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The Quickie - Interviews for Graphic Designers

Author: Dave Hopkins

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The Quickie Podcast for Graphic Designers is a damn good show where host Dave Hopkins interviews talented Graphic Designers, Illustrators, and Creative Directors, quickly - usually 30 minutes or less. Hear from freelancers to creatives at world-renown businesses and agencies, about their wins, their fails, lessons learned, what inspires them, and the story about how they even got there. Subscribe to be entertained and inspired by each guest's unique journey. Plus who doesn’t love a good quickie?! Go on, get in there.
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This weeks guest is Trench Brady. He is a Production and Experiential Designer working with Tallen Technologies in New York. He has worked on projects for Disney, Hasbro, Wizards of the Coast, Macys, Yahoo!, TED Talks and more.During this episode we talk about:-how he did not have a very creative childhood and originally was pursuing a more academic, chemistry direction. -the theatre show and magazine that really introduced him to design and lit his creative fire. -the Hasbro booth that he has been a part of creating for years. -a story where he received a bazaar threat from someone he was working for and how it turned the job on its head for over 7 months. -two projects he was a part of that he is really proud of and why.-the Disney project he was a part of that had a smaller than expected budget and the creative thinking he used to pull it off. This episode is packed and I had a great time chatting with Trench. Loads of stories in this one!@trenchbrady
This is the Graphic Designer Christmas Gift Guide for 2020 by Dave at The Quickie Podcast! I spoke with designer friends, put down a few things I had my eyes on, and had a blast putting this list together.G.A.R.M Company - A wicked platform full of awesome digital resources and tools for you. Check it out here to have 20% off applied. Notes Books + Press Sheets - Yah...I said, Press Sheets! Wallets - Backpacks, Wallets, Pouches. Great build quality, great materials. I have my eye on the Hide + Seek Wallet in Caramel. + MerchNever Made - Amazing Screen Prints in his unique style. Great dude, great work. Get it HERE!Lincoln Design Co. - Their work is incredible and their merch is top-notch. Especially that Logo Mayhem poster. Right HERE.HellCats USA - Clark and Britt are very talented and awesome people. Their products are great and include candles, fresh prints hot out the oven, apparel, and more. Right HERE.Jason the 29th - A gem of a human, who is very talented and tells great stories. Check him out in Episode 074 of the Quickie, and check out his prints and merch, including Crunk Friday here. Right HERE.BooksLogoLounge Books - Thousands and Thousands of logo inspiration. Newest book 12 is out on December 4th. Find it HERE.Freelance and Business and Stuff - Over 9000 copies sold. Every week I hear great things about this book. The talented Hoodzpah crew puts their experience and amazing personality into this one to help you get started with your design business. Get after it HERE.Never Split the Difference - The art of negotiation taught through stories of real hostage negotiations from a former CIA negotiator. Great life skill to have. Google it...Subscription BoxesSnack Nation - Hard to find snacks for you or the office. Boxes from 8 items to 150 items. Yum. Right HERECandy Club - I am a sucker for Candy. Sweet, sour, all good. Six jars of unique candy. Right HERE.Carnivore Club - They contact the world's best Meat Craftspeople and being it to your door. Right HERE.Cloth and Paper - Stationery and Pen subscriptions. Love good stationery. Stationary HERE.NIX Mini 2 Color Sensor - An awesome color sensor tool. HEREFlexiSpot Standing Desk Convertor - Sit, or stand without having to buy a whole new desk. Cancelling Headphones - I'm an Apple and Beats Fan. BEATS FLEXBEATS STUDIO3Bluetooth Speaker - Office Sound - Marshall Acton IIIpad with Apple Pencil - Doesn't need more than that. 
This weeks guest is Melissa Halka. She is the Creative Manager and Designer at the American Institute of Chemical Engineers out of New York!During this episode we talk about: -how she grew up in Queens and has been in the game for over 20 years.-how street art and graffiti were early inspirations to her. -the Print Magazine cover that was really influential to her and why. -how to handle criticism when the client just rips up your work in front of you. -the New York sustainability project she was a part of after Hurricane Sandy and why she is so proud of it. Had a great to time chatting with Melissa and hearing about her experience and journey in the design game. 
This weeks guest is Jeffrey Everett. He is a designer with the NIH and has been running his freelance studio Rockets are Red for over 17 years.  @rocketsareredDuring this episode we talk about:-working at the NIH creating work for COVID-19 and Dr. Fauci. -his illustration of Dr. Fauci and how it landed on the cover of GDUSA Magazine. -how he comes from the town where Mary had a little lamb was written. -how album artwork, record covers, and comic book covers were all influential to him in his journey. -a couple great stories behind some of his Instagram posts. -the struggle with failing in public and his experience of it. -his work for Gaslight Anthem and why he is so proud of it. I really enjoyed this conversation with Jeff and hearing more about his work with the NIH and how RocketsAreRed is a pretty big contrast from the day job. If you are digging what you are hearing here on The Quickie - head over to Apple Podcast and Spotify and leave a rating and a review! They make me smile! 
This weeks guest is Will Hardaway from He is a Service Designer and Educator. @willgo.ioDuring this episode we talk about: -antiracism and design thinking-action figures as childhood creative storytelling. -his move to community college from a tough neighborhood and why it was so eye-opening. -fashion brands and community building. -why right now is the most challenging time he has experienced in his career.-why starting a business is the decision and project that he is the most proud of. I had a great time chatting with Will and there is some ask-it-forward magic in this episode. An awesome one answered, and another one asked.***Open only for a limited time right now is The Color Bar Challenge. This is a design and creative thinking challenge for graphic designers. 5 days - prizes. Check it out at
The Color Bar Challenge is open for registration at PrintDesignAcademy.comThis is a free design and creative thinking challenge for Graphic Designers and Creatives. We provide you with the creative brief, the assets, and some jumping off copy, and the rest is up to you. We have prizes from Mohawk Paper, Pantone, and Field Notes. So get in there!Have you ever wanted to design something in the craft beer, craft spirits, or bar/brewery area? Then this is a great opportunity for you. Sign up for the free challenge here:
This weeks guest is Michael Penda. He is a freelance graphic designer working under Penda Design. You may know him as @peanutfreepanda on IG. During this episode we talk about: -his recent move to full time freelance and what the hustle was like building it while learning more and working fulltime. -his route to graphic design and how it took a turn down marketing and advertising drive. -some creatives who are inspirational to him @ollymoss @gardnerdesignusa @doubleacreative-the situations where he accepted projects and let the creative brief slide, and what he learned from doing that. -the project he was a part of for a band, how it came about, and why he is so proud of it. That and so much more! I had a great chat with Michael and the guy had a fantastic ask it forward question!Also in this episode I talk about the free virtual conference, Citruspace, coming up on October 17th. Featuring Hank Washington @iam_hank, Will Paterson, and Purple Rock Scissors. Get your free ticket HERE!!
This week's guest is Anthony Petrie also known as @zombiebacons. He is a very talented freelance designer and artist out of Los Angeles CA. During this episode we talk about:-design work on toasters + garbage cans.-dunkaroos and other nostalgic awesomeness.-collecting Koolaid + Marlboro points.-a couple of posts on his Instagram and the stories behind them. -why this COVID period of time right now is the most challenging time he has experienced in his career so far. -his time working in house at Nickelodeon while growing his freelance business. -a special project that he gets to be a part of nearly every year and why it is one he is proud of. After having so many past guests tell me about this gents awesome work, I was glad to finally be able to get him on the show! You'll dig it. @zombiebacons
Today's guest is Emma Fanning. She is a green and sustainable graphic designer based out of Victoria on beautiful Vancouver Island in BC. She also recently launched an affordable online course all about green and sustainable graphic design. Check that out here. this episode we talk about:-how the world was pointing her toward graphic design even when she wasn't looking in that direction. -the job that she had which became very impactful and influential to her and why. -the comfort she gave up that pushed her to start her own studio and the challenges that came along with that. -keeping her integrity when her client's views don't align. -the video design project that she was a part of that went sideways and why. -her course, Green Graphic Design, and why she is so proud of it. So much in this episode I know you will love it. Be sure to go check out her course as it is something that is important to design and the world! @littlefoxdesignstudioCat illustration used for episode number is here. Nature/Cat vector created by renata.s -
Today's guest is Brandon Crawford from Second Sun Design Co. out of Charleston SC. @secondsundesigncoDuring this episode we talk about: -how his original career path was civil engineering and architecture, and what caused the shift to design. -how he was always drawing dinosaurs, and thats cool.-how gig poster artwork was really influential to him early in his career.-the burnout he experienced, what caused it, and what pulled him out of the funk. -the rebrand project he was really excited to win, but soon realized he was in way over his head. -a brewery project he did that led to an amazing client.Brandon was super easy to talk to and this was a great conversation! He is also a big fan of The Quickie which was wild to hear! But awesome. Enjoy!
This weeks guest is Erica Williams a.k.a @hookieduke. She is a very talented illustrator, and published author!This was a very fun conversation about drawing Sailor Moon when she was younger and how strange it feels to have someone say they love your work and tell you what it means to them. She also shares with us a story about a project she was a part of that she was really excited about only to realize that her views and the clients views weren't aligned. Erica is a recently published author with her first book, Ritual, which is available for pre-order on her website. Estimated to be shipping in October 2020. Seriously go pre-order it. This thing is beautiful. Go get it! The book is available in her shop at 
This weeks guest is Monique Renee Meyer from Monique Renee Design Studio. Her studio is based in Dallas-Fort Worth Texas. She is also heavily involved with her local design community, mentorship, and also started their local Ladies Wine and Design chapter. I had a great time chatting with Monique about her roundabout journey to finding her home in design and we had lots of laughs along the way. Especially around her amazing discovery of the design chops that can be found in Powerpoint. This episode is fun, inspiring, encouraging, and motivating. Get after it!*******************If you are looking to make more money in your freelance career, I have put together a free guide of the Top 3 ways to make more money with Print Design. Find it for free at
Today's guest is me. Dave Hopkins. Founder of Print Design Academy.I have been involved in the print industry for over 17 years and in that time I have worked my way backwards through the print process. I knew nothing about print when I first started in the bindery (finishing department) of a local print shop. I moved through finishing to running the presses, then into pre-press and plating work, and then spend the most amount of time in sales and customer service. Through that time I have had many experiences with designers and have seen how they conduct their business and increase their revenue through print design projects.In this episode, I want to give you the top 3 ways to increase your freelance income using print design. I have been involved with all of these and sometimes in different ways. I have also created a free PDF guide for this episode that you can download so you always have these tips and ideas top of mind. Head over to to download that guide now. Also check out @printdesign_academy on instagram for more tips and highlights around graphic design for print. Do you want to start doing print design? Check out the links below. Print Design Academy YouTube - More print talk and education. The Quickie Podcast - Interviews with Graphic Designers.
Today's guest is the very talented Happy Impulse. Sometimes also known as Roberta Hall. Her work is thought-provoking, entertaining, and all-around awesome. Go check it out at @happyimpulse on the IG. During this episode we talk about: -how her parents still have some of her high school paintings up on the wall at home and why she is not a fan of that. -why the Obama HOPE poster is so influential to her. -how she wants her work to always have a meaning behind it and why it is so important to just put your work out there. -the large layoff she was included in, why it was drawn out so long, and the problems that it caused.-the 8 month long website project that wasn't supposed to be an 8 month long website project she was a part of and how it turned out in the end. -why creating her Happy Impulse alias is one of the things she is most proud of. I really enjoyed this conversation with Happy Impulse, lots of laughs, great stories, awesome person. @happyimpulse
Today's guest is Nick McGraw. He is a Graphic Designer from Toronto ON. @mcgrawesomedesignDuring this episode we talk about:-how his mom saw and cultivated his creativity when he was younger.-some designers and creators that are influential to him. -the beer brand ad campaign that has stuck with him since the day he saw it and why it was so great. -his 8 'lean' years, what caused them, what he learned from them, and how he got out of the funk. -the apparel line project he was a part of and why it didn't go as planned.-the studio space client he works with and why he is so proud of the work he has done and how he has helped his customer. @astrolabstudiosNick went through a really rough spot in his life trying to find his way in his career. He opens up and tells us what it was like, what he learned from it all, and the new perspective he is carrying forward with. I also really like his ask-it-forward question. 
Today's guest is Brittney Knight. She is an art director, illustrator and currently a brand designer with Nike, Global Sustainability.During this episode we talk about:-how she was a "special art student" through highschool and her experiences there. -the one job that opened her eyes and showed her that design was more than just a logo or something that looked good. -@timothygoodman and @hangwillisthomas both get props and shout outs in this episode. -the magazine job that she had, why it was the toughest period of time in her career so far, what she learned from it and how she overcame it. -an amazing question to ask yourself if you are ever feeling inadequate, feeling that you aren't progressing fast enough, or if you feel like you haven't accomplished enough. -the Nike Lacross campaign that she was a part of that didn't quite go as planned. -the design work she did with an agency for SONOS and why she is so proud of it. I loved the energy and openness that Brittney brought to this conversation. Loads of stories and a dynamite question that I am going to use from now on too! @brittneyknight
Today's guest is Tricha Tan. She is an experience designer, illustrator, and animator based out of London EN. During this episode we talk about:-how she is originally from Malaysia but now lives in London EN. -what introduced her to art and illustration. -the artist/architect that creates art with objects that is really inspiring to her. -the period of time when she was struggling to find work and get a company to back her work Visa. -the struggle with saying no and of finding and streamlining your creative identity. -the VR experience project for a french basketball team that she was a part of and why she is so proud of it. I really enjoyed this conversation with Tricha and the perspective she shares growing up in Malaysia and the early influences on her creativity. @trichaaaar
Today's guest is Jay Ferracane. He is the designer and owner at Angry Bovine and a self-proclaimed crappy rancher based in Boulder CO. What is in the water over there in Boulder? @angrybovineDuring this episode we talk about:-his moves from software rebrand guy, to agency creative director, to independent designer. -how he once drew a business card.-the accidental vehicle wrap that ended up resembling a Japanese it. -his table of contents wallpaper and what that means...-@joncontino gets a shout out.-the dangers of "designing as if its yours".-the Duke University Business School project he was a part of, why he is so proud of it, and why he loves working for them. Such a great conversation and Jay has one of the coolest offices I've seen yet. Set up in a 91' Silver Streak trailer. Yup. Pretty cool.  
Today's guest is Jamie Collins. He is a Partner and Creative Director at Design Analog out of Vancouver BC.During this interview we talk about:-his time growing up in Labrador Canada.-how an art teacher told him that he could do design as a career.-how the first year of design school did not click with him and he started having some doubts. -Burton snowboards and their design and creativity. -why 2008 was the toughest time in his career so far. -the back burner website project.-the self promotional piece that their team created and why they are so proud of it. I had a great time chatting with Jamie about his design and creative journey. The work him and his team and Design Analog are doing is incredible and you need to go check them out. @designanalog
Today's guest is Kishya Greer. She is a graphic designer with loads of experience in packaging design based out of Texas. During this interview we talk about:-how she was surrounded by creativity in her family. -her first graphic design job.-her time as a packaging designer at Pier 1 Imports. -her transition to freelance designer and why it was the most challenging period of time in her career so far. -the struggle with delegating and assigning tasks to others when you want to do it all but know where your specialty lies.-the Pier 1 Imports project she was a part of that involved hundreds of packaging skas to be redesigned and why she is so proud to have been a part of it. I really enjoyed chatting with Kishya about her journey to freelance designer. She is great at openly sharing where the struggles happened and how she overcame them. Definitely a great episode if you are thinking about a move to freelance design! @kishyagreer
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