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I discuss entrepreneurship, psychology, business, and anything that I believe adds value to you guys. Hope you enjoy!
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Why do we idolize consumption? We get our anxiety and our excitement from the same part of our brain and surprisingly the same chemical. I briefly discuss a few chemicals in our brain such as dopamine and how our cultural habitualization of instant gratification is impacting us on a personal level day to day. This involves the speed and amount of positive feedback we receive from friends or peers through social media platforms which serve us fake and highly superficial (not authentic) positive indicators / stimuli to get us addicted to the small “high” that the chemicals released give us when receiving positive feedbackor buying a new Louie Vuitton purse. Either way, we have this constant need for more as a society and that’s what I want to address and hopefully root up and replace with real self confidence which is built up over a long amount of time of reducing the amount of external feedback and staying true to ourselves in most cases.
I discuss the point and new direction of my podcast and what a I’ll be doing to filter out people i do and don’t want following me. I’ll use my most drastic and radical opinions on subjects and It’ll be more or less a flow of principles and thoughts (that I usually internalize because I’ve become a more introverted person as I’ve had to become more analytical) I’m trying to prevent from going to my head and instead trying to understand my why behind my belief or the principle I have a belief in and my goal (which is) to objectively explain my point of view on situations, topics and discussions I’ll be posting about.
Mental Gurus is an online algorithmic based system that helps do the following: 1 - Identify your personality & characteristics. 2 - Identify possible areas of needed help. 3 - Help with those that struggle at all with anxiety, depression, and/or ADD/ADHD. 4 - Help find most likely personalized areas of high purpose, fulfillment, and likeliness of understanding/competence 5 - Get perspectives from friends, family and others to help you understand how others see you
12: Update 2

12: Update 2


Life update 2 - Quitting my job soon - new potential client (Personality hackers! Look them up if you’re interested in knowing your personality type) - Oscar is getting me his compiled assets to me soon to use for website creation/Ads set up -
Many topics are discussed and there's tons of value for anyone looking for an authentic conversation about self improvement, progress, navigating life and it's hurdles effectively and much more Featured guests linked twitter handle @learnwithluis
Needs editing (LOTS lol) - The systems, contexts and the way we are raised sets a majority of us up for failure. I talk a bit about my opinion on the current education system and what I believe could (just to make it clear, what I’m referring to is a brief high level concept with no verification on whether it could successfully replace our current education system) help But there are definitely some passionate remarks that fly off my lips in this one. Haha doesn’t make much sense right now if you listen because of how little you’re seeing the patterns I’m seeing in the background with controlling the education system and our content consumption (If you are, good for you). Schools abound with so much bullshit it’s insane. the second that I can remember being education and the fakeness that happens from being raised in certain communities and stuff like that and so honestly I just made another YouTube video as well so I don’t really like it I can’t remember what the hell I put in this compared to that one but this is a ramble about schools communities government systems and just like how everything is so screwed up and not necessarily ethics the system is created for the system and it’s not created for the individual it’s created to systemize the approach of learning education and then turning these people into labor workers for you essentially is what this is and this is it’s a giant system that is consistently putting up barriers to increase our reliance on others and other systems and organizations and stuff like that in order to reduce the power that we have individuals and make it so that the government and systems and everyone else that using a later it’s pretty fucked up how stuff is going in there is there’s a dividing path and the people that are going in one direction or compounding in that direction and rolling and building up Momentum and they’re going to be there they have huge amount of resources and data and it’s in Maine hours and ornament hours but more people on their side
In this episode, I discuss the facades we put on through social media and how we cover up our flaws to often hide our true selves. This is the opposite approach that we need to be taking if we are after confidence, fulfillment, purpose and real substance within ourselves and our relationships.
Day 4 of OMNI Camp Conversations with the group
Title and description coming soon
Trader millionaires around a table having a discussion that leads to some interesting conversational topics. Hear what they talk about in these two segments. The best is the ending 20 minutes in my opinion.
A personal experience shared about investing and how he got started with investing in IPOs (Initial public offering - when companies go from private investments to publicly traded stocks to own a portion of the company depending on how many shares are bought.)
I give a bit of an update on life, what’s been going on, and hop around to a few different points including personality type, my marketing endeavors and future plans for the podcast.
I just go over why I’m switching my content distribution medium to YouTube for now unless what I’m doing on video can be recorded and discussed in audio form as well. I may start the podcast up later! Catch me on YouTube @Dakota Hanshew or BizKidKoda!
I go into how technology is used to track us and get our attention and how it can be used to your advantage as well if you want to self educate and create a very valuable skill for yourself and anyone selling anything.
I discuss internal struggles I’m currently dealing with and struggles I’ve had to deal with in the path and I suggest a few different things on how to overcome them. One huge thing for me is eliminating people from your life or minimizing the amount of time spent with those that don’t believe the same things you do and aren’t headed in the same direction.
I talk about the steps I’ve taken to move forward in the one funnel away challenge and where I’m at. I’m a bit behind but I’m going to be catching up tomorrow.
I briefly go over my experience with the click funnels one funnel away challenge so far.
I ramble about how important it is to find a niche, dominate and then talk about how easy it is to use credibility from a company within a specific industry to then go approach other companies/businesses within that same industry to find more clients and scale fast.
I bounce from subject to subject in this episode and discuss my weaknesses and how they’ve held me back and how I feel about them when I acknowledge them, become accountable, and try to work on them if necessary.
In this episode I discuss what my definition of minimalism is along with how it has impacted my life. I dive into how detaching myself from worldly material possessions and striving for deeper meaning and fulfillment instead in life has increased my self worth and confidence.
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