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Author: Abner Bondoc

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Welcome to Plan and Succeed, the weekly show that will help you succeed by assisting in creating plans for your future and in keeping you motivated until you reach your goals
18 Episodes
Yup, the title says it all.
Ever wonder what my voice sounds when I sing acapella? Today's episode is short and hopefully sweef enough for you. Enjoy!
Do you have a clear idea what investing really is? Investing goes far beyond money! Listen to this episode and learn a crucial step in becoming a successful person #planandsucceed #investingbasics #money #life #success
Ever wanted to know if you're already an adult? Check out this episode and see if you are one #planandsucceed #maturedperson #growth #development
Listen as we discuss about the 9 signs of whether or not you are in the right career path. #planandsucceed
You think you know everything? No need for a guide? You will be surprised how much a caring and wise mentor can guide you on your way to success. This episode will give reasons on as to why it is important to seek the help of someone wiser than you Twitter:  @planandsucceed Email: Message me at my FB page Cheers! #planandsucceed #planning #success #mentoring #wisdom #learning
Have you ever wondered what living with Work - Life Balance looks like? Have a listen to this episode and get a glimpse of what a balanced living is #desiderata #planandsucceed #worklifebalance
Have you recently had your spirit crushed and broken after a major setback? Learn how to cope with life's failures and adversities by listening to this episode. Contact me via: Twitter: @planandsucceed Email: Or message me at my Facebook page Cheers! #motivation #failures #stayingalive #keepgoing
As a registered/licensed civil engineer, I would like to give you pointers on how to check whether your house is safe against earthquakes. Based on PHIVOLCS published reference "How Safe is My House" published in Feb 2014
Are you going through rough times? See how these famous people dealt with negativity and turned into legends
Harness the power of choice, and see how even the smallest decision can have a big effect on your life #success #decide #timeless #choices #planandsucceed
Are you finding it hard to maintain focus? Make it easier for you to plan and succeed by increasing your ability attention. #focus #success #plan #planandsucceed
Are you having a situational dilemma of whether breaking the rule or not? Listen to this episode and see if it will be worth it to break the rules.
Want to know the difference between trust and respect? First ever bonus episode recorded in the busy metropolis. For listeners, you can listen to a special song at the end of the show
For this episode, let's try to define first the difference between these two often negative emotions. Find out if there is actually a good thing which can result from experiencing these. Also, the podcast is now available is 7 platforms! Let me know if you have comments or suggestions Twitter: @planandsucceed Email: Or if you know me personally via Facebook, directly message me there #planning #success #envy #jealousy #planandsucceed
This episode will focus on productivity and breaking the norm! Let's talk about the Pomodoro Technique for an efficient work  day, as well as how not to be pressured by society and expectations! Let me know your thoughts! #motivation #growth #development #productivity #efficiency
For this episode, we are going past the budgeting stage and go in the actual steps of saving money. These are based on the first 3 steps from Dave Ramsey's Baby Steps program, with a bit of a twist to make it applicable here in the Philippines. Also, added content regarding how to act inside the jeepney! Please tune in and enjoy the show! For your comments and suggestions Twitter: @planandsucceed email: #finance #savings #wealth #funds #budget
This is the very first episode! And it's all about money! Learn why we should all learn to budget and how to do it right! For those who will tune in, the episode is a mix of English and Filipino.  This episode is for everyone, regardless of age, gender, social and civil status.  Get to know if you are earning enough for you and your household, and what to do about making ends meet Plan and Succeed! #personal #planning #future #success #budget
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