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Welcome to the Creative Noggin podcast - a place where we discuss agency news, marketing and advertising industry trends and interview our in-house experts.
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We wish the title of this episode could be "How to Break into the Ad Industry without Really Trying," but the truth is, Creative Noggin CEO Tracy Marlowe tried. We mean, really, really tried. But as her job title suggests, she eventually did make her big break. Listen in as she, and Communications Specialist Heather Rosenquist, share their experiences getting their foot in the door in the ad biz. This is a good listen for anyone on the job hunt and in particular anyone looking to make their career in marketing and advertising. Also, for folks who are just plain curious about career paths and what people will do to get the job they want.
When people think of branding, one of the first things that comes to mind is the logo. And while it's true, a logo and visual identity are  important, they are just pieces of the overall branding puzzle. True branding elicits an emotional connection between the consumer and the company. In this episode, CEO Tracy Marlowe explains why.
How are you defining your ideal client? CEO Tracy Marlowe reflects on what the answer is for Creative Noggin, and it’s evolved in surprising ways over the past 10+ years. Find out why the toy stores, candy makers, Targets, and Nikes aren’t always the path to fulfillment in our industry. And how one unlikely client has us looking at marketing (and a particular three-carbon alkane) in an entirely new way. 
Meet our Local Search expert Sarah Snyder-Castañeda as she discusses the importance of voice search, Google Posts, Google My Business, and more. 
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