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We’re The Midlife Mentors.
Here to lift the lid on our no nonsense approach to midlife health and happiness.
As midlifers, we’re constantly told we need have it all figured out. But in fact most of us don’t.
Our mission is not only to de-bust the crazy diet and fitness myths, but to empower and educate from an authentic and balanced perspective based on reality.
It’s time to step away from the madness we manifest in our attempts to attain goals that are unachievable, as we help you focus on the daily opportunities that redefine who and what you are, with the wisdom that comes with age.
17 Episodes
In this final episode of Season 2, Claire & James share their story. They often get asked how they got together, how long they've known each other, what they did before and if they've always been into fitness (to name but a few). They share their highs and lows vulnerably and honestly - in the hope that it inspires others never to give up on themselves or their dreams. They hope you enjoy it.
In this episode Claire & James talk to Jenny Bracelin - a highly sought after Money Coach about transforming our often tricky relationship with money, by addressing our limiting beliefs. At mid life many of us experience the squeeze of mortgages, children, ageing parents and feel trapped by our current financial situation. Our conditioning around money can bring up a great deal of frustration and fear -  preventing us from reaching our fullest potential and living a life on our terms, doing what we enjoy. However, just like our health, it's never too late to address the issue and luckily - the wonderful Jenny has some fantastic tips and advice on how to heal our money blocks so we can thrive, not just survive.
On a quest to be the voice of truth and integrity, in this episode Claire & James reveal the dangerous fat loss fads you should avoid at all costs. They go on to walk you through the most effective, long term strategies for fat loss, heath and happiness at mid life. No gimmicks, no fluff, no ’secret’. Everyone has a right to this information - so here it is.
In this episode, Claire & James touch upon divorce and break ups at midlife. Having both been divorced themselves, it’s a subject close to their heart and they felt passionate about helping others feel connected and understood at a time that can be very isolating and distressing. They welcome their dear friend and author Sara Davison to the show - AKA The Divorce Coach - who offers some beautiful nuggets of wisdom, compassion and practicality to anyone going through a difficult time in their relationships. The episode takes an uplifting stance - in the hope that it inspires listeners to realise that this can be a time of great self growth and empowerment.
In this episode James and Claire speak to the legend that is Brandon Block. Brandon, now a mid-lifer, was one of the top House music DJs of the 90s and early 2000s. Since then he's transformed his life and helps others overcome trauma and addiction to become happier versions of themselves. He runs the Happy Days project, which focuses on bringing people together in a safe and supportive environment.
In this episode Claire & James bust the many myths surrounded nutrition and diets. At midlife, we become aware that our body is changing and we can't get away with what we used to eat! Therefore, we're prone to reaching for the quick fix - and can be seduced by the crazy, wacky lies bombarding us daily. Claire & James reveal which to listen to and which to avoid so your body works with you, not against you.
In this episode Claire and James discuss the negative implications of having too many choices and how it can take us further away from true fulfillment. Although grateful to have the freedom to make life decisions that many in the world can’t, being constantly bombarded with options often makes us feel anxious and overwhelmed - like we’re missing out or getting it wrong. It means we often move from one thing to the next hoping that something, somehow will bring us happiness. Claire & James share why this is particularly difficult at mid life and most importantly, they offer ways to reconnect with your own guidance system so you can live a life on your terms.
In this first episode of Season 2, Claire & James reveal how to increase your chances of living longer - healthy and happy. They bust through the crazy myths and provide a science based method of how to exercise tailored specifically for mid-lifers, with practical, easy to implement take-aways.
In this final episode of the series, Claire & James offer practical solutions to discover what you want, how to get it and how to stay motivated - so you can truly feel on purpose, alive and healthy from the inside out.
8: Episode 7: Habits

8: Episode 7: Habits


In this episode Claire & James discuss habits - how to shift negative ones, how to make new helpful ones, and most importantly - to know you're not alone... We've packed in hints and tips to help you make big shifts and enjoy this time of your life full of health and happiness.
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