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Instagram's best street photographers, top creators, and popular influencers share their stories about getting that perfect shot, their travel adventures, inspiration and influences, their favorite gear, as well as photography tips. We launched Keep Shooting in autumn of 2018 to give our 200K + followers a new and in-depth way to learn about their favorite photogs. Your hosts are Kitty @This.Kitty, Kevin @NoisyCamera. The show is posted bi-weekly on Tuesdays at 2AM EST. You can see the photos we discuss on our Instagram profile at approximately 10AM EST. Follow @Urbanromantix and @Keep.Shooting.Podcast on Instagram to see the photos/videos that are discussed and to get updates about past and future podcasts. Visit our website to support the show.
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Episode 19 - @Max.Bon

Episode 19 - @Max.Bon


Kitty and Kevin welcome Sony Alpha shooter, Max Bon, back to the show. Max was the subject of our very first episode, but the sound/editing on that first show was so bad that we took it down at some point. This was not the fault of Max, of course. We just didn't know what we were doing. (Thanks to all of you who made it through those first few epis and are still listening to the show!) Max shares a few crazy stories about his urbex adventures with us. These stories include some sketchy moments in an old NATO bunker where the walls are covered with mushrooms, dodging workers in an abandoned subway tunnel in Barcelona, crawling on a bone-covered floors in the Parisian Catacombs, and much more! Max and Kevin take over the show somewhere around 36-38 minutes, and we'll all want to jump on a plane to Paris by the end of the show. Be sure to check out Max's cast of characters on Instagram- @Freed_O_Gram @SwanSongPictures @MiisterNoise_Follow our new Instagram profile @Keep.Shooting.PodcastSupport the show (
...there are so many opportunities for happiness..." This show is a little different than our normal shows. Kitty and Kevin chat with The Primal Hippie, who has some tips and tricks to help you take on 2021 by forming new habits that help you to thrive. We take a shallow dive into meditation, yoga and movement, journaling, setting goals, and other ways you can help yourself to grow and become that "better" person you've been thinking about throughout 2020. No photo tips in this show, but The Primal Hippie's holistic advice can benefit all of us, no matter where you want to go this year. (we left a couple of swear words in this one. nothing crazy, but we have to mark it explicit nonetheless...)(recorded on December 24th, 2020)Follow our new Instagram profile @Keep.Shooting.Podcast for more information and updates about past and future shows. Sign up for our newsletter on our website the show (
"...the possibilities are endless..." If you love light painting this is the show for you! Pro photographer and visual artist, Eric Paré, has traveled the world teaching light painting at Coachella, SXSW, and the Olympics. His work has been seen on platforms including CNN, BBC, TedX, and MTV. In his studio, X Angle, Eric creates stunning 365 degree visuals using 176 cameras and 44 computers. Kitty and Kevin chat with him about the complexities of his set up and how he creates his images. Visit his website ( to find out how you can join his light painting community. You can see his work on YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok. You can buy his light tubes at Eric's kittycat,  Miniminouleminou, pops in to say hello, too.Follow our new Instagram profile @Keep.Shooting.Podcast to see the photos and videos we talk about on the show and to get updates about new shows. Visit our Bonfire fundraiser to support the show. Or buy us a cup of coffee on our website.Support the show (
"...I'm all about simplifying actions to capture moments quickly..." Kitty and Kevin chat with Oklahoma-based photog, Lou Renova, about his gig shooting for Discovery Channel's "Street Outlaws- FarmTruck and Azn" Show and Lou answers questions from his followers including- his favorite lens, shooting in low light without a flash, funny things that happen at the track, and much more. Check out his website: Follow out new Instagram profile @Keep.Shooting.Podcast!We've just relaunched our Bonfire fundraiser, so if you like the podcast please help us to keep it going in 2021.  Visit our website and buy us a cup of coffee or buy a t-shirt/hoodie/mug, etc. We can't do it without you! Thank you for your support.(This show was recorded on November 11th, 2020)Support the show (
Giveaway alert! Listen closely to this episode to find out how you can win a CBD gift package from Tulip Tree Gardens! Kitty and Kevin chat with Jesse Smedburg, co-owner of the Tulip Tree Garden Farm and CBD company, about all things CBD including- the "Entourage Effect",  isolate vs. full-spectrum, THC, and the many benefits of CBD including helping people to overcome their opioid addiction. We also chat a little about regenerative agriculture, something that just might save our planet. If you'd like to know more about regenerative agriculture, we encourage you to watch the movie "Kiss The Ground" now streaming on Netflix. It will renew your hope in the ability to save our planet.We've just relaunched our Bonfire fundraiser, so if you like the podcast please help us to keep it going in 2021.  Visit our website and buy us a cup of coffee or buy a t-shirt/hoodie/mug, etc. We can't do it without you! Thank you for your support.You can use code "KITTY20" at to get 20% off of you first order.(This show was recorded on October 30th, 2020)Support the show (
"...if I haven't made you look like a superhero, I've failed..." In epi 14 of season 2, Kitty and Kevin chat with award-winning photographer, Dustin Jack. Dustin has been a pro photographer for over 30 years- shooting everything from rock stars to the Batmobile to Elvis's jumpsuits to landscapes and portraits.  Dustin has shot over 200,000 images of guitars for Fretted Americana and designed all of their promo materials. He also directed and produced their YouTube channel's "The Phil X Show".  Dustin was named "Photoshop Guru" in 2013 and 2019 and has won multiple awards for his concert photos. You can read more about Dustin on his website- dustinjackphotography.comWe talk with Dustin about designing/shooting the promo shots for the Mötley Crüe/Def Leppard Stadium Tour (rescheduled for 2021?????), reminisce about the 80s, and Kitty shares the story of how she found Dustin via Nikki Sixx's Instagram page and how Dustin blackmailed her to have him on the show. Additionally, Dustin shares what gear he uses to shoot live concerts and portraits. If you love Mötley Crüe and 80s metal bands, this show is for you! See the photos on our Instagram page.Please note- this show was recorded on October 31st, 2020. Also-this one is about sex, drugs, and rock and roll, so it may not be suitable for children. Bookmarks (ish):1:04 Greetings and Salutations2:22 Background7:40 Blackmail12:20 Kitty Meets Nikki Sixx14:50 Stadium Shoot16:55 Nikki's photography21:24 Shooting Backstage/Photo Pit 26:44 Starstruck30:15 Back to the Stadium Shoot35:20 If I Didn't Make You Look Like A Super Hero, I Failed43:40 Editing Process47:13 Set It & Forget It?49:47 Your Friend, Randy Johnson51:03 Darkroom to Digital53:41 Never Stop Learning54:10 How Big Is Your Rig?59:25 The Tree1:05:06 OutroSupport the show (
" can learn to shoot any genre..." In epi 13 of season 2, Kitty and David speak with Orlando-based photog, Quay Hu, about how he left his corporate job and opened his coffee shop Qreate Coffee, his preferred editing tools, his tips for shooting rocket trails, how TikTok is helping his business, and so much more. As always you can see the photos we discuss on our Instagram profile. (This show was recorded on August 28, 2020)Support the show (
Episode 12- @K3lvinch

Episode 12- @K3lvinch


"...creating shouldn't be painful..." In this epi, Kitty and Kevin chat with Taipei-based photog phenom Kelvin Hu about his recent photo exhibition in Taiwan, the difficulties of trying to change your photog style on IG, shooting in NYC with @BillyDeee, searching for the "real" Mr. Akihabara in Tokyo, and his upcoming music video. As always, you can see the photos we talk about on our Instagram profile. (This episode was recorded on August 16th, 2020)Support the show (
"...don't quit if this is what you truly love..." In this show Kitty and Kevin chat with Bay Area freelance shooter, Marion Mou, @MouMarion (we realized that we spelled his IG name incorrectly in the intro and outro. Sorry Marion!) about things we put in our mouths as children (don't want to miss that lol), Instagram addiction and pressures, his favorite ND filter and other go to equipment, getting those bucket list shots, shooting family portraits during the Covid-19 pandemic, and much more. Be sure to check out the photos we chat about on the Urbanromantix feature for this episode on our Instagram page. (This epi was recorded on August 4th, 2020) Support the show (
Episode 10 - Lume Cube

Episode 10 - Lume Cube


" bring your vision to's lightening for everyone..." In this special episode Kitty and David speak with Trevor Farrow of Lume Cube about how he got his gig at Lume Cube, the importance of lighting, and what the heck are snoots and barn doors anyway??? Listen closely to find out how YOU CAN WIN a Professional Kit 2.0 and/or get 15% off of your next purchase at The giveaway and discount code both end on Tuesday, September 8th, 2020, so be quick! As always, you can get more info on our Instagram post. Be sure to visit our YouTube channel to see the video for this episode. Check out the Lume Cube YouTube channel to see some great content from Trevor and Lume Cube. For updates and more information you can subscribe to our newsletter on our website.Support the show (
"...gear is expensive, my time is valuable..." In epi 9 Kitty and David chat with St. Petersburg, FL based professional photog and former MC, Rob Palo, about how he acquired his first camera, his killer slow-shutter and light painting techniques- including how he created a device that doesn't give him blisters, his NA recovery, his perspective on being a pro, and so much more. There are many shout-outs in this show, so give a listen for your name- you just never know who we're going to talk about. Be sure to check out the video that David edited for this epi on our YouTube Channel. (Show was recorded on July 28th, 2020)Support the show (
" get what you focus on, so focus on what you want..." In this show Kitty and Kevin talk to Athens-based shooter Kyriakos Persidis about a video he created during the Covid-19 Lockdown called "Athens in Silence". We also learn how to say "good evening" in Greek, Kevin shares the sounds of his backyard, and we get some insight into Kyriakos' video process. As always, you can see more of Kyriakos' work on the @Urbanromantix feature for this episode. (Please note- this show was recorded on May 17th, 2020) Support the show (
" have to trust your gut and do what makes you happy..." In epi 7 of season 2, Kitty and Kevin chat with Detroit-based photog, Felicia Fullwood, about her viral TikTok video that hit nearly ONE MILLION views in 24-hours. What a story! We also chat about the viral shot that helped to launch her career as a professional photographer, how her wedding photography work has been affected by the Covid-19 Pandemic, why learning video is an important skill for photographers, and more. Please check out her YouTube page to see tutorials and behind the scenes. If you would like to support the show, please visit our website- (please note- this show was recorded on April 13th, 2020)Support the show (
Episode 6 - @MaxLoew

Episode 6 - @MaxLoew


"...Do what you love..." In episode 6 of season 2, Kitty and Scott talk to award-winning, NYC-based photographer Max Loew about his biggest inspirations, how he made photography his full-time gig, his advice for freelancers, a few of his editing techniques, how he and Scott met, and so much more. You can see the photos we discuss on our Instagram profile. Be sure to visit Max's gorgeous website and check out his super cute dog, @DoodTheDawg, as well as his feature hubs @TonesOf NYC and @NYShooters . (Show was recorded on May 20th, 2020)Support the show (
Episode 5 - @Kajeh

Episode 5 - @Kajeh


"...It's the experience while you are creating- that's what gives me the drive to do more..." In this episode Kitty and Kevin speak with Toronto-based photographer, videographer, and animator, Kajeh, about light painting and slow shutter photography, and a stop-motion music video he and his wife/business partner, Taravat, recently created for the musicians Ali Azimi & Erfan Paydar. Kajeh explains the imagery of an animation they created for Nowruz, the Iranian New Year, the correct way to eat a pomegranate, and how he get's the insane scale and depth on his puddle shots. You can see his videos and animations on Instagram @KajartStudio and learn more about Kajart at As always, you can see some of the images we talk about on our Instagram profile- usually posted on Tuesdays at 10am EST. (This show was recorded on April 21, 2020)Support the show (
"...I just do it. I am meticulous, but yet I am organized chaos..." In episode 4 of season 2, Kitty and Kevin talk to Arizona shooter, Kris Reese, founder of many Instagram feature hubs (over 23) including @Pr0ject_Uno and @theportraitpr0ject . She is also the creator of the famed "eyeball" photo, which you can see on her page, as well as on the @Urbanromantix page. Kris tells us about how she get's those amazing eyeball shots, how she directs her models, the origins of Pr0ject_Uno, and her struggles with Lupus and Pulmonary Fibrosis because of the Covid-19 pandemic. We also chat about shooting in AZ and NM and wax poetically about the "good old days" of Instagram, so if you are OG IG, this show is for you. (This show was recorded on April 18, 2020)Support the show (
Episode 3 - @MMeyers76

Episode 3 - @MMeyers76


Episode 3 of season 2 is slightly longer than most of our shows, but it is chock full of goodies from Chicago shooter, Mike Meyers. Kitty and Kevin chatted with Mike over two evenings (April 11th and 24th, 2020) about some of Mike's favorite photos and favorite adventures (including New Zealand and Chile), his tips for shooting the full moon, how he knows when he's finished editing a photo, how he gets those insane lightening shots, Chicago weather, one of his favorite photographers, and so much more! You can see all of the shots we talk about on our Instagram profile. Support the show (
Episode 2 - @BillyDeee

Episode 2 - @BillyDeee


"...catching the moments you can't predict..." In episode 2 of season 2, Kitty and David chat with Billy Dinh, a program manager and New York City street photographer. Billy tells us about how he's staying motivated during the C-19 pandemic, some of his biggest influences including his favorite comic book, and the stories behind of few of his favorite shots. Be sure to listen to the end of the show to find out how to win one of his prints from Big Wall Decor (contest ends July 13th, 2020). You can see all of the photos we discuss on our Instagram account. (This show was recorded on May 27th, 2020) Listen to the show on all podcast platforms and on our website For more information email us info@urbanromantix.comSupport the show (
"...The quickest way to be successful, is to be yourself..." In the first episode of season two (recorded April 17th, 2020), Kitty and Scott chat with Seattle photographer, Ryan Ditch, about his success as a photographer, his sobriety, and the epic story behind his epic photo of Piazza del Duomo in Milan, Italy (you can view the photo on our Instagram profile). If you haven't listened to the podcast yet, this is a great episode to begin with. Ryan is one of the most genuine people we've had on the show. You can ask him questions or leave comments for us in the Listen App hangout for this episode. Support the show (
"...Finding the beauty in imperfections..." Kitty and Scott chat with award-winning Photoshop image creator Jerry Quartz about his adventures in rooftopping; his art school experiences; tools, like mind mapping, you can use to keep you inspired; and of course Photoshop tips. See the images we chat about on our Instagram profile You can now discuss this episode, as well as previous episodes, on the Listen App. Support the show (
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