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Making Allah's guidance meaningful for everyone is part of the mission of Good Tree Academy, an Islamic school with Pre-K to high school curriculum in learning Arabic, Qur'an and equivalent core curriculum to local public schools. Qur'an Connection seeks to share guidance for everyone seeking it. Support our project at
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Hear the beautiful recitation of high school student Rayyan. To support students studying the Quran alongside core academics, please donate your Zakat or Sadaqa at or Zelle to donations@goodtreeacademy.orgSupport the Show.
In this episode, Sr Daniyal talks to our hosts Shauna Mustafa and Maryam Yousafzai about the struggles of Muslim women in the modern world.Support the Show.
Ustadh Michael speaks about the Laylatul Qadr and how the Quran was a treasure sent down from the Lord of all of the worlds. In these last 10 days of Ramadan let us treasure it by reading, listening, and trying to understand its meaning. To support students memorizing and learning the meaning of the Quran visit, Zelle to or mail a check to our school address.Support the Show.
Listen to the beautiful recitation of Full Time Hifz student Yaqub and support students in need of financial aid with your Sadaqa or Zakat. Visit, Zelle to or mail a check to our school.Support the Show.
Good Tree Academy students offer a Quranic reminder, an Islamic Story and a few poems about being Muslim. Listen to this entertaining show for the whole family. Support the education of Muslim children with your Sadaqa or Zakat at or Zelle to donations at goodtreeacademy.orgSupport the Show.
Learn about our school and how you can support our future Muslim leaders. Support the Show.
Good Tree Academy's Full Time Hifz student Aminah shares her beautiful recitation with us. Support students studying Quran with your Sadaqa or Zakat at, Zelle to or mail a check to our school.Support the Show.
Listen to Ustadh Hafiz Michael Wolfender tell his story about how he converted to Islam and how the Quran transformed his life. Support students studying Quran at or Zelle to Zakat donations are accepted for our Tuition Assistance Program.Support the Show.
Eighth-grader Unays shares his beautiful recitation. This Ramadan, support students studying Allah's book. Visit or Zelle to Donations are Zakat eligible.Support the Show.
10th Grader Ammaar gives a beautiful khutba offering his fellow students a list of important things to act on to help them benefit from the blessed month of Ramadan.Support the Show.
Ustadh Michael speaks about how Allah tests us with the Quran. We should give it priority over other activities, especially in the month of Ramadan. Please support our Tuition Assistance Program at Support the Show.
Guest Khateeb Sheikh Arsalan Haque gave Good Tree students an important message about watching what you say and that Ramadan is the best time to practice.Support the Show.
Ustadh Michael tells us a very interesting story of how the first Quran was written down and how Allah's promise was kept to preserve it.Support the Show.
Ustadh Michael speaks about how Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) was known to be the most honest and trustworthy individual in his community even before he became the Messenger of Allah.Support the Show.
Our guest khatib Sheikh Ikrimah speaks to the students about the importance of not wasting the precious time Allah SWA has given us with the coming of every new day.Support the Show.
Some try to prove God does not exist through science but the Quran makes it clear that the Designer behind all science is Allah (SWA).Support the Show.
Ustadh Michael speaks about how the Muslims historically brought people together of different religions to build secure, thriving communities.Support the Show.
Good Tree Academy Senior and this year's valedictorian Faizan delivers Jummah Khutba about following the example of Prophet Muhammad (SWS). Support the Show.
In Surah At Tariq, Allah prompts us to consider our origin: “Let people then consider what they were created from!” (At-Tariq 86:5 The Nightcomer) Ustadh Michael Wolfender uses this ayat along with examples like IKEA furniture, cow stomachs, birds’ eyes and stomachs to consider advanced design and our purpose.Our purpose is to learn about and worship Allah, as we will return to Him. This life is a test of patience and gratitude for the bounties Allah provides and withholds. In the s...
If you saw a treasure chest wide open permitted for you, would you not take? Ustadh Michael Wolfender presents the reality of the best night of the year with a wild example worth paying attention to.In Surat Al-Qadr (97 The Night of Power), Allah repeats three times which He doesn’t do anywhere else in the Qur’an in this manner. Allah reveals He sent the Qur’an on a night in Ramadan called Laylatul Qadr - the Night of Power. Then Allah asks the reader to consider what exactly is this nig...