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Unpublished Opinion: The Podcast

Author: Simba's Mom

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Fitness and movie talk from a runner in Chicago.
32 Episodes
I went running! Movie Reviews: An Inconvenient Truth A Prairie Home Companion
Movie Review: High Tension Why Prince E and I didn't go on our bike ride on Sunday
Another reenactment
My new (purple!) wedding shoes Movie Review: Hostel (I re-enact the movie using stuffed animals!)
My race report for the Run for Rett 5k Movie Review of United 93
Video of Simba Kitty and our "new" couch!
I'm back!! Sorry for being gone so long! On today's show: Review of the musical: The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee Movie Review: Brick (3.5 cat paws)
Shamrock Shuffle 8k Race Report! Warning: I curse a lot!!!
Listen as Betty and I run. Movie review: Thank You For Smoking
Runcast #2 Movie Review: Unknown White Male I ramble alot.
When fitness comes in handy in everyday life Movie review: V for Vendetta
Snowing in Chicago and Kitty Talks a "Bath"
On today's show: My thoughts on a new exercise video. Movie review: Junebug, 3 cat paws. I answer a listener's question about starting up a podcast.
It's Simba's Birthday!! On today's show: Movie reviews: Cinderella Man: 2.75 cat paws Murderball: 3 cat paws Listen as Prince E and I tackle Oakbrook Terrace Tower
Five Healthy Snack Ideas My thoughts on the Oscar Nominations The Unpublished Opinion Oscar Contest: Starts Feb 6
I chose my triathlon! More Chicago weather: listen as Prince E and I walk in the snow in the suburbs and hear me walk in the wind in Chicago Movie review: Caché
Podcast while folding laundry Pt2 Fitness Update My thoughts on the Golden Globe Awards Wait with me for the bus on a windy Chicago morning Walk with Prince E and I up 15 flights of stairs (wow I walk loudly)
On today's show: Listen as I cut Prince E's hair Movie Review: The Squid and the Whale (3.5 cat paws) Special DVD review which shows why I confess to being a movie snob
I recorded the podcast while folding laundry! Does the excitement ever end? On today's show: I exercised! Prince E and I have a new fitness goal. Movie Reivew: Match Point (4 cat paws)
How I became a couch potato. Cats in the News. My new movie rating system. Movie Review: The Producers.