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Good Work is a social impact podcast about good people doing good sh*t. Every week, we'll speak to thought-leaders and change-makers in industries ranging from food, fashion, travel, blockchain, and so much more. These are the folks responsible for making the world a better place and making a profit while redefining what philanthropy and social impact mean to them.
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While mixing and mastering this episode, six more officers became victims of gun violence in Philadelphia. Vy Tran, the founder of Wonder Hoodie, is on a mission to protect people all over the world from gun violence with her casual wear bulletproof clothing. For every 10 units she sells, she donates one to teachers, students, and people in need. For more info on Wonder Hoodie: Their Site: more info on Down to Donate: Our Site:
This week, after an overly long hiatus, we're talking addiction. But not just any kind of addiction, the subtle kind that goes often unnoticed in the workplace, costing Americans nearly half a trillion dollars annually. We spoke to the founders of BluNovus, a nonprofit based out of Utah founded by Alicia and James Hadlock that focuses on treating the root of addiction. They refer to themselves as a human connection company, which is exactly what they do -- connect with people and provide personal and professional resources to overcome their mental struggles. Stay up to date and learn about the facts and statistics that come with addiction and mental health disorders by visiting BluNovus. If you know someone who is suffering or you are suffering yourself, just be know that there is help and hope available to you.Find more about BluNovus here: you want to be a change-maker like Alicia and James but don't have the time or resources, start your charity subscription at Down to Donate where your microdonations can make a big impact.Learn more about Down to Donate at:
This week, we’re speaking to the founders of a travel startup called Destination Impact.They plan incredible trips abroad where they travel with a purpose by building relationships with locals in places like Kenya, Haiti, or Morocco, and then find out the needs of these communities and learn about how they can help. By simply listening to the people in these areas, Destination Impact then works with schools and community leaders to help provide basic necessities like water, education materials, and cultural exchanges. Destination Impact not only travel to these exotic places and give back where they're welcome to, but they also aim to change the stigma that these countries aren't just poverty-stricken rural areas, they're rich with culture, kindness, natural beauty, and willingness to learn.Keep up with Destination Impact's amazing travels and stories:
This week we speak to Peter Borenstein of the Restorative Justice Fund. RJ Fund provides full-service legal representation to lifers coming home after decades of incarceration. RJ Fund has recovered over $1,000,000 in assets to the formerly incarcerated, whose family, friends, and foes tried to take advantage of them while behind bars. With no one, especially the legal system, to help recover what is legally and rightfully theirs, because of their criminal history. We ask that you think about humanity first and criminality last, and more importantly, how the success of the formerly incarcerated impacts your life directly. When you weigh out the costs that go into arresting, prosecuting, and locking up criminals, it might be in our best interest, especially economically, to make sure they have a smooth transition to the outside, in order to become a happy and contributing member of society. Visit them at: Visit Down to Donate! & IG: @_downtodonate@monpuffycombs
Welcome to the first episode of Good Work FM! A social impact podcast about good people doing good sh*t. For our first episode, Monica interviews Kimberly Wilson, founder of HuedCo (, an app that helps people of color find doctors of color to fight the inequalities that POC's face regularly within the healthcare system. Kimberly began her push to demand action within the health care system when she was faced with racism by doctors who ignored her dangerous health problems and ultimately created the service she wished she had when her road to recovery began.Find HuedCo At @huedcoTwitter: @HuedcoFollow Good WorkIG: @goodworkpodcastFollow Down to Donate @_downtodonateTwitter: @_downtodonateFollow MonicaIG: @monpuffycombs



Good Work is a social impact podcast about good people doing good sh*t. Each week will be will be interviewing innovative people in industries varying from food, fashion, blockchain, travel, and literally any type of profession you can think of, who all saw a social problem, and decided to be the ones who’ll fix it. 
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