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Sometimes we just need someone to understand and relate to our daily life problems. WE ARE HERE FOR YOU. You heard right get a little encouragement and upliftment on relatable topics as you tune into Find Ya Fiya.
6 Episodes
In this episode we talk about financial success! Covering the basics on how to effortlessly increase your income, and our favorite tips on saving and becoming better at budgeting! If you’re anything like us, you can be a little ... frivolous with your money at times! No worries, we’ve got a few easy fixes for you to get you on your way to financial success! This episode is definitely note-worthy!
In this episode we will talk about commitment to other people and other things. How will you know if someone is committed to you without having that conversation? Is it bad to commit too soon? Should you limit the number of things you commit to outside of yourself? Tune in to find out!
In today’s episode we discuss committing to yourself first before you’re able to commit to anything or anyone else. How can you know if you’re committed to yourself and what are some ways you can stand strong on your commitment?
In today’s episode we will discuss mental health conditions and how they’ve become normalized amongst a vast majority of the population. Feeling down? Don’t let that stop you from finding ya Fiya 🔥🔥
In this episode we talk about what self love is to us, ways to know if you have self love and some things you can do to start implementing self love into your daily routine!
Getting to know Your cofounders and our mission for Find ya Fiya! Let’s chat🤗
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