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Author: Fr. Nick Adam

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Father Adam is the Vocation Director for the Catholic Diocese of Jackson, Mississippi
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In a week of incredible public turmoil, we are reminded by the Scriptures that everything we do in this world should be for the greater glory of God and lead us into deeper relationship with Him. Are we avoiding sin and seeking to fill our hearts with life-giving charity?
Fr. Nick preaches on today's scriptures as Jesus Christ calls us to be saints, to act with virtue, avoid vice, and come into the grand vision of heaven that St. John provides us on this All Saints Day
How do we keep our faith when it is challenged? When the weeds in the field threaten to take over?
What if each of us simply sought to do God's will, and nothing else?
Living virtuously, living the call of your baptism, and not fearing the cross is what life is all about.
How can we live our faith and proclaim the Gospel in a fractured world?
The God who is a relationship of love is the only one who can fully love us for who we are
A brief reflection on my ordination anniversary followed by my homily
How is God calling you to give of yourself during this unique period of human history?
Could the Good Shepherd be calling you to the priesthood or religious life?
What can the sanctuary lamp teach us about the sacrificial love of Christ?
The beauty of creation itself speaks to the Mercy of God
A reflection on Jesus' cry from the cross proclaimed in Matthew's Gospel
Jesus is teaching his friends something profound as he arrives on the scene "too late" to save his friend Lazarus from death
In this time of uncertainty, listen to the Lord's voice in Scripture and Prayer.
Mountaintop moments come and go, the true test of faith is holding onto it after you leave the peak
The threefold sin of lust of the eyes, lust of the flesh, and pride are examined through the eyes of Eve
Many think of "holier than though" types when they hear the word holy, but that is not what Jesus is thinking of in the Gospel.
A famous saying of GK Chesterton helps us explore the law of God and how it helps to keep out souls young and free
Why does the Catholic Church put such an emphasis on baptism?
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