every caregiver focused on raising responsible, self-confident and happy children.If you want to reach ShaRon:Email: Support the show (
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