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Journey through the history of one of the most beautiful and historic cities for a unique view on the future of digital innovation. Discover how they capture – and roll out the city’s archives
In our third and final podcast in the series, Paul Lewis discusses the importance of partnerships in this digitally pivoting world. How can the Hitachi Vantara global partner ecosystem add value, from the largest IT projects down to the smallest?
In this episode, the CTO of Hitachi Vantara explains why IT Services Management is now more crucial to your business than ever before. Paul explains the steps you can take to manage this organizational change and the huge opportunity it creates.  
Has the COVID-19 pandemic acted as a catalyst for much-needed digital evolution? In our first episode, hear why Paul Lewis believes agility is the key to creating IT projects in the new normal and why this could mean the end of longer-term projects. 
The work-from-home era is officially underway. But how ready are you to support your users? Can you safely deliver data and resources to remote locations? And how do you keep an eye on it all? The cost of data breaches has never been higher and taking a reactive stance simply won't fly. In this podcast we cover:•The state of data security: It's a bit chaotic•Data management redefined•Securing the user and the business•Removing complexity and fragmentation•Final thoughts and data management best practices
Tim Cridland is joined by Gunjan Gupta, Barclays Bank to discuss a practical approach to data quality and finding value in unstructured data.
Get Hitachi Vantara's CTOs' opinions on how the COVID-19 pandemic is reshaping how IT operates.
Used correctly, data metrics can help you improve your operations and bring about greater success. Poorly implemented, they can cause significant damage.Our panel discusses the right and wrong ways to use data metrics, to measure success and drive behaviour. How many metrics should an organization use? How should they be defined? Who do you involve? And how do you strike the right balance between what works and the mistakes that arise through over-utilisation? Our experts share their experience to answer these questions, citing examples so that you can evaluate how best to implement data metrics at your organisation.
Explore why mentoring unique individuals and celebrating different personalities, characters and goals, is good for women in leadership and Hitachi.
Many companies use a mix of private and public cloud. Hear how the right platform can offer enterprise-class performance that’s sustainable at scale.
See how the Intraday platform and Hitachi Pentaho can enable banks to put $2 trillion in cash that’s sitting around back to work in the economy.
Learn how IoT-enabled analytics provides the intelligence needed to facilitate faster decision-making at the every level, in every type of organization.
Speed access to better insights into customers and markets while reducing risk using a tested, trusted cloud technology road map to guide deployment.
Data is the currency uprooting legacy banking systems. See how a modern, end-to-end technology approach can help redesign processes and mitigate risks.
Discover how an amalgamation of proven customer-focused products, services, capabilities, and data op solutions separates Hitachi from the rest.
See how content intelligence and native file format backup can make the most effective use of data, while ensuring the smallest footprint possible.
Explore how to deliver agility, performance, flexibility, and turnkey lifecycle management without comprising the SLAs that protect your enterprise.
 | In our podcast focusing on Data Leadership, our panel of experts discuss the common attributes of good data leadership, to strategize and create advocacy, so that best practice and data insight techniques are adopted across the organization. Using early business gains to establish buy-in is highlighted, along with the practicalities of data leadership within specific roles – including pitfalls to avoid and techniques to adopt. 
Scott Sinclair, ESG Analyst and Ian Clatworthy, Product Marketing Manager, Hitachi Vantara take a few minutes to review the release of the VSP 5000 Series. Great opportunity to listen to the experts talk about what customers can expect from our latest release in the VSP 5000.
Hear how automating infrastructure helps IT deliver apps faster, ensure better service, eliminate silos, and increase efficiencies to reduce costs.
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