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With your host ME, Joe Persinger, the most consistent and pragmatic f**k you'll ever meet!

This is Your One Stop Shop Current Events and Politics Podcast. If Society is a Joke, We’re Just Here For The First Set!

Ready. Set. Podcast! will be available for streaming on all podcast platforms every Wednesday and Friday!
49 Episodes
Joe gives his take on why the National Libertarian Party is a stagnant organization with reject establishment hacks and how the nature of this Big Tent party is all bark and cocktail parties!Are You.....?Ready. Set. Podcast! The Libertarian Era!"The most pragmatic mother fu%$# you will ever meet!" -Joe Persinger
Joe talks about the Insurrection, the Chauvin Trial, and the broad hypocrisy and double standards that have plagued our society for the last year.Are You.....?Ready. Set. Podcast! The Libertarian Era!"The most pragmatic mother fu%$# you will ever meet!" -Joe Persinger
We. Are. Back! ....Again? In this short podcast, Joe explains why he's been absent since the beginning of the year. Also, Joe goes into detail about upcoming changes to the podcast and what the future of this Pro Liberty platform has in store for everyone! Are You.....??Ready. Set. Podcast! The Libertarian Era!"The most pragmatic mother fu%$# you will ever meet!" -Joe Persinger
I'm Joe Persinger and I'm The Most Pragmatic and Consistent F**k You'll Ever Meet!Joe has a question for the Leftists out there, but does he have the answer? (Hint: No)The Saved By The Bell Reboot is now on Peacock and streaming for all to see and Joe has the review and a few questions. Hint: SPOILER ALERTS! A character within the show has Joe focused on how Sexist Hollywood has become! And how the Hollywood Establishment's pussification of Straight White Male Protagonists is being stuffed down our throats like all this other social woke crap!Are You.......?Ready. Set. Podcast!
I'm Joe Persinger. And I'm the most pragmatic and consistent F**k You'll Ever Meet!Hunter Biden has been under investigation for 2 years? Does the media have egg on its face? (Insert eye roll here) We dive into the final installment of our four part General Election coverage. Will the Supreme Court subvert the will of the people? Could any of this fraud have been prevented? Joe also has a message for people that voted for Biden out of hate and why Trump leaving office is a blessing in disguise.Are You.....?Ready. Set. Podcast!
I'm Joe Persinger and I'm the most Pragmatic and Consistent Libertarian F**k You'll Ever Meet!Mail-In voting has created a giant cloud of suspicion over the 2020 Presidential Election and no one seems concerned. Georgia and Arizona flip BLUE. Is this even possible? And Joe has a message for those who say: "Nothing to see here folks. Clean and fair election!"
I'm Joe Persinger and I'm the most Pragmatic and Consistent F**k You'll Ever Meet!The Pollsters get it wrong for the 3rd Election Cycle in a row and the media is silent. We look at the Maine Senate Election as an example of how the poll industry is using its influence in nefarious ways. Are You.......?Ready. Set. Podcast!
In Part 1 of our 2020 General Election Series, Joe breaks down how the votes broke for Joe Biden and which group of Americans delivered for the 50 year career politician. And, as 51% of the country pushes its agenda on the other 49%, is it time to Unite? Or, are we witnessing the corporate establishment/media going back to the "business as usual" and "carry the drool cup" strategy? Joe also discusses how this "W" for Joe Biden is really a "L" for Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats!
I'm Back Baby! RSP! is back and better! Joe has a new announcement about the podcast! And in this episode we get caught up on a few events that have taken place since Mid-September! (Has anything happened since the last podcast?) Joe also looks at the Senate SCOTUS brawl (2.0) and how the Supreme Court finally took a stand and defended your First Amendment right!
The Chicago Bears start the season with Trubisky and Joe has some bad news. The Chicago Cubs are gearing up for the post season bubble and Joe shares a story about a Disney employee who gets a quick life lesson in democratic socialism (Communism) and a few more of his recent Uber Driver (War) Stories with the podcast! Are You.....Ready. Set. Podcast!
Nancy "Our Next President" Pelosi ignores the law and gets her hair did at an "Underground Salon". Sleepy Joe stops in Central Florida to pander to Latinos and plays music on his phone? Yikes. What does peaking in high school have to do with Bob Woodward is selling another book? Is Little Bobby W. trying to sink 45's poll numbers by releasing the audio tapes before the book is released? Speaking of which, is it even possible for Donald Trump to be re-elected? Find out.Are You....?Ready. Set. Podcast!
Kenosha burns after another police shooting. Was it justified? A few days later, another shooting breaks out while a man protecting private property is involved in a shooting? Was it justified? Is it self defense? Politics are invading sports and perception is not the reality. And Joe explains what Universal Mail-In Voting has to do with a possible Pelosi Presidency.Are You.......?Ready. Set. Podcast!
Joe Biden accepts the nomination from the Democrat Party last night. We dive into how the "moderate" Kamala Harris got her start in California politics and some of her policies as Attorney General and her connection to a current bureaucrat currently in the Trump administration. Sleepy Joe floats a mask mandate. Is that legal? Who enforces this madness? We discuss how Lori Lightfoot and her sidekick District Attorney are running the city into the ground after another weekend of looting. Has the Chicago Democrat machine always had such a low tolerance for crime?The Chicago Cubs are currently in a bit of a slump, but they are dominating the NL Central with clutch hitting, starting pitching, and a brand new faith in leadership. But can the North Siders continue this momentum and sprint to a top seed by the end of this marathon?And in a new segment called "THE AIRING OF GRIEVENCES!" Joe breaks down what annoys him about various subjects and what it's like dealing with the John Q. Public of Uber Riders.Are You.......?Ready. Set. Podcast!
If Covid-19 wasn't enough, the tragic death of George Floyd has flung our country into utter chaos and furthering the political chasms between all parties involved. Antifa, BLM, and their coalition of Neo-Marxist and Maoist followers wreak havoc in Seattle and mayor shrugs. Is this the beginning of a Civil War? Or, are we seeing the second coming of Mao?Sports are back! MLB, Players, and the Player's Union didn't score any points with anyone, but it's back for a 60 game sprint! Joe breaks down the Ups & Downs of a shortened MLB season and why the MLB is struggling to sell its product to anyone under 25. Will pandering to them politically pay off? What does the NBA, the NHL, and Ghosting someone have in common? ALL THIS AND MORE ON THIS WEEK'S EPISODE!Are You...........? Ready. Set. Podcast!
And we're back! Corona Virus has everyone on edge. The media has divided the nation and politicized this current pandemic. Joe explains how we got here and why this is happening. Joe Biden is the democrat nominee, but is he a racist? Or was it rapist? Joe breaks down the (lack of) media hype surrounding the (non) issue. The Last Dance has ended and there's a few takeaways Joe is going to share with the group. Are sports coming back? Will it be the same? Lori Loughlin has ended her holdout and Joe is outraged! And is Joe Biden the new Cult of Personality candidate of 2020? ALL THIS AND MORE! ON #35!Are you.......??Ready. Set. Podcast!
B-Money, or as we call him, Pickle, stops by the podcast to to discuss The Corona Virus! We talk about his personal experience dealing with this virus fallout at the post office. B-Money/Pickle breaks down why he thinks no one in this country is taking this seriously. And we also talked about how Amazon might be crumbling under the pressure, the Chicago Cubs winning the World Series, and many others!Are You......?Ready. Set. Podcast!
The Corona Virus puts a stranglehold on China and travelers around the world! The New Hampshire Primary was a flawless success, but don't tell the DNC and moderate democrats that! Bernie surges to the top to the chagrin of Establishment Democrats! The XFL debut was a success, but what's up with those names? And while Houston botches its public apology, MLB wants you to look at this shiny new proposal that will shake up the post season and put more emphasis on the regular season!Are You...?Ready. Set. Podcast!
The Iowa Democrat Party turns the Iowa Caucus into a circus! The Super Bowl was a success! But what about those commercials? Not so much. Joe explains. A QB Free Agency Frenzy is on the horizon, but who goes where? Impeachment has come to end! Or, has it? The Astros Sign Stealing Scandal is another black eye for MLB, but is it the death blow? And Joe explains how he would dole out punishment if he was "The Commish".Are You...?Ready. Set. Podcast!
Tik Tok banned by the US Military?!!? A Helicopter Crash, no not that one, in Hawaii, suspends the Captain's Log. The Minnesota State of Appeals Court strikes down a broadly written revenge porn law! Disney is bringing back the FOX TV 90s classic Party of Five! But with a twist, and trust the creator, its not political. A group of women attempt a hostile takeover of theft over a piece of overpriced property in Oakland. Joe explains why Squatters Have No Rights. And in The Staff Report, AOC is hypocrite and she makes it so easy to argue for.Are You.......?Ready. Set. Podcast!
The Captain's Log: Day 3! is back and Joe is in Hilo! Marc Anthony's mourning the loss of his luxury yacht! China won't stop spying on US Naval bases! A Japanese sporting company is going to release DBZ themed baseball equipment?!?! SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY! People are stealing baby formula? In Pennsylvania? Florida makes a change to the STAND YOUR GROUND RULE, and in The Staff Report: Aunt Becky decides to put up a desperate and laughable defense!Are You.....?Ready. Set. Podcast!
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